Ronald Daniels Spends Birthday Being Snubbed By “Hot Conservative Men” List; Still Needs To Bring Other FPP’ers Coffee

Our newest intern is celebrating a birthday today. So I’m willing to overlook the fact that I have not received my morning coffee or the customary “irish kick” that is used for flavoring it.

I’m guessing he’s late because he was once again snubbed by a list that somehow overlooked him for Jeff Emmanuel.

No worries Ronald, you’ll still be on the cover of the “Men Of Peach Pundit” Calendar, due in stores by Thanksgiving. It makes a great Christmas gift.

Happy Birthday Ronald.


  1. analogkid says:

    Happy Birthday Ronald. I hope you’ll take a cue from the Guv today and veto anyone’s efforts to implement Zero-Based Beerguzzling. It may be fiscally conservative, but it’s not as much fun.

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