Stop The Presses

It appears Karen Handel once talked to a gay person.

Some apparently think that you’re not allowed to talk to “the gays” if you’re a Republican. Even if you’re running Fulton County, you apparently can only represent the folks north of 26th Street.

Jim Galloway and Jay Bookman both have stories up about the “issue” today.

The simple fact is, when Karen was at the Fulton County Commission, she voted against Domestic Partner benefits.

But, this being a political blog, the sock puppets must have their day. So, have at it below. I may or may not be back later with more to say about this. Right now, this isn’t on my list of axes to grind.


  1. Mayonnaise says:

    That’s a pathetic defense of the evidence which shows that Karen Handel has been lying about this issue all along.

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      Agreed. But what did you expect?

      Yeah, the press is coming after Karen because she talked to gay people. You’re such a douche.

      Karen has been lying, and the emails bear that out. Said she wasn’t at Pride Festival. She was. Said she was never a dues paying member of Log Cabin. She was. Etc, etc.

      Your Emperor has no clothes, Icarus.

    • John Konop says:

      Mayonnaise and IAJP

      Studies show gay bashers are gays in the closet afraid to come out. Hey Nathan Deal was raising money with Mark Foley a gay sexual predator and it seems you had have no issue. I my world a sexual predator gay or straight is an issue.

      You should just come out of the closet if that is the issue why you gay bash and trust me must of us will not judge you. Most of us let GOD do that and try the best we can focusing on improving our own issues.

        • John Konop says:


          It is ok if you are gay we will not judge you!

          Most Homophobes are Gay

          Research by US psychologist Prof. Adams of the University of Georgia suggests that 80 percent of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings.
          In Prof. Adams’s test, homophobic men who said they were exclusively heterosexual were shown gay sex videos. Four out of five became sexually aroused by the homoerotic imagery, as recorded by a penile circumference measuring device (a plethysmograph).

          Prof. Adams’s research was published in the prestigious US Journal of Abnormal Psychology in
          1996, with the backing of the American Psychological Association.

          Prof. Adams says his research shows that most homophobes “demonstrate significant sexual arousal to homosexual erotic stimuli”, suggesting that homophobia is a form of “latent homosexuality where persons are either unaware of or deny their homosexual urges”.

          These findings support the theories that homophobia (fear and hatred of gayness and support for antigay discrimination) is often indicative of repressed, self-loathing homosexual feelings; and that many homophobes subconsciously use anti-gay attitudes as a smokescreen to disguise their own homosexuality.

          • In The Arena says:

            “as recorded by a penile circumference measuring device (a plethysmograph).”

            Your incoherent, overly graphic, and completely irrelevant arguments have no place in this discussion. The issue at hand is Karen Handel’s inability to tell the truth.

              • SFrazier says:

                We are Konop. And it is because we love them and do not want them to go to Hell as to why we tell them the truth. The truth is something Karen Handel knows nothing about…

                • ByteMe says:

                  She creates it in order to condemn it, huh? Interesting psychopathy you have going there.

              • Mozart says:

                Yes, but clearly, Konop, there are aberrations…like people like you and Handel who do not know right from wrong, and how to recognize a clear lie. I am sorry for you, Konop, that you were born lacking a certain chemical in the brain that allows you to distinguish truth from fiction.

            • John Konop says:

              In The Arena,

              BTW it was not my argument; It was University of Georgia, prestigious US Journal of Abnormal Psychology and American Psychological Association.

              • In The Arena says:

                I am not following you here. Can you elaborate on what this argument has to do with lying about the existence of past email correspondence, and then lying about the author of said email correspondence? And why did the accused staffer use “Fondly, Karen” when the candidate is currently stating pretty clearly that the staffer’s name was Matt? (Here’s a hint. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation.)

          • SFrazier says:

            Handel’s campaign statement after the allegation:
            ““They were untrue then and they are untrue now,” the spokesman said. Handel torched Stephens in that election by nearly two to one.”
            What is true is that I was right all along and Handel LIED..
            Karen Handel is for sale.
            “On September 27, 2005, Handel received a contribution from Hamid Alaee. Four months later, Mr. Alaee’s company, Unique Design and Construction, received approval for a zoning modification from Handel and the Commission. Many other beneficiaries of Handel’s actions on the Fulton County Commission gave campaign contributions of up to $10,000, including Roberts Properties, Archer Western Contractors, Brown and Caldwell, Gresham Smith and Partners, John Controls, and others. In 2006, Handel received $10,000 from Fourth Quarter Properties, the real estate company involved in a notoriously shady land deal with Karen Handel’s old boss, Sonny Perdue.”

            Lady thinker has abandoned Karen……

            • MDokes says:

              Lady Thinker, you will be very welcome over to join me at team Chapman. As long as you insist Karen Handel drops out of the race.

              • Henry Waxman says:

                I would gladly join Team Chapman if it meant Karpetbagger Karen would drop out of the race.

          • Red Phillips says:

            “suggesting that homophobia is a form of “latent homosexuality where persons are either unaware of or deny their homosexual urges””

            Yeah, either that or people who believe that Book God wrote.

            BTW, show me one person who is clinically “phobic” of gays. Homophobia, like xenophobia, is a Cultural Marxist slur word.

          • GaConservative23 says:

            Dude, what the hell are you talking about? The argument was that she’s been lying about this issue for a long time, not that there’s anything wrong with what she did at one point. If she is believed in domestic partnership benefits and actively courted the log cabin Republican vote, then she should stand by that. Her denials and willingness to put as much distance between herself and this group show someone who lacks conviction. No one’s gay bashing here.

          • Henry Waxman says:

            John, are you suggesting that Karen Handel could be a latent homosexual because she voted against Domestic Partner benefits???

        • Lady Thinker says:

          What is Johnson’s failue to declare $280,ooo? Why would Johnson say he would cut the budget or whatever he was talking about faster than a co-ed in a slasher flick? Does Johnson want to cut up co-eds?

      • macho says:

        We’ve got our own sexual predator here in GA, that all of his fellow candidates running for Governor, minus one, are happy to share a stage and photos with.

      • ReaganRepublican says:

        Why don’t you study Karen Handel, you will find her to have a long history of lying and supporting the gay and pro-abortion agenda. She also has yet to complete a 4 year term in office. You will also find that Handel performs the same, canned speech pretty well until someone from the audience asks her a technical question. Then she falls apart, so now she has set up questions in the audience to avoid this pitfall.

    • SFrazier says:

      Icarus-you owe me an apology. You threatened to throw me off the blog because I correctly pointed out that Karen and those defending her were lying about her pro-gay past.. Let’s see if you have the integrity to apologize.

    • ready2rumble says:

      Deal using his congressional office to influence state dept head – ILLEGAL

      Ox laundering money thru Alabama – ILLEGAL

      Johnson forgetting to disclose $300,000 – ILLEGAL

      Handel voting against domestic partner benefits – LEGAL

      • Mozart says:

        Handel perpetually promises things during an election and then promptly flips on everything after getting elected.

