Podcast with Jeff May, candidate for PSC

Unfortunately, Public Service Commission races don’t typically get a lot of attention. Bobby Baker, who has served on the PSC since 1993, is retiring and has left an open seat, so last night spoke with Jeff May, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives from the 111th District and a candidate for the Public Service Commission.

Issues we discussed include prepayment of capital expenditures (SB 31), ethics rules and what can be done to shield ratepayers from federal mandates by the EPA or through cap-and-trade legislation.

You can download the podcast here (over 22 minutes/20.7MB, right click, “Save File As” to download). You can view the archive of previous podcasts here.

If you have a candidate that you would like for me to interview or questions that you would like for me to ask an upcoming guest or if you’re with a campaign, no matter what party, please drop me a line on Facebook or send an e-mail.


  1. strident_hack says:

    Thanks for covering important races, even if they are “down ballot”. Given the chaos created by Bobby Baker by his selfish act of withdrawing from this race with only 4 days left in qualifying, the GOP has several candidates who will vastly improve the liberal/knee jerk approach to regulatuion Baker and Speir sought to impose.

  2. Chris says:

    All this crap about utilities is irrelevant. I want to know where the PSC candidates stand on gay adoption and if they’ve been “certified” by the Georgia Right to Life.

    • gawatchdog404 says:

      John Douglas is endorsed by GRTL and has been every year in legislature. John will be a great Public Service Commissioner and only candidate with true experience.

      • freetothink says:

        experience doing what? he has no energy experience at all. at what does grtl have to do with the psc?

  3. Walton County Boy says:

    May is far more qualified based on legislative exposure to utilities/energy issues alone.

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