Jane Kidd: SILENCE, you ninnies!

Over at Blog for Democracy, they note that Jane Kidd, the smartest woman in Georgia political history, is none to happy about intra-party criticism of John Barrow.

The chairwoman of the Georgia Democratic Party is telling local party heads to silence their criticism of U.S. Rep. John Barrow, a Savannah Democrat facing opposition in next month’s primary election.

The Associated Press obtained a letter Democratic chair Jane Kidd sent to county chairmen in Barrow’s southern Georgia district. Kidd’s letter says party officials need to resign if they continue to criticize Barrow publicly.

Meanwhile, DraftJaneKidd.com continues to hope and pray for salvation.


  1. ByteMe says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the same thing apply to Republican party officials? Are they allowed to criticize primary competitors within the party?

    I think Jane’s part of what’s wrong with the DPG, but this isn’t a valid criticism.

    BTW, it’s “intra-party”, not “inter-party”.

  2. BuckheadConservative says:

    A letter calling for unity isn’t a bad thing. However, calling for resignations is a little much.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      Good point, and IMHO it’s worse than the signed pledge to the party thingy.

      • ByteMe says:

        I’d say it’s about the same. But then again, I also think the Libertarians are dysfunctional for allowing disharmony within their ranks.

        • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

          They’re a miserable bunch. I’ve never met a happy or friendly Libertarian.

          • benevolus says:

            The Anarchists are worse.
            I once saw an ad from them looking for someone to organize a meeting. That was pretty funny.

          • Then I don’t think you’ve met many Libertarians. We all (Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, etc.) come across a bit harsh on here, but I like to think I’m fairly happy and friendly in person. 🙂

          • Game Fan says:

            Libertarians don’t like being stereotyped. It make them angry. I’ve never met a Libertarian who likes being stereotyped. That’s how they are.

  3. Seems to me it is just a continuation of what has driven us down the wrong path. Nothing wrong with unity, but how about unity around America. Max Barrow, or is it John Burns, oh that’s right…John Barrow…sorry, the consummate fence sitter has not provided leadership on absolutely one issue in his district. No engaging the constituency! No educating the populace! No taking a stance on what is good for all of us. He just sits there waiting until the last minute to figure out the stance that will cause the least amount of public uproar so that he can keep the congressional seat. If Dem leaders are sick of the same thing some Repubs have done, then now would be a good time to say so!

  4. slyram says:

    The better question might be where was party unity when Rep. Barrow voted against the national trend for Democrats. Of course, moderates and centrists generally consider every vote with their diverse districts in mind but this matter seems to be heat for the people and no heat for the officeholder.

    We know what Will Rogers said about not being part of an organized party and the GOP keeps their ranks too tight in my opinion but this is something different. It seems like my community has been reading the stats on the Democrat Party in Georgia and determined that the dog wags the tail. As I have said in the past, I am more Obamacrat than Democrat then again I would have been a Condicrat or Colincrat if the situation materialized.

    Watch out, Senator Lincoln flexed yesterday with the help of some folks who don’t take orders from Big Labor. When I saw all those faces of color behind that lady, I thought it was Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas. It’s like the regular folks in Arkansas said Clinton and Lincoln are cool with us and who in an ag-based state needs to dump the Senate Ag chair. Bishop and Chambliss told us that the Farm Bill was as much about food and nutrition programs as crop programs. Don’t look now but voters are getting complex and removing their blinders.

  5. iamnotasocialist says:

    Jane posted this on GALiberal, and I wanted to share it:

    Hey Dustin-

    Much of what I said to the AP reporter did not make it into the story. To say that I told Party members not to criticize Cong. Barrow is just incorrect. This issue comes up every two years.

    The letter went out statewide as a reminder and caution to all State Committee members, Executive Committee members, officers and affiliates that the Party By-Laws are clear that members must use extra care when expressing their personal opinions regarding a contested Primary. They should explicitly say if they are expressing a personal opinion and, if they are speaking on behalf of the State or County Party, they should not favor one Democratic candidate over another.

    County Chairs are frequently singled out for interviews and comments about elections by the media. They must be extra careful to distinguish their personal opinions from statements made on behalf of the Party.

    The letter that went statewide (including the 12th Congressional District) to Party officials did not mention a specific candidate or county official by name. The letter did say that if you are speaking as a Party official and you criticize one of the Democratic candidates, it is the same as favoring one/other candidate(s) over another.

    All Democratic Primaries should be fair. No qualified Democratic candidate should feel that the Party is favoring one candidate over the other(s).

  6. benevolus says:

    If we got to rank FPP’s here, is there any doubt that Pete Randall would be rated WORST?

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