        Thanks, but we’ve had enough of that crap with Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. No more proven liars.

        • ByteMe says:

          So using his Congressional office to protect his no-bid state contract is legal? Who knew??

          • ReaganRepublican says:

            Not true…
            The the OCE report DID NOT have a conclusion of guilty but did recommend further review . There were more than four stations across Georgia unlike what was previously said. So maybe you don’t like supply and demand, after all you claim to be a Democrat. They were only mandated if you wanted to take a vehicle with a salvaged title back on the road. If the program was so bad, why did it go on for almost 20 years before CREW started to object to it? Congressman Deal objected when the new program only dealt with money and not with safety. He could have kept his so called “state mandated monopoly” business going under the new guidelines and made more money. I do not think it was inappropriate for Congressman Deal to use his campaign staff to look into a situation that could help protect the safety of the drivers of Georgia’s rebuilt vehicles.

            • ByteMe says:

              I do not think it was inappropriate for Congressman Deal to use his campaign staff to look into a situation that could help protect the safety of the drivers of Georgia’s rebuilt vehicles.

              Just a hint: I’d leave that out the next time you try to support your homeboy. Yes, it’s inappropriate for taxpayer funded Congressional staff to do anything for a Congressman’s outside business. He stole taxpayer money for his own business purposes. Simple as that.

              Too bad you have to cry “liberals” every time this topic comes up. Just makes it seem like you don’t have a strong case.

              • ReaganRepublican says:

                Showing concern for the well being of Georgia’s citizens is exactly what I expect our public officials to do. More people die in car crashes in this country than anything else. I think what was done was very appropriate, it is indisputable.

                Now as for your candidate lying-that is also indisputable.. I guess since the pseudo republican is now out of contention, you will have to back Barnes now… So I understand you wanting to make up lies, but the truth will prevail in the end, and that is why Deal wins…

              • Lady Thinker says:


                Plus Deal has paid over $40,000 of campaign contributions to attorneys. Why did Deal need a lawyer if he is so squeaky clean? The Deal camp doesn’t discuss these things.

                • Mozart says:

                  One always needs a lawyer, LT, when accused of breaking a law or whatever, even if one is innocent. Prosecutors are not known for abiding by the law because they don’t have to.

                  That is a ridiculous question and one would have thought that someone of your caliber (i.e., your 4 college degrees, as I recall you claiming you have) would know better than to ask such a juvenile question.

            • MDokes says:

              It looks like Deal and Chapman will be the last men standing. Chapman will win a close one and become the first gop governor from coastal Georgia. I thought it would be Chapman against Handel. But no way now, she should stop embarassing herself and the party and pull out. Let’s see if she can muster up some class, withdraw from the race, and endorse Chapman.

    • ReaganRepublican says:

      Just like Karen Handel is lying about abortion as well. She has a pro abortion past. She keeps denying that as well.

      • Otis, Otis, Otis… I was hinting at this in my post just above this at 3:09… perhaps a dictionary would come in handy?

        Mudd = clothing name brand
        mud = that brownish reddish gooey stuff you probably meant to reference instead. 🙂

  2. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Can’t wait for Icarus’s follow-up post:

    “I’m for Domestic Partner Benefits, and I’m voting for Karen Handel.”

    • MDokes says:

      I am very disappointed in Karen. I heard Sonny is advising her to do like his good friend Charlie Crist and become an independent candidate.

      • SFrazier says:

        It would not surprise me one bit. I heard most of her staff is made up off log cabin republicans.

          • SFrazier says:

            No, I did not. I was told by very trustworthy sources that most of Karen Handel’s campaign staff were unmarried 30-40 year old males and very much into their hair, cloths, etc.. Typical LCR attributes..

            • In The Arena says:

              This is not about Karen’s staffers. It is about Karen Handel’s lack of integrity. Stay on point here SFrazier and do not smear her staff. They get enough of it from their boss anyways.

              • Mozart says:

                Even if true, that does not explain why Karen Handel is a perpetual liar about her positions on these issues.

                First she took a position that can be summarized as “very gay friendly.”

                THEN, in 2006, she denied she ever took a pro-gay position on these issues.

                NOW, they claim that Georgia Equality fabricated her 2003 survey and that she was never a member of the Log Cabin Republicans.

                Marc Yeagar in this recent interview on Jay Bookman’s site says she was, and he should know as he was the chairman of the LCR back when she was running for Fulton County Commission Chair.

                She is a proven liar. Konop and Icarus demonstrate how little integrity they have by seeking to either a) ignore the true nature of Bookman’s story in today’s paper (see below), or b) seek to obfuscate the facts by lashing out and accusing the accusers of being “secretly gay”:

                “Yeager also confirmed that Handel was a dues-paying member of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans, noting that the LCR database shows she became a member in July 2002 and he remembers receiving a check for the membership from Handel at the LCR booth at the Atlanta Pride Festival, held at the end of June….”


                • benevolus says:

                  JK is trying to help these people come out of the closet! They may be living a lie, perhaps like the candidate they oppose!

            • Lady Thinker says:

              I wonder if the women working for Karen realize they are really men. Obviously your very trustworthy sources haven’t talked to the female staffers at events.

              • MDokes says:

                Everyone knows that you are the short guy with a beard that use to work for Price. I understand how heart broken you are about how your candidate is a fraud and now everyone knows. It is ok to switch sides, I did. I was a die hard Johnson fan until I found out the truth about him. I like Chapman and so will Georgia, so ask Price for a transfer to coastal Georgia.

          • MDokes says:

            I have seen her boys in green. And yes, they acted very gay. I hope one of the GOP candidates has the courage to ask her to step down just like she did to McScary. This is almost as bad, she was calling others liers while she is the BIG FAT LIER….

    • Henry Waxman says:

      She’s tight with The Community…but she did vote against them once, which obviously proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is indeed a true conservative.

  3. Mayonnaise says:

    Man, I wish Karen would hurry up and send out her talking points. It’s getting lonely in here. 🙂

    • SFrazier says:

      The truth is out and Handel is done… Unless you are wearing rose colored glasses, we all have known that Karen is very liberal…

      • Mozart says:

        That she may or may not be “liberal” is not the issue. That is a losing issue. The winning issue is that she will say or do anything to get elected. She is a Pander Bear, lying and pandering to whoever will listen.

        She has no soul. No substance. No integrity.

          • ByteMe says:

            From an outsider’s point of view: she is indeed acting like pander bear and trying to have things both ways.

            Doesn’t bode well for her future.

            On the other hand, the rest of the field is also fatally flawed for one reason or another (sometimes more than one reason).

