As I predicted in January…

As I said after Sonny appointed Kemp:

Sonny is stubborn and desperate to try and stay relevant in his last year in office. He’ll ignore the grassroots. He doesn’t need you, never cared about you, and thinks he knows better than you.

Don’t expect anything different this legislative session.

I was asked last night to get involved to help drum up callers urging Sonny to sign the measure. I refused.

Sonny is an arrogant ass who will do as he pleases. Bloggers, Tea Partiers, GOP Activists and voters can go eff themselves as far as the great and mighty Sonny Perdue is concerned. Whether its Sunday Sales, the SoS Primary, or actually trying to understand what the hell the state government is doing, Sonny doesn’t give a flying **** what you think.

All of you who called the Governor’s office to express your opinion wasted your time. You’d have had better luck praying that fat ass died of a heart attack last night. At least Casey “Pants on the Ground” Cagle has occasionally done something conservative.


  1. In The Arena says:

    Not a good day for Sonny, or his hand-picked successor, Karen Handel. I wonder how long until she throws Sonny under the bus. She might not though as it would be too costly politically. She would lose most of her already limited fundraising contacts, a good portion of her endorsements, and all of her top advisors who were all forced by Sonny to advise Karen. I would be interested to see a statement fron Handel about her view on zero-based budgeting and the Governor’s veto.

  2. GOPwits says:

    Well someone is showing how much they don’t know what’s going on… If you look out there, you’ll see a lot of Perdue Alumni are helping Eric “Forgets to Disclose State Contracts” Johnson… In fact, his campaign is being run by a former Sonny acolyte.

    Sonny’s an ass and I think all the pressure he received likely caused him to stand even more firm in his wrong headed veto of these two bills…

    And I agree, this probably further hurts Bryan Kemp’s efforts to win as this REALLY pisses people off…

  3. Mozart says:

    ” You’d have had better luck praying that fat ass died of a heart attack last night.”

    I will work that into my schedule. Thanks for the idea, Chris!

  4. ZazaPachulia says:

    Well, well…

    In what is shaping up to a banner year for Republicans nationwide, our state GOP seems determined to destroy itself.

    It’s not going to be fun watching ‘The Robespierre of Macon’ try to explain to John King how Georgia managed to turn the governor’s office blue when the rest of the nation went decidedly red.

    • Chris says:

      Its not that the rest of the nation is going decidedly red. Its going decidedly anti-incumbent.

      • Game Fan says:

        It’s going anti-corporate. Imagine a bucking bronco. That’s our country, snorting, kicking, bucking, every which way. And DC is the hapless rider. They’re not representing the people or the country. Neither party. And what’s most annoying is the mind-numbing analysis from the “experts”. In this case with the “experts” imagine a bunch of semi-retarded eunichs with the mojo of a water boy for an intramural frisbee golf team at the local community college.

    • Rick Day says:

      the way he ignored ABATE’s “free to choose how many times my head will bounce on the road” advocacy from Day one (after his election) should have been a big clue how Sonny felt about the wants and needs grass roots.

      And you frikkin-frakkin crackers re-elected him.

  5. GOPwits says:

    Welcome Back Roy!

    My guess is that the Chairman of Eric Johnson’s campaign will be the first Republican to knock on the door of Roy Barnes after the primaries are over…

    Some people like power, however they get it…

  6. Three Jack says:

    chris, you are too nice, but getting closer to expressing the feelings of many conservatives who have been complaining about perdueless for years. arrogant ass barely begins to describe the worst governor in ga history.

    karen should immediately distance herself from this guy with a press release denouncing his veto decisions. she hitched her horses to this wagon out of desperation…it’s time to cut and run karen!

  7. Part-Time Atlanta says:

    To Kemp’s credit, he did think about vetoing this bill and blowing off the grassroots first.

  8. KempforAg says:

    I guess someone should email SB1 to the cut red tape website. Maybe then the Gov. will listen.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Just don’t include your personal information on it. Otherwise you might get a polite email from Brian notifying you that some criminal has stolen your business identity and you better get to work changing it back before he cost you a lot of money.

  9. BuckheadConservative says:

    We need real leaders to get big things done. Sonny, despite his girth, is a very small man. Thus he shys away from big ideas like SB1. It also is the reason he appointed Brian (aka the insiders choice) despite MacGinnitie being the obviously better candidate.

    Fortunately for us, we can undo the unfortunate appointment this year. We’ll have to wait until next year to do SB1 (Sunday sales, etc)

  10. B Balz says:

    @Chris The tone of our language can either separate us from the rabble and confusion that is the blog-o-sphere or elevate PeachPundit posters above it. I surely understand your frustration, a Bill near and dear to a cause I advocate (HB 1272) was vetoed today.

    As well, I understand the measured tone of the Governors reasoning for his veto. I don’t agree, but the tone was considered, respectful, and the reasoning was conservative.

    Chris, as a front page poster you ought to be ashamed to suggest citizen advocacy is meaningless. That you suggest silence is more effective than speaking out is simply incorrect. To argue this point signifies that virtually all we stand for is lost. (Yeah, it’s that BIG of a deal to me.)

    Immature ranting is the province of the powerless, and we have all witnessed your gift to write powerfully. Use it!

  11. Medic8310 says:

    12 years after he fully turned his back on the Democratic Party, he has fully turned his back on the Republican Party! He doesn’t have many friends left, that’s why his executive appointments are so important to him now. It’s the only tool he has left to “buy” some friends!

    • B Balz says:

      Last time I saw the Governor, he just did not seem to portray the sense of desperation you describe. Maybe something changed in the last few months.

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