Election Results Open Thread

SoS website has the 9th CD results. As I type Graves leads 66% – 34% but only 11% reporting.

Have at it sock puppets, and others.

There are also a number of other races taking place around the country. Feel free to discuss those as well.


  1. Pine Knot says:

    Sonny and Fondly Karen Handel sure had a bad day today. Not surprised at all that the blog that aims to lift up the annointed one has not had one post after another slamming her emails she sent highlighting her strong support for gay partners and the gays.(I realize there was a post that sarcastically referred to it as if it was a non issue) I believe it is an issue that should be looked at. Not only is an issue because she is acting like a liberal, but because of her pathetic explanation. Does she support gay partnerships or is she a bad liar? Or both? Another politician who will say anything to get elected. Not any better than OX as far as the pandering goes.

    • ready2rumble says:

      Deal using his congressional office to influence state dept head – ILLEGAL

      Ox laundering money thru Alabama – ILLEGAL

      Johnson forgetting to disclose $300,000 – ILLEGAL

      Handel voting against domestic partner benefits – LEGAL

      • Mayonnaise says:

        At 9 p.m. July 29, 2002, in an e-mail to Marc Yeager, who is a past president of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans, someone using Handel’s e-mail address made it clear that “I do support domestic partner benefits, and confirm my position here.”

      • ConcernedGeorgian says:

        Nice try R2R,

        Handel lying about her record – IMMORAL….and just stupid. With technology at our fingertips, and paperless record keeping, why would she lie and try to cover it up?

        Now I know that Karen watches Sesame Street. If she watched Disney, she would have learned a lesson from Pinocchio.

      • Mozart says:

        Handel LYING about her past positions on gay marriage, gay adoptions, and gay pride – UNETHICAL & IMMORAL

        • NorthGAGOP says:

          Once again I will net it out for you. Handel voted against domestic partner benefits.

          • Jimbo says:

            People always like to say “don’t listen to what politicians say during the campaign, it’s his or her record that counts.” Karen Handel’s record shows that, despite all of her past actions, rhetoric and double-talk, when she had an important decision to make, she ultimately VOTED AGAINST domestic parterner benefits. A bit curious I must admit, but the fact still stands.

          • Mozart says:

            It’s all the positions she claimed she had, and then DENIED she ever took them:

            Domestic partnership benefits
            Gay adoptions
            Membership in Log Cabin Republicans
            Walking in gay pride parade

            My concern is only that she lied about ever taking these positions, not that she took them.

            • NorthGAGOP says:

              Repeat after me, Handel voted against domestic partner benefits. I didn’t see anything that said she supported gay adoptions, or marched in a gay pride parade.

        • Jimbo says:

          So, basically our options are as follows:
          We can vote for an unethical, immoral, CROOK
          Or, we can vote for an unethical, immoral, BUT NOT A CROOK Karen Handel
          You decide…

      • SFrazier says:

        Handel receiving pay to play–illegal
        “On September 27, 2005, Handel received a contribution from Hamid Alaee. Four months later, Mr. Alaee’s company, Unique Design and Construction, received approval for a zoning modification from Handel and the Commission. Many other beneficiaries of Handel’s actions on the Fulton County Commission gave campaign contributions of up to $10,000, including Roberts Properties, Archer Western Contractors, Brown and Caldwell, Gresham Smith and Partners, John Controls, and others. In 2006, Handel received $10,000 from Fourth Quarter Properties, the real estate company involved in a notoriously shady land deal with Karen Handel’s old boss, Sonny Perdue.”

  2. Jimbo says:

    Only Virginia & S. Carolina are reporting results so far.
    South Carolina
    7.3% precincts reporting:
    Nikki Haley 42.1%
    Gresham Barrett 28.1%
    Henry McMaster 17.4%
    Andre Bauer 12.4%

  3. Pine Knot says:

    No one has been indicted. Also, on another issue, I thought RS didn’t endorse pro choice canidates. I was wondering because they endorsed Karen. Maybe someone can help me out.

    • bowersville says:

      The NRTL pro-life stance is 3 exceptions, rape, incest and life of the mother.

      According to the NRTL standards Handel is pro-life.

      I’m undecided in the race. I hope that helps.