          • Mozart says:

            Konop, for someone who hops around and points fingers at all the other candidates (e.g., Deal, Oxendine, Johnson), you sure know how to turn a blind eye when the exposure of your favorite candidate’s pack of lies is revealed.

            Let me make this clear for you: Karen Handel is a liar. And, if you cannot recognize that, then guess what that makes you…?

            • John Konop says:


              The truth is I could care less what people do in the privacy of their house unlike you. People on the right and left who want to be the moral police only leads to the slippery slope of our rights being taken away.

              If a person like Mark Foley abuses kids I do have an issue gay or straight. It is perversion of priorities to attack Karen, while Deal is fund raising with a known sexual predator. The hypocrisy of Deal attacking Karen on moral issues is laughable if not sick.

              • Mozart says:

                The only moral issue I care about with regards to Karen is her lying about her past positions that she clearly took in order to get elected, and then denied she took those positions.

                • SFrazier says:

                  The vast majority of Georgia GOP voters are VALUES voters… So JK, living by the word matters a whole lot to us… Handel is for most things God is against. We can just start with abortion, homosexuality, lying, etc…

                  • John Konop says:


                    GOD spoke out many times about the self-righteous. One thing I do know the person that protest the loudest about issues like this usually has the most to hide.

                    • SFrazier says:

                      God also said the righteous delight in good and the unrighteous in evil. in Romans one God says that when a society excepts homosexuality, he washes his hands from that society. So excuse me for believing God and fighting for God’s blessing over Georgia. So selfish to want to see our state prosper.

                    • SFrazier… you’re excused. After all, fairy tales with happy endings are always nice to believe in. 🙂

                      If you really want to see this state prosper I would suggest laying off the morality police thing. Homosexuality should be a non-issue. Add to that Sunday alcohol sales, casino (and horse racing) gambling, growing hemp for industrial use, growing marijuana for personal use and many other things that people like you have no business telling other people whether they’re allowed to do it or not. Until then, we’re sadly viewed as the “Bible Belt”. Enjoy your fairy tale while it lasts.

                    • John Konop says:

                      You know Jesus advocated the violation of existing Jewish Law by banning remarriage after divorce. Do you think we should have laws against people that divorce and remarry? Jesus was much clearer about this than homosexuality.

                    • Secondly, SFrazier, God doesn’t say anything in Romans 1. Romans 1 is a letter from Paul. Unless you believe that Paul is God. Of course, his ramblings sound a lot like yours… so perhaps you two have a lot in common. But I believe that if a god does exist, that it’s a lot kinder and less restrictive than you give it credit for. I believe that god would want people to be happy… not spend their time trying to enforce their own beliefs on other people through the rule of law. Just my two cents. (Or whatever that equates to in Roman currency of that particular year.)

          • Mozart says:

            LT, anyone who can lie like Handel cannot have a soul. She’s empty inside, devoid of anything resembling character.

            But, do go on and continue to ignore her lies…you only show what kind of person you are…or, in this case, are not.

            • Lady Thinker says:

              You are not going to believe anything she says regarding this issue so why should she attempt to explain? You will find reasons to continue calling her a liar. Homosexuality had been around basically since the Bible was created. The issues will not be solved before this election. Why not focus on the issues facing Georgia?

  4. Andre says:

    Does it not seem odd that while the Republicans bicker over who is or is not for domestic partner benefits for LGBT couples, the Democrats (led by Roy Barnes) are focusing on the issues that really matter like jobs, the economy and taxes.

    Thanks for diversion, guys. You’re making this easier for us Democrats every day.

    • Glen Ross says:

      Puts too much on her resume, doesn’t give enough on the issues. She’s trying hard, isn’t she?

          • Mozart says:

            At least his candidate has a college degree. That is something quite significantly more substantial than anything your candidate has.

                • “The issue at hand is Karen’s inability to tell the truth.”

                  What on earth does that have to do with Mozart’s comment?

                  “At least his candidate has a college degree. That is something quite significantly more substantial than anything your candidate has.”

                  Perhaps there’s some odd way that you’re trying to tie the two subjects together that I just haven’t thought of… do tell…

              • Lady Thinker says:


                How does it feel that your successes matter little because you left Georgia Tech? According to some of these posters, you have no rights because you don’t have that paper, but some of the candidates with paper can do no wrong. OX, Deal, Johnson.

                In this race, I choose the no paper person over the paper people because at least she has a plan to benefit us all. And if it matters, I support your non-paper successes.

                How is your garden doing? Are you selling any produce yet?

                • LT – how does it feel? When it’s just people like Mozart it doesn’t bother me a bit. If I were running for office it might be a different story altogether. At the end of the day I go home, play with the horses a minute or two and go out to dinner. I don’t need Mozart’s support. 🙂

                  As for the garden, it’s on hold this year, as we’re still waiting for the appraisal to come in so we can close on the new farm. Horses are easy to move to the new place… crops aren’t. We’ll plant again either this fall or next year. In the mean time, we’ve got a busy horse show schedule this summer it looks like. 🙂

                  • Lady Thinker says:

                    I can understand that about the garden. It is a great deal of work to leave behind for someone who might or might not take care of it.

                    I don’t let the posters get to me either but I am disappointed in some of them and their intense anger without thinking about what they are doing. The Johnson and Deal camps are really becoming rabid in their posts. I have asked them time and time again why they think their candidate is the best and get nothing back except that I am a pagan or whatever.

  5. The simple fact is, when Karen was at the Fulton County Commission, she voted against Domestic Partner benefits.

    So your candidate IS a pandering bigot after all? Whew… good thing you jumped to her “defense”, I had my doubts about her for a moment there.

    • MDokes says:

      Now that we have proven that Karen is to the left of Barnes, she is no longer relevant. This opens the door for Chapman to pick up most of her supporters and overtake Johnson. Now that people are paying attention a native Georgian like Chapman will be poised to make the run off. If the rumor is true and Karen runs as a pro gay moderate independent, than we are heading for a general election run off as well.

  6. NorthGAGOP says:

    To net it all out. Handel voted against domestic partner benefits while she was chair of the Fulton County Commission.

  7. GOPwits says:

    Good Lord help us all… Karen “speaks to gay people” Handel may or may not have emailed gay people 8 years ago discussing an issue, however when the actual issue came up for a vote, she voted her conservative position. If we’re going to start getting upset about an open discussion about issues, then perhaps it is the right that is being a bit more heavy handed than the left?

    Next thing you know, if you even discuss the possibility of temporarily stopping offshore oil exploration, as Jack Kingston did, then you’re totally against offshore oil exploration.

    If we start discouraging politicians from open discussions of issues, then we’re headed in a very wrong direction in terms of our state, country, and the issues that we face.

    I mean, seriously, Karen may have discussed domestic partnership benefits openly and honestly, and a little more frankly than many of us would be comfortable with, but when it came up for a vote, she voted her conservative position against the benefit.

