Shafer Comments On SB1 and SB148

We’ve received a statement from Senator David Shafer regarding the status of SB1 and SB148, strongly urging the Governor to sign both bills. Quoting from the statement:

“Senate Bill 1 passed the Senate and House unanimously, with the
support of both Democrats and Republicans. Although there was
absolutely no opposition to this bill as it moved through the
legislative process, some have apparently argued that zero based
budgeting will inconvenience budget officials of the Executive Branch,
burdening them with extra work. I urge the Governor to reject this
outlandish line of thinking, sign Senate Bill 1 and help secure for
himself a legacy of putting the taxpayer first.”

Shafer, who has sponsored a zero based budgeting bill every year since
being elected in 2002, also called on Perdue to sign Senate Bill 148,
the Legislative Sunset Act. SB 148, also sponsored by Shafer,
originally would have required periodic review of occupational
licensing boards but was amended by the House to extend that same
review to all state departments and agencies.


  1. Tiberius says:

    This has always been unclear to me: can only the Gov bring the General Assembly back in session or can the LG and Speaker call them back to have a veto override session??

  2. Mozart says:

    As I recall, Cagle is still “considering” the House overrides of Sonny’s vetoes from 2 years ago…

    • Charlie LaFountaine says:

      I’m sure Cagle had more important things to contend with….like keeping his shoes tied.

  3. DMZDave says:

    Senator Shafer has laid out the case in clear, concise and convincing terms. I hope the governor agrees and signs the bill.

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