    • edmund says:

      Not sure I follow — you mean to tell me Peach Pundit applies a double standard, effectively putting blinders on any time one of their own deserves reproach?

    • Jimbo says:

      Corrupt politicians are almost never indicted, much less convicted. One reason is that by resigning, charges are dropped. Deal resigned from Congress, so those charges were dropped against him.

      • Mozart says:

        Uh-huh. Not quite, Jimbo. If he used his Congressional Office, there are still federal laws that were broken and IF there was proof, the Attorney General (Eric Holder) would be investigating.

        There is no proof. Therefore, your speculation is wrong. Completely wrong.

  4. Jimbo says:

    36% precincts reporting:
    Tom Graves 59.9%
    Lee Hawkins 40.1%
    These numbers include early voting ballots.

  5. JasonW says:

    I’m not sure where you saw 7.8 percent reporting in SC…According to State Website, and other sources, this is most recent results in SC. with 0 of 42 precincts reporting.
    Gresham Barrett 13.14% 360
    Andre Bauer 11.94% 327
    Nikki R. Haley 35.45% 971
    Henry McMaster 39.47% 1,081
    Total: 2,739

    • Jimbo says:

      I’ve been referring to Politico for my results. They have all of the races all across the country organized into a nice list. Easier to keep up with than the Washington Post, where you have to keep scrolling up and down all the time.

  6. Pine Knot says:

    %47 in so far………

    Tom Graves Republican 10,680 57.5%
    Lee Hawkins Republican 7,910 42.5%
    Totals 18,590 100.0%

    • Mozart says:

      Karen Handel will deny ever knowing Matthew Berry, and…has likely tasked Dan McLagan to go find him and drag him behind a car.

      • Jimbo says:

        lol that’s funny
        But for clarification:
        I don’t think that there is a connection between Handel or Berry, I just found that looking around the web and thought it was interesting.

  7. Jimbo says:

    S. Carolina
    Haley 45.2%
    Barrett 22.8%
    McMaster 19.1%
    Bauer 12.9%
    20.9% reporting
    GO HALEY!!

  8. Jimbo says:


    Haley 46.4% almost there!
    Barrett 24%
    McMaster 17.6%
    Bauer 12%
    28.1% reporting

  9. Jimbo says:

    U.S. Representative, District 9

    66% of precincts reporting
    Total Precincts: 205
    Election Day Voting: 171 / 205 (83%)
    Early Voting (In Person): 120 / 205 (59%)
    Early Voting (By Mail): 120 / 205 (59%)
    PPR = Percentage of Precincts Reporting
    Graves 57.7%

    Hawkins 42.3%

    This one is pretty much over.

  10. Jimbo says:

    Haley 47.5%
    Barrett 23.1%
    McMaster 17.2%
    Bauer 12.1%
    53.5% reporting
    Bauer is on a roll

  11. Jimbo says:

    Haley 48.8%
    Barrett 21.2%
    McMaster 17.6%
    Bauer 12.3%
    70.3% reporting
    It looks like Bob Inglis from the 4th district will be the next incumbent casualty (> 1/4 of the primary vote so far).

  12. Doug Grammer says:

    It looks as if the Ninth District has a new congressman. Congratulations Congressman Graves!

  13. Looks like Nikki Haley almost won the SC Governor’s primary without a runoff. She got 49% of the vote in a 4 way race. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer finished 4th with only 12%.

  14. B Balz says:

    The Cherokee County Farm Bureau and the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a political forum Thursday, June 10, at 6:30 p.m. to which local, state and national candidates representing the region are invited.

    The forum will take place under the wooden pavilion at Cagle’s Dairy at 362 Stringer Rd near Canton. Candidates will speak, and there will be time for questions. RSVP’s requested at 770-479-1481, ext. 0.

  15. Glen Ross says:

    Will Hawkins remain the 2nd place candidate for the primary, or will folks now consider him defeated and Tarvin will emerge? I’d rather see that.

  16. GAPoliticsisfun says:

    Deal’s DC insider’s definition of leadership and success.

    Deal offered an amendment to America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 – it FAILED in committee

    Deal sponsored bills 4 bills that would end automitic citizenship for babies born in the US to parents who are illegal – all 4 FAILED

    Deal did work closely with Norwood on the Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal Act – it FAILED

    A DC insiders definition of leadership – FAILURE!

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