    Meanwhile, you’ve got Nathan “Getting Rich off the State” Deal, Eric “Forgets to Disclose State Contracts” Johnson, and John “I don’t even know where to begin” Oxendine doing the losers dance…

  8. Mozart says:

    “The simple fact is, when Karen was at the Fulton County Commission, she voted against Domestic Partner benefits.”

    Interesting thing to claim since the vote did not appear before the commission during her tenure.

    • Icarus says:

      Request approval of a Resolution by the Board of Commissioners of Fulton County, Georgia, amending the Code of Laws, Section 154-91 ET SEQ., to extend the designation of death beneficiaries of the Fulton County Defined Benefit Pension Plan to include individuals registered in a Certified Committed Relationship. (Boxill/Pitts) (Held 5/17/06, 7/19/06, 8/2/06)
      A motion was made by Commissioner Boxill and seconded by Commissioner Pitts to approve. The motion carried by a vote of 4-2-0. Commissioners Pitts, Lowe, Boxill, and Edwards voted yes. Commission Chair Handel and Vice Chair Darnell voted no. Commissioner Riley did not vote.

      • Chris says:

        Wait. Handel and Darnell voted on the same side of an issue? Is it too late to support Austin Scott? 🙂

      • I Am Jacks Post says:

        It’s not a “did she vote for or against it” issue. It’s a character issue. She’s been lying, and the excuses being promoted by her campaign (didn’t send in the survey, some kid was emailing from my account, and on and on) are laughable.

      • Mozart says:

        Tell the research team at Handel Central “thanks!”

        I stand corrected on this one issue.

  9. Mayonnaise says:

    “As I’ve told you, I do support domestic partner benefits, and confirm my position here, although I do have concerns about a domestic partner registry,” Handel writes in the email. “Bottom line is that I will work with you and other GLBT leaders to develop workable legislation. Give me a call if you have questions. Otherwise, we can talk at the BBQ on Sunday.”

  10. Mayonnaise says:

    “I am also a member of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans and participated in this year’s Pride Weekend activities and attended the recent Georgia Equity/Human Rights Campaign forum regarding federal ENDA legislation.” Karen Handel

    • That’s been posted quite a few times in these threads… I think we all get your point. Are you saying that whoever wins the office of Governor that they should only work to protect the rights of Georgia’s straight citizens?

      • I Am Jacks Post says:

        No, they just shouldn’t lie and try to edit history.

        Again, this issue isn’t “talking to gay people,” as Icarus tried to oversimplify. The issue is honesty and integrity.

      • Mozart says:

        The Office of Governor should be held by someone who speaks the truth about her past. Karen Handel and her campaign is bordering on a pathological lying pattern. Not good for Georgians. Not a positive image to represent honest Georgians.

        • ByteMe says:

          Unfortunately, if that’s the main criteria, then all of the candidates running this year shouldn’t hold the office.

          • Mozart says:

            Show me where Johnson has a pattern of lying. And, in your words: Prove it. Overlooking the reporting of $278,000 in business you had with the state when you already reported $722,000 isn’t “lying” but an omission.

            • ByteMe says:

              Let me know when your business makes a million dollars off state contracts and you somehow “forgot” a quarter of that.

              • Mozart says:


                “Makes a million.” Yeah. Yet another yahoo who doesn’t get that one does not pocket a million dollars, but has to pay for cost of services, personnel, etc.

                Say…I did hear a rumor that Karen’s husband is an executive with Hewlett-Packard. I wonder how many millions of dollars in state contracts the Handels were able to acquire for HP since Handel was elected SOS?

                • ByteMe says:

                  And you’re just being an apologist for fake “forgetfulness” and back to your typical name-calling.

                  Over a quarter of a million in revenue from sucking on the state’s tit and he “forgot” about it. I run several businesses. You don’t forget a quarter of a million EVER, because it goes into your accounting package to make sure you pay the appropriate taxes on it. He lied.

                    • ByteMe says:

                      Don’t know, don’t care. Why would I care if Karen Handel was supporting gay rights while a commissioner in Fulton County? Same thing.

                  • Mozart says:

                    No, he overlooked a reconciliation with his company’s revenues. That ain’t lying. Get a clue, Byte. Get a job while you’re at it. Stop working for the DPOG.

                    • ByteMe says:

                      Of course he “forgot” the money. Sure. You really need to get out more, Mozart, so that you can find out how businesses are really run.

                  • Mozart says:

                    In a big-ass company like HGBD where there are multiple partners, you don’t necessarily identify every dollar that comes in from a source. There are other responsibilities.

                    Quit spurting out your diahrrea of the mouth.

                    Eric didn’t “run” the whole company by himself. Someone who worked for him was perhaps responsible for getting the numbers to him and they failed to do that. Ever think of that possibility?

                    • ByteMe says:

                      My my. Struck a nerve, did I? Good.

                      Nope. His company. His reporting. His responsibility. Don’t get to pass the buck to an underling and claim that the underling made the error so it’s not your fault. That’s not how business works in the real world.

                    • ByteMe says:

                      If you yell “Liberal” in a crowded theater and no one cares, did you really make a difference for your candidate, Sock Puppet?

                    • Mozart says:

                      Yes, I will grant you. His responsibility. BUT…he did not lie as an accidental omission is NOT a “lie” if you did not know about it.

                      That is the key difference here, Byte. In order to truly be guilty of “lying” one must have known what the truth was and did the complete opposite.

                      That is why you have diahrrea of the mouth. You spew falsehoods and bullsh** that demonstrate you know nothing about reality. Unless you can PROVE he knew about the $250,000, then he did not lie.

                      Once again, get a freaking clue. And get a job other than working for the DPOG. Your brain is soused.

                    • Mozart says:

                      Democratic Party of Georgia. You will note he never denied my original claim on this. He works for them. He is their IT/ political hack.

                    • ByteMe says:

                      And I’ve denied to everyone else. Why do you feel you need a personal statement from me that the only party I want to be around is the one where there’s only a little booze left when the last person finally goes home? How egocentric are you anyway?

                    • Mozart says:

                      Interesting how you bring that up since that is the claim by the Handel campaign regarding who was the author of the e-mail between Karen Handel and Marc Yeager in 2003.



      • Lady Thinker says:


        That’s how I understand his post. The state takes the gay citizens taxes, then ignores them, and refuses to listen to any concerns they have. Taxation without Representation. Wasn’t it Taxes that started the Revolution over 250 years ago? Or was it Tea?

    • SFrazier says:

      She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing… Do you think she will have the courage to show up at any more debates? What would be the point. no one including lady thinker will believe her anymore.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Don’t spread that lie Frazier. I do and still support Karen because I see through your propaganda. It is obvious that the Deal and Johnson camps know that Karen is winning and you have to spew the hate.

        I have asked you several time how your candidate is the best one for Georgia and you don’t answer me because you know he isn’t.

