Perdue vetos Zero Based Budgeting

Dear Leader has vetoed SB 1. As if anyone really thought he was in favor of smaller government. Here’s his whining reason why:

SB 1 provides changes to Georgia’s budget act requiring a purported zero-based budgeting methodology to be applied to a fraction of all state programs annually and for all programs once every four years. Georgia first attempted this budget methodology in the 1970s under Governor Jimmy Carter and has abandoned it since that time. A survey of states finds that of the states that currently maintain this methodology in their statutes all have effectively abandoned the practice because of the additional bureaucratic process and overhead while producing few identifiable results. Additionally, SB 1 does not change the budget process employed by the General Assembly (which could employ zero-based budgeting in its budget process under current law if it so chose). Instead, SB 1 requires state agencies to administer dual budget processes concurrently, the new and the current budget process, to be implemented immediately for the upcoming budget cycle. It is not technically feasible to reprogram state information technology systems or to provide resources for this endeavor on the timeline stated in the bill. While SB 1 is motivated by an admirable goal, the realities of Georgia’s and other states’ experiences have demonstrated few results worth the overhead associated with this new process. Moreover, anyone familiar with the budget process I have employed during my eight years as Governor knows that I and my staff examine all facets of each agency’s budget each year. Because existing law provides sufficient flexibility to conduct a searching examination of each agency’s budget, and because SB 1 unnecessarily imposes new bureaucracy and restrictions on the Executive function of submitting budget requests, I VETO SB 1. I have already committed to work with supporters of the legislation to formalize Executive Branch policies that are consistent with the goals of this legislation.

Let the bloat live on! And, Sonny, I’m curious: how will your formalization of “Executive Branch policies” be binding in any way on the next guy to sit in your chair? That right, I forgot:

You. Don’t. Care.


    • Josh,

      There’s a difference in being Pro business and Pro BIG BIZ/BIG GOV.

      But what’s nice is that the grassroots/small business men and women out there are starting to learn this too…. and that the GOP and DNC leadership are not their friends… as demonstrated by actions as opposed to their rhetoric.

  1. Grave Diggers Rule says:

    Josh you should have stayed quiet. Now you will awaken the Grave Digger Army.

  2. the big guy says:

    Can Perdue please be so kind as to clue “us” the stupid-uneducated-ill-mannered-can’t-think-for-themselves-or-handle-their-own-funds-for-anything-local-or-purchase-alcohol-if-they-want-because-freedom-isn’t-free voters of Georgia as to just what in the hell he believes he has done to cut so much fiscal irresponsibility from the budget? Yes, he made some good appointments at the DOT, but hasn’t he benefited from these appointments just as much, if not more than the public. What about his “Go Fish” program, sure it isn’t a large part of the budget, but where in the hell does he get off stating:

    “anyone familiar with the budget process I have employed during my eight years as Governor knows that I and my staff examine all facets of each agency’s budget each year”

    That stinks of, “hey intern or department head, write up some synopsis that makes me look good for vetoing this bill that would make you guys in such-and-such department have to work harder.” Doesn’t seem right, unanimity from the two Houses and yet the Balding Dome won’t let it pass his desk. Hope that round of 18 you have scheduled for tomorrow feels better Sonny! You liar!

    • benevolus says:

      Based on some of these comments, one would think it was about the same thing as a line item veto.

  3. jlw says:

    ZBB was tried already and failed, just as the governor stated. Arguing about the budget procedure is the wrong argument. We should be addressing what is and isn’t a core function of state government and then funding those items that relate only to those core functions.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Sonny Perdue has shown us (as if we didn’t already know) that he is a tax and spend statist. However, he has vetoed the bill, so we need to focus on the General Assembly.
    The bill passed both houses unanimously. We will know for sure if the Republican House and Senate leaders are true conservatives if they override Perdue’s veto by bringing the bill back up again in the next session.

  5. sahughes says:

    Maybe we can all just congregate at the State Capitol and have a prayer session led by Sonny to pray for smaller government?

    Wait, that didn’t work the first time around?

  6. In The Arena says:

    Nathan Deal has publicly stated in an email today that he would indeed support zero based budgeting and would have signed SB1.

  7. In The Arena says:

    “l will use zero-based budgeting during these ongoing tough times to focus state spending on our priorities: public safety, education, transportation and health care. When the good times return – and they will – I’ll use zero-based budgeting to hold the line on spending and stay true to our promise of smaller government. As governor, I’ll work to set the standard among states in responsible conservative leadership.” -Nathan Deal, June 9, 2010

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