Fantastic News: Hullinger To Cover Politics For WXIA

The Hull man is coming back, according to this article by Rodney Ho in the AJC.

His fans and supporters extol him him as a great broadcaster and an utter pro. Critics found him, at worst, arrogant and remote, especially in his younger, brasher days. WAGA-TV management reportedly was unhappy that a decade ago, he was juggling multiple jobs, including a radio job and subbing work at CNN. He seemed to be everywhere at one point.

After his WAGA departure, some fans believe he was blackballed in Atlanta for many years.

Hullinger’s new boss Crooke, who read the February article, noted that two of his defenders in the story now work for her: Doug Richards, a former WAGA-TV vet and blogger behind Live Apartment Fire, and former WSB-AM newsman Kerry Browning, who she hired very recently. Although Crooke wasn’t in Atlanta during his heyday, she heard Hullinger was a great live broadcaster and “smart as a whip.”

She plans to make him a political correspondent. “Sports and politics aren’t all that different,” she said.

Hat Tip: Political Insider via Twitter.

I’ve always been a fan of Jeff Hullinger. Here’s hoping he gives Georgia political coverage just the right amount of snark.


  1. Game Fan says:

    “Sports and politics aren’t all that different,”

    -Yeah, seems I picked up on that meme a while back. Can’t remember where it was though…

  2. debbie0040 says:

    To me the really fantastic news of the day was USC getting slapped with pretty stiff penalites.

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