        • In The Arena says:

          If by winning you mean:

          Alienating the gay community and those who believe in traditional family values, at the same time.

          Alienating the pro-life community and the pro-choice community, at the same time.

          And Sonny vetoes SB1, and (by association) Karen Handel alienates everyone that believes in zero-based budgeting (unanimous vote). She can’t make a statement to distance herself from this veto because she can’t win without Sonny. She can’t win with Sonny and she can’t win without him.

  11. Mayonnaise says:

    UPDATE: Jim Galloway at Political Insider has posted the three emails cited above. The Handel campaign claims that she never supported domestic partnership benefits, and that the 2002 email from Handel stating otherwise was actually written by a staffer.

    It’s a lame explanation, especially since Handel alludes to her support for domestic partnership benefits in another email whose authorship has not (yet) been challenged by her campaign.

  12. achilles says:

    “It appears Karen Handel once talked to a gay person.”

    No, it turns out a STAFF MEMBER once talked to a gay person.

  13. Mozart says:

    By the way…you may notice that the PeachPunditeer cover-up artists have posted beaucoup stories after this one to bury it. Y’all have to keep posting to make it stay up top. 🙂

  14. TPNoGa says:

    I hate to get involved in this mess, but I am very disappointed. I think Karen having open dialogue with the gay community is a good thing. I am very conservative, but the next Governor is going to represent everyone and in case no one has noticed, Georgia has a significant gay community. I may not support domestic partner benefits, but I do support treating everyone as Jesus treats us, with love and compassion. Remember, if Jesus were walking the streets of Atlanta, chances are he would be ministering to those on Cheshire Bridge instead of Paces Ferry.

      • B Balz says:

        Honestly some of you folks are purely evil. Worse, your positions denigrate good Republican values. I bet some of you are actually Dem plants.

        In this tiny little echo chamber, where only those who are really involved with the election and vote getting processes choose to visit, some choose to use the nastiest verbal devices in an attempt to further their candidates position. The ploy is ineffective, but knock yourselves out, it is amusing.

        NOTE: Being an obnoxious turd doesn’t get votes. Most voters are not here. Most politicos have really thick skins and pixels on a screen are pretty innocuous.

        Roy is McLuvvin’ it.

        • I Am Jacks Post says:

          Ok, then lets change the dynamic.

          Karen Handel says she is anti-Klondike Bar, and that’s she’s always been anti-Klondike Bar. However, emails and comments from persons involved indicate that Karen was, at one time, flamingly pro-Klondike Bar.

          Better? Misdirection from the Handel campaign notwithstanding, this is not a pro-gay rights or anti-gay rights issue–it’s about integrity, or lack thereof.

          • B Balz says:

            @I am Jacks Post

            My many posts here clearly indicate Ms. Handel is not my first choice for Governor. My choice is running against a solid Blue Dog in GA’s 8th.

            Should she stick by the words she uttered in a local campaign, now in a State campaign? Is your definition of integrity?

            I understand your point, good illustration, but the GOP gay bashing on PeachPundit angle is unhelpful.

            Makes the GOP look even more out of touch than even I, a GOP voter, could think possible.

            • I Am Jacks Post says:

              Fair points, all. Handel’s failure is in her inconsistent statements and unending implausible explanations. I don’t care about the gay stuff.

              • B Balz says:

                Clear. As stated, not my choice way before any of this nonsense. Where2 Now?

                I remain undecided, maybe a Klondike Bar would help….

                • analogkid says:

                  I think, first, you’d better ask yourself, “What would Jesus do, for a Klondike bar?”

                  • B Balz says:

                    Sadly, an image of tall, bearded man in sandals, eating a dark chocolate Klondike Bar, on Cheshire Bridge Road comes to mind.

                    I would imagine APD would stop him, and after listening to him, would take him to Grady’s Pysch unit for observation.

                    And Red, you don’t have to say it, I am going straight to H***.

          • bowersville says:

            Sure this is a pro-gay rights issue and anti-gay rights issue and it hasn’t got a thing to do with integrity. It’s just a good ole Archie Bunker bash a gay day holiday.

            H#ll read MDokes and oil slick Mayo. MDokes is even bashing Handel’s staff for being male and wearing green and trying to make out like they a bunch of queers and then Okie Dokey asks you to vote for Chapman. I thought those little green men were martians but now Okie Dokie says they queers. But that’s just me. Dokie even calls on Handel to resign over queer pandering.

            Not one smudge of the white stuff from that jar of wisdom from EJ-Mayonnaise explaining EJ’s support of Cheny/Haliburton drilling style. Just Handel bashing. Mayo must have spilled some from his Mayo jar about this opportunity to gay bash. Mayo got so excited and started spewing so quickly that he?she?it? had to admit, hadn’t even read all them Handel emails yet. Mayo’s plum excited, these queer issues are gonna git Handel. Mayo even mentioned a day or two ago the AJC had a hit piece coming out on Handel.

            How’d you know Mayo…where’d that lil’ tip about this gay bash holiday come from? SPILL IT MAYO.

            My apoligies to the inteligent, I stooped to there level in order to communicate.

    • Red Phillips says:

      “if Jesus were walking the streets of Atlanta, chances are he would be ministering to those on Cheshire Bridge instead of Paces Ferry”

      Yes, but he wouldn’t be pretending that homosexuality isn’t a sin. He would be ministering to them because it is a sin.

  15. ZazaPachulia says:

    Multiple Choice Trivia question: What’s more shameful and backwards than the bigot Nathan “Ghetto Grandmas” Deal trying to make gay-bashing a key part of his campaign platform?

    A.) Karen Handel allowing herself to get sucked into Deal’s game
    B.) Karen Handel lying about her past support of gay rights
    C.) Karen Handel continuing to try to pass the blame after getting caught in a very nasty and damaging lie.
    D.) Karen Handel insisting that she does not support gay rights and is every bit as anti-homo as Nathan Deal.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        I’m only a liberal if the definition has somehow changed…
        I believe in small, common-sense good government that serves the people, protects our rights and promotes a healthy and robust private sector. I see through the smoke and mirror show of somehow trying to govern society’s morals.

        You can call me liberal all you want, but that still doesn’t change the facts that I vote in Republican primaries, vote Republican in the general and support local Republican campaigns (including the now defunct Scott for Governor campaign).

  16. TeflonMaster says:

    This is pretty disappointing really. Even though I am a Democrat I was considering voting for Handel over Barnes, and one of the reasons was that she doesn’t have stone age, cave man beliefs about gay rights and had a pretty good record supporting non-controversial things like domestic partnerships, adoption, and employment non-discrimination. But now she is blatantly lying and trying to out homophobe Jesse Helms just goes to show how garbage our choices are for November.

