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It seems like every election there is at least one candidate who gets busted having multiple homestead exemptions here in Georgia.  The latest is a candidate for the Forsyth County Commission.  While some people are just scumbags who take advantage of the law to take this break twice, it also seems to me that it’s probably easy to overlook something like this if you lived one place, moved to another and are renting out your old (former primary) residence.  In this economy, a lot of people are probably doing this, and with the hassle of being a landlord, moving expenses, real estate closings etc the last thing on your mind is probably cancelling your old homestead exemption.

Seems to me that if you file for a homestead exemption in the same county as your existing one, that county should have an intern do a records check to see if they need to ask you about cancelling your old one – after all these things can be worth upwards of $1,000 for a home here in DeKalb County, seems like the perfect thing to pay someone $15/hour for a 5 minute record search.  But these improper dual exemptions can cost the state money too, and in this budget environment wouldn’t a simple statewide database (similar to the voterfile) make a lot of sense to cut down on fraud but also help people play by the rules?

Then again, I’m sure a statewide database of this sort unless it was run on Sonny’s laptop would somehow be stealing power from the executive, so that’s probably why the legislature doesn’t even bother wasting their time on this type of thing.


  1. Gary Cooper says:

    This guy is Brant Meadows, who has a decent following and an outside shot in this race. This came about because an anonymous tip came into the tax assessors office and thus the investigation. In his case, I am not so sure this was deliberate and seems to be a legit honest mistake since he went through all the trouble to ensure his taxes were paid.

  2. Captain Phatbeard says:

    If Pete Amos doesn’t win this race you will have to pick me up off the floor.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    Detractors are sure to cite a statewide system as more big government. They seem to think simply b—-in’ about fraud will be effective at eliminating the rampant fraud and waste they complain about.

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