What Perdue signed on the last day and what he crapped on

Dear Leader has announced, on the last day for him to approve or veto legislation, that he has signed the following bills into law: HB 705, HB 936, HB 948, HB 991, HB 994, HB 997, HB 1002, HB 1040, HB 1069, HB 1072, HB 1123, HB 1186, HB 1197, HB 1213, HB 1214, HB 1261, HB 1285, HB 1286, HB 1288, HB 1355, HB 1364, HB 1429, HB 1430, HB 1447, HB 1448, HB 1467, HB 1470, HB 1490, HB 1500, HR 1588, SB 17, SB 277, SB 371, SB 389, SB 390, SB 419, SB 436 and SR 1083.

The following bills were vetoed by He Who Knows Better Than You™: HB 321, HB 417, HB 827, HB 907, HB 990, HB 1023, HB 1028, HB 1082, HB 1236, HB 1251, HB 1272, HB 1321, HB 1407, HB 1422, HB 1465, HB 1478, SB 1, SB 148, SB 239, SB 291, SB 373, SB 374, SB 414, SB 415, SB 480, SB 539 and SB 547.


  1. mountainvoter says:

    Perdue once again proves he has reverted back to being a Democrat and has forgotten the ones that put him there. He has designs on a job with the University of Georgia after he leaves office. As a Republican County Chairman, Perdue’s fields would have to be plowed, sown with salt and lay fallow for a thousand years before I would ever support him again for any office or position of any kind. So Sonny, Kiss the Georgia job goodby. I have given him much money and support in the past. NO MORE! My grandkids will oppose his grandkids. This is the final straw for me with respect to Sonny Perdue as he continues to support an anti-Republican agenda and is in Cuba showing absolutely no leadership while they play him for a fool.

    • ByteMe says:

      I’m pretty sure the definition of “leadership” is “doing the exact opposite of what moutainvoter wants”.

      • Chris says:

        I believe leadership would involve working with the General Assembly on issues of concern in bills that pass unanimously from one body or another.

        Instead the Governor ignores the legislature like his retarded stepchild, jaunts off to chill with Fidel and Raul, then vetoes at the last minute with some lame excuses.

  2. bgsmallz says:

    Those a-hole founding fathers and their dumb checks and balances. Power to the people! Viva la Revolucion!

    I actually thought that Perdue’s reasons for vetoing the bills had merit, but I guess those must be dismissed de facto because Pete put a picture of Perdue upside down in the header.

    • His rhetoric would only have “merit” if he had demonstrated any of it over the last 7 years…. bla, bla, bla,… empty fiscal conservative hot air… now, let us pray… and “go fish”.

      • B Balz says:

        The Governor, the former Speaker-whose-name-shall-never-be-typed-again did more to get votes to your cause than anyone else. You ought to send him a card.

  3. View from Brookhaven says:

    Somebody clarify something for me, please…

    SB 308 was signed, SB 291 was vetoed.

    Galloway posted Sonny’s reasoning on 308…

    “SB 291 changes a variety of provisions within Georgia law regarding firearms. Among others, this bill would allow firearms to be carried into unsecure areas of airports. I have already signed SB 308, which clarifies Georgia’s public gathering statute and preserves the rights of private property owners. I believe this language is sufficient and adequately clarifies the law for Georgia firearms license holders.”

    So is that a “Yes” or “No” for concealed carry at HJAIA?

    • Tinkerhell says:

      You should go check out the threads at GeorgiaPacking.Org – all sorts of intersteing aspects to the new laws.

      The short answer is, by the wording of the law, yes it should be legal to carry in the unsecured portions of HJA. I say this because IIRC the whole lawsuit & fight with the city of Atlanta and the airport was based on the assumption of the unsecured area being a “public gathering”. There is no longer any such thing in regards to the weapon law in the state of Ga.

      It SHOULD have been legal under the law as passed by HB89 two years ago, however, thanks to Judge Schoob’s legislating from the bench the intent of HB89 was perverted.

      Now in reality what is going to happen with the first person that openly carries or is “caught” concealed carrying with a Georgia Weapons License (no more Ga Firearms License from this point on) is anyone’s guess. obviously there is no case law or AG opinions on the matter at this point. Personally I’m not interested in being the test subject to find out. I have zero doubt that the same “authorities” that intentionally & directly misinterpreted the intent behind HB89 will come up with some way to declare unsecured areas off limits for carry.

      On the bright side there should be absolutely NOTHING they can do as far as keeping a weapon in your vehicle at the airport. Prior to SB308 that was potentially illegal also.

  4. Three Jack says:

    he signed the super speeder law adding $200 to speeding fines, yet vetoed the real problem solving bill that would apply $75 fine to drivers running blocker in the passing lane.

  5. bowersville says:

    Don’t quote me, SB 308 cleared up language and previously signed.

    SB 291. vetoed, concealed carry is a “No” at the airport.

    At least that’s the way I read Galloway’s article without looking up the individual bills.

  6. one n done says:

    The greatest piece of conservative legislation to every hit the floor in the GA general assembly (HB 1023 JOBS ACT) didn’t pass? But it was supposed to be the heroine that was the shot to the arm to get GA back to work right now? Great Job Tom

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