  17. Jimbo says:

    Ok, ok, Karen Handel lied. She is a politician. But, you have to remember that none of the other candidates are any better.
    Nathan Deal is a liar, because he has blamed all of his ethical problems on Nancy Pelosi, the liberal AJC, etc. He refuses to accept responsibility for his poor ethics. Also, he claims to support free market polices, but tries to maintain his monopoly on inspecting wrecked cars.
    John Oxendine has lied about accepting a $120,000 of illegal campaign contributions.
    Eric Johnson refused to investigate Glenn Richardson BEFORE his self-imposed implosion, and has failed to disclose government payments to his business. So, he has lied as well.
    Ray McBerry is a pedophile, and is lying about it.
    So Nathan Deal, John Oxendine, Eric Johnson, Ray McBerry, and Karen Handel are all liars.
    The difference is what they lie about. Karen Handel is the ONLY one who has lied about her past, rather than lying about ethics problems.

    • Mayonnaise says:

      Being in a gay pride parade is an ethics problem with about 90% of the conservative base in this state.

    • Executive Decider says:

      Hey Jimbo? It sounds like you like the fact that Handel stands out from the other candidates, so here’s another improtant one for you. Karen Handel is the ONLY major candidate without a college degree! That is just what Georgia needs to show that we value education, a Governor who didn’t finish college.
      Also, saying Nathan Deal is a liar because he, in your opinion, passed blame onto Pelosi, the AJC, etc… actually doesn’t constitute lying. And in case you are wondering, “refusing to accept responsibility for his poor ethics” also doesn’t qualify as lying.
      As for Eric Johnson, refusing to investigate someone does not qualify as lying either. The other claim regarding his government payments to his business…well, good work, that could qualify as a lie!

      • Jimbo says:

        I don’t think that not having a college degree disqualifies Karen Handel. What is worse: not having a degree, or having a degree gotten with grades just high enough to graduate? JFK had a horrible record as a student. You can argue against his policies all you want, but I don’t think he ever said “Oh no! I don’t have a college degree, so I don’t know how to handle this situation!” Also, Handel left home at age 17, and so had a hard time getting by on her own. I don’t know her exact history, but I understand that she was offered a good job, and therefore never needed to complete college.
        Nathan Deal, by saying that his ethics problems are nonexistent and are merely fabricated by people who don’t like him IS LYING!

        • Lady Thinker says:

          John McCain and George Bush (the son) have stated in their respective biographies that they were in the lower ten percent of their college classes. Whether you agree with the policies of either, they have done some positive things for this country.

          • Henry Waxman says:

            GRADUATING in the lower 10% of your class at Yale or the U.S. Naval Academy isn’t the same as dropping out of a community college in Maryland and then refusing to even attempt to complete your education in the following decades despite having more-than-sufficient financial resources to do so and working within walking distance to several colleges that offer evening and night classes.

            • Having sufficient financial resources and working within walking distance to a college doesn’t necessarily mean you have time to attend class. I’ve got the financial resources and work not too far from Southern Poly, Chattahoochee Tech and Life College… but do I have time? Ha! I wish!

              Those who are ambitious tend to have rather full schedules already without the addition of something else that they might find unnecessary.

              • Mozart says:

                Those who opt for political connections to launch their career (hint: Karen Handel and Marlyn Quayle) rather than commit to an educational path like most of the voters are not really relying on the “right” kind of ambition, are they, David?

  18. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Updated at the AJC. You gotta be pretty naive to believe what McLagan is shoveling:

    “Montgomery wrote the answers to the questionnaire, answers that expressed Handel’s support for domestic partner benefits, a top issue to gay voters in the county at the time. Despite being Handel’s campaign manager, McLagan said, Montgomery did not know her position on the issue, which he said was not an important one across the county electorate.

    “Not only was that not a top five issue, it wasn’t a top 100 issue, and clearly, Matt didn’t know her position on it,” McLagan said. “When he showed her the questionnaire she clearly told him that wasn’t her position.”

    How could Montgomery have shown Handel the questionnaire if Handel said she hadn’t seen it and didn’t know who wrote it? McLagan isn’t sure but said they could have discussed it instead. Handel’s campaign would not make the candidate available for questions for this story.”

      • Mozart says:

        Mayo, it ain’t the crime, it’s the cover-up of the crime that is the worst angle to view Handel.

        • In The Arena says:

          Look at Marty Ryall and Dan McLagan’s track record. Their candidates always slide out of contention starting right at the two month mark.

          Those two could find the wrong way to eat a Reese’s.

  19. Red Phillips says:

    Ick, in my business this post is what we would call minimizing. The issue is not that she talked to gays. The issue is that she clearly hasn’t been honest about her previous position, and the denials are making it worse.

    • Mozart says:

      Yes, but Icarus has likely already traded his soul. In exchange for what, we do not know.

      • B Balz says:

        Klondike Bars, Dark Chocolate?

        Actually, Icarus has previously revealed sound logic behind his support and actions. I don’t agree with it, but I do understand it. Political expediency is a two sided dagger, cuts both ways.

        And yes, Mr. Phillips, minimizing is what any good manager does to manage adverse information. How bad is this to Ms. Handel?

        I think it may cement an unpopular feeling rural legislators have about her, and perhaps follow on to how their constituent’s vote. When she lumped all legislators ethics ethos into that of the Speaker-whose-name-I-shall-never-type-again, her popularity outside Atlanta (and its’ toniest ‘hoods.) may have become questionable.

        Who was the legislator that stood up, in the House, and read a little ditty about being clumped in with that mess? Add this to that, and the result needs to be minimized.

        As stated, the issue ought not be straight or gay, but an issue of consistency. I am truly curious to see how voters will act in July and November.

  20. Red Phillips says:

    And this is the best part.

    “In Exchange No. 3, Handel wonders at then-congressman Johnny Isakson’s support for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in the United States.

    “I was a little surprised since I always thought that Johnny was fairly moderate about the gay community and specific issues….has that changed???” she asked in 2003, when she was running for the chairmanship of the Fulton County Commission.”

    More proof of “Bailout” Johnny’s moderation.

    • Mozart says:

      Isakson has voted pro-life consistently while in, Red? Stop yapping about irrelevant and unrelated crap. Makes you like kinda…weird.

  21. Executive Decider says:

    Has anyone here ever heard of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire?”
    That is what Karen Handel will have to deal with. First the questioning of her support of Pro-Life politics, now questioning of her record in regards to gay adoptions. It seems a bit of a stretch that she is just being smeared on both of these subjects, no?

    • Jimbo says:

      You have a point there, but I have two more that outweigh yours:
      1. You must always begin with an assumption of innocence when someone is accused of something. Only if you can offer incontrovertible evidence, do you have the right to accuse someone of being pro-gay, pro-choice, etc.
      2. Nikki Haley in S. Carolina has been accused of having affairs with 2 different men, yet there is absolutely NO evidence supporting their claims. In this case, the smoke turned out to be fabricated.

  22. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    This is what you all want, a dirty candidate. A clean one just isn’t any fun in blogg world.

    And someone should look at Icky’s e-mail and see what Karen has promised him. My guess it would have something to do with women’s issues and suffrage.

  23. Mayonnaise says:

    I think Ox, Deal, and Johnson should refuse to be on the same stage with a serial liar like Hillary GayPride Handel.

  24. MDokes says:

    Hang on, that was my idea first. That idea originated with Team Chapman, we should get the credit and be on the stage.

  25. Mozart says:

    Poor Austin Scott. He might have had a real shot at getting out of the primary with the dominoes that are falling down vis-a-vis the Ox, The Deal and The Handelista.

  26. GAOTPC says:

    Karen Handel should not run from her comments. She is right on!

    In order for the GOP to be competitive in the future we are going to have to become more open and accepting of the homosexual community. Most of us have friends and family members who are gay and there is NO reason why those people should NOT receive domestic partner benefits or other legal rights. In fact, more and more people you talk to “don’t care” about the gay issue. This is one of the largest communities in Atlanta, and fastest growing in Georgia.

    Instead of mocking the gay community and Karen Handel, we need to invite them into the Republican Party and actually make them feel like welcomed and valuable members of society like they truly are.

        • bowersville says:

          Mayo, why don’t you and Mozart take off those tin foil hats.

          Konop works for a living and more than likely has retired for the evening. He screws with you two bozo’s and the rest of us fall out laughing. Konop’s not omnipresent and he’s not behind every door either.

          But that’s just like the Johnsons, they do it every time.

    • Red Phillips says:

      “and there is NO reason why those people should NOT receive domestic partner benefits”

      Well, other than that God, the Creator of the Universe, calls homosexuality an abomination. There is that one little detail.

      • Jimbo says:

        I know of pastors who think that women shouldn’t be allowed to wear pants. Should we make that the law too?

    • Jimbo says:

      You are right! Several polls have shown that up to 2/3 of people below 30 support gay marriage.

  27. GAOTPC says:

    @Red Phillips:

    I am a gay conservative christian republican myself so I don’t want a bible lesson from you because I believe that God made me (and my friends) for who I am.

    I’ve worked in the GOP on many campaigns, probably more than you have, and can say that you have no right to come along and determine what freedoms one group can and cannot have. You need to become more appreciative of gays, especially those who work so hard in the Republican Party. We need more candidates who are open to oh geez, at least simple benefits for gay couples…

    Trust me, there are more homosexuals in the GOP than you think, including a former National Chairman (Oh no!). You need to come out of the 1860’s and figure out for youself that freedoms for homosexuals is something we need to embrace.

    • In The Arena says:

      Let’s see. If it took you 15 minutes to write that post, and the Handel campaign pays you $20 an hour, that post only cost Handel $5. And it was still a waste of money.

      • Mayonnaise says:

        Actually I think that would make a good mail-piece for the Handel campaign to send out to the conservative voters of Georgia. I’m sure they’ll see the light.

    • Red Phillips says:

      GAOTPC, as a Christian where do you get your moral guidance from? Most Christians get theirs from the Bible, and the Bible very clearly condemns homosexuality. This is not debatable by intellectually honest people. You and other’s may claim that the Bible is not morally binding or that it is antiquated or whatever, but you can’t claim that it doesn’t explicitly condemn homosexuality without disingenuous word twisting and mental gymnastics.

      Did God make you? Of course He did. I happen to believe that there probably is a natural component to exclusive homosexuality. But we know for a fact that there is a natural component to alcoholism and the Bible still condemns drunkenness. We are all born with a sin nature. Nothing in the Bible says that every person is equally liable for the same sin.

      So claiming that God made you is no excuse to call righteous what God calls sin anymore than it would be for the drunk to dismiss the prohibitions against drunkenness on the grounds that God made him that way.

      • analogkid says:

        Interesting argument Red. I mean that in all seriousness.

        Couple questions for you:

        Do you view alcoholism as a lesser (or greater) sin than homosexuality? By that I mean: Do you believe in gradations of sin? Does the Bible support your belief? If so, which passages? If you do not believe that homosexuality is a greater sin than alcoholism or compulsive gambling or whatever (pick one), why do you seem to be so much more concerned about it than the other sins outlined in the Bible?

        • B Balz says:

          “This is not debatable by intellectually honest people.” You are a clueless person Sir.

          As you should know, Mr. Phillips, the King James bible is an amalgam of books that have been chosen by MEN over time to become the Good Book we read today. Some books were left out, others edited, no doubt. Any intellectually honest person should know that.

          Intellectual honesty would mean YOU acknowledge that MEN have no idea what G’d actually said. MEN interpreted what they thought was important at the time.

          If one is Jewish, they believe the Ten Commandments are handed down from G’D. Comprehending the Bible, with pure certainty while comforting and essentially good, is an interpretation of a book written by MEN.

          I find it hugely annoying when anyone, of any denomination, speaks as if their personal relationship with G’d includes an email address and phone number.

          We don’t know. In Catholicism, there is the ‘Mystery of Faith” which acknowledges Man’s ignorance. Muslims have their take, the B’hai hedge their bets, and Eastern religions are completely unique. Are you intellectually honest enough to acknowledge other points of view, or do you believe that if you are not ‘born again’ and take the word of the Lord Jesus as gospel, you are going to Hell?

          Ms. Handel is probably a good person, gay people are not always bad, and the Sun definitely sets in the West. And while I am far from a Liberal, you seem dangerously close to a religious wing-nut clumsily trying to impose your views on others.

          If you were intellectually honest you would address how the doctrine of separation of church and State fits into this discussion.

          Or you could just quit threadjacking this dead horse of a thread.

            • B Balz says:

              Always love it when a religious polemic discusses intellectual honesty. Don’t get saucy with
              me, Mayonnaise.

  28. GAOTPC says:

    haha I don’t work for any campaign, but nice try…in fact, when you find a campaign at pays $20 an hour please let me know! 🙂

  29. Tyler says:

    I would step in as an admin and tell y’all that GAOTPC is not one of Handel’s staff, but I’m having far too good of a time watching you all rehash your little conspiracy.

    Whether or not GAOTPC is a Handel staffer, you should be able to debate with them. They bring up very good points as far as the future of the GOP. Have at it.

    • SFrazier says:

      Job requirement to be an Admin;
      -Must support Karen Handel
      -Must try and move GOP to the left
      -Must try and make Eric feel like he is tall and knows a lot
      -Must be from outside Georgia originally
      -Must have lived in Mid-town

      • Tyler says:

        Nice, you completely ignored my argument against you. Learn how to debate.

        And to humor you I’ll address your “criteria” for Admin rights:
        -I do support Karen
        -If anything I’m more right-leaning than you (libertarian-leaning Republican)
        -First of all it’s “Erick” unless we are talking about Johnson and, while he is a friend, I don’t agree with him 100% and do my best to offer sound advice to him.
        -I was born and raised in Northwest Georgia.
        -I have never lived in Mid-town.

      • Job requirement to be SFrazier:
        – Must be crazy
        – Must profess to be a Christian
        – Must ram your Christian beliefs down others throats
        – Must believe that the way to get others to become Christians is to outlaw anything that goes against your beliefs

        …did I just about sum that up correctly?

        • Mozart says:

          Staples, John Konop is all OVER This thread with Christian quotes from the Bible. Where is your outrage over him?

          No where. Thank you for playing “Who Can Be The Biggest Hypocrite?” You won.

        • Lady Thinker says:


          You forgot – talk down to people, everyone is an idiot except the Deal campers, and Peach County is the only pure place on the planet.

            • Lady Thinker says:

              I feel Rabun County is far superior but SFraizer said once that she lives in Peach County and that pure Christians live there or something like that. She said everybody in the Metro Atlanta area are in Sodom and Gomorrah. She is wrong of course, but one would never be able to convince her of her ignorance.

              • B Balz says:

                Oh! ye’ll take the high road to Sodom and
                I’ll take the low road to Gomorrah,
                And I’ll be in Scotland afore ye;
                But me and my true love
                Will never meet again
                On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

                • Lady Thinker says:

                  I love that song! They sing it sometimes on the Channel 8 and Channel 30 Larkrise to Candleford. Normally it comes on Monday night at 8 pm but it has been off for three weeks. Also love New Tricks and Doc Martin. Have you seen any of these three? They are made in England.

  30. SFrazier says:

    I wasn’t debating you…. Just pointing out some observable PP admin consistencies.
    DS- pretty close except you left out a few words
    -Must be crazy “about God and His values”
    – Must profess to be a Christian
    -Must live out his faith with courage (your interpretation is ram down throat)
    -Instead of “Must believe that the way to get others to become Christians is to outlaw anything that goes against your beliefs”
    =elect Godly men and women that will live out God’s values

    It all depends how you look at it David. Through the eyes of a Pagan or Christian… As you will discover come July 20th Georgia has a Christian lens, not your pagan Handel pro abortion/pro gay lens.

    • “As you will discover come July 20th Georgia has a Christian lens, not your pagan Handel pro abortion/pro gay lens.”

      See, why must you even go there? I’m not pro-Handel. I’m not particularly fond of any of the GOP nominees. (Granted, I don’t know much about Chapman.) If by pagan you mean “a person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim” then yes, I suppose I am a pagan. But with people like you and Westboro Baptist Church preaching God hating homosexuals and abortion and all those associated with them, I would proudly proclaim to be a pagan vs associate myself with you. Perhaps more athiests should live out their faith with courage (which of course you’d take as them ramming their beliefs (or lack thereof) down your throat).

      Oh, and by crazy… no… I didn’t mistakenly leave off the “about God and His values”. Just crazy will suffice. 🙂

  31. SFrazier says:

    If we hated them, than we would not try and point out God’s truths to them, as we would be ok with them going to Hell. but since we love them and our country and want God’s blessing on all of us.

    • Great, then I’ll be sure to point out reality truths to you then…. such as not legislating your morals. You know, since I love my country and all… 🙂

      • SFrazier says:

        Every politician in office legislates their values. Their values are their morals. that plain, that simple…

  32. Mayonnaise says:

    So the Handel supporters have gone from attacking the pro-life community to attacking Christians. Keep it up and Handel will finish this race underneath Ray McBerry. 🙂

    • I think it’s highly likely you’d ever find Handel underneath McBerry… in any sense of the word. (Unless you’re running a poll for who has molested more teenagers. Perhaps then she’d be listed below him.)

    • Henry Waxman says:

      The only way McBerry would be interested in that situation would be if he had a time machine to take him 32 years into the past…

  33. Buzzfan says:

    250+ posts in this thread?

    Once again it’s proven that, despite all the bonafide fiscal/legislative issues facing this state and nation, nothing will bring the crazies out of the woodwork like “fags and fetuses”.

    * silly slur added for purposes of alliteration….and because the crazies like saying it when they’re alone in the dark. 😉

    • Henry Waxman says:

      You could have used ByteMe’s word “fabulous,” and maintained the alliteration without the offensive slur…

  34. RuralDem says:

    “I may or may not be back later with more to say about this. Right now, this isn’t on my list of axes to grind.”

    So, considering the emails are now up, it’s difficult to sweep this under the rug.

    Curious to see how you’ll defend Handel now.

    Is there ANY issue you have with Handel? I mean, is there something you’re willing to criticize her on?

    • Mozart says:

      I suspect he may be getting tired of how often she rings that bell that causes him to salivate so much every time he hears it…

    • Henry Waxman says:

      Apparently, the only people that don’t like Handel are “sock puppets” and thus, not real people.

  35. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    I find it interesting that the Handel supporters ( and this goes for the people that post material here and who are humorously refereed to as “Contributors” ) wanted to Bar BQ McBerry and others when all they had were accusations and now there is rock hard evidence that Handel had a vacation in the truth department and she is still Saintly.

    Does this make one an informed voter? Or just part of the problems associated with politics?

  36. B Balz says:

    Good point, Counselor. I am a contributor, not a sock puppet, and remain undecided on my gubernatorial vote.

    As you so well know, this is not a court of law, nor is the court of public opinion governed by the sames rules of evidence required before a Judge. My point is that accusations surrounding the man-whose-name-I-shall-never-type again were documented.

    He got flamed and deserved it, even though the evidence may have not stood up in Court. Maybe he was set-up, maybe it was all a lie, toughsky poopsky, he was foolish to run a race with that kind of information documented.

    This is not a positive development for the GOP, if one buys into the premise that the current poll leader in ‘unelectable’ against the current Dem poll leader. Right or wrong, that premise is what drives support of Ms. Handel around here.

    Once again, GOP Georgians will need to weight their options amongst a field of candidates are not pristine. Sen. Chapman ought to use this time to seriously advance his campaign, he is the only GOP contender who seems to rise above this stuff.

    At the GA’s 8th has a set of solid choices.

      • Could be. Democrats might have proposed some sort of a Save The Whales bill that only costs $650B. Republicans being the “NO” or “anti-Democrat” party (as well as the fiscal conservatives that they are) could have then proposed a bill to nuke the baby whales at a cost of only $630B and use the oil to decrease foreign oil imports. Whale, Baby, Whale!

        • B Balz says:

          Oh that’s too funny. Site? $650 Billion?

          “Nuke the baby whales” was my college crowd phrase used to enrage our Liberal drinking brethren…

          • (Sorry, that was a totally made up story… there’s probably a Save the Whales bill out there somewhere. I wouldn’t know. I was just poking fun at the Democrats and Republicans both spending outrageous amounts of money for things that shouldn’t be functions of government anyways.)

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