Libertarians Now Urging Perdue to Sign Zero-Base Budgeting Act

Because it’s Zero-Base Budget Monday! This one is from our Libertarian friends.


ATLANTA – This past session was difficult for believers in fiscal
conservatism and limited government as the Republican-controlled
legislature passed tax and fee hikes to make up for the
irresponsibility of the past. However, one of the few good pieces of
legislation to pass in 2010 was SB 1, the Zero-Base Budgeting Act.

This legislation, which passed both chambers of the General Assembly
without opposition, would require appropriators to review a quarter of
the state budget every year to remove waste and ineffective programs
(also known as zero-based budgeting) as well as to provide
transparency in the budget process.

Gov. Sonny Perdue has indicted that he may veto SB 1 because it will
inconvenience staff as they produced the constitutionally required

“At this point it may take an out cry from libertarians and
conservatives to sway Gov. Perdue into signing this bill,” notes Jason
Pye, Legislative Director for the Libertarian Party of Georgia.
“Zero-based budgeting is an absolutely necessary step in ensuring that
the bloated budgets of the past, which made these past two years so
difficult, never happen again.”

The Libertarian Party of Georgia is encouraging all Georgians,
regardless of party, to call Gov. Sonny Perdue’s office at
404-651-7763 and politely ask that he sign SB 1, the Zero-Base
Budgeting Act, into law.

The Libertarian Party is Georgia’s third largest political party and
the only party in Georgia promoting fewer taxes, less government and
personal liberty for all Georgians. To learn more, please visit

I hope when Perdue returns home, he realizes that if all these people are calling him that he should at least give them some passing thought. My advice, just keep calling. If he vetos it, keep calling. Just keep calling, and calling, and calling . . .


  1. Game Fan says:

    Are there any examples of other States using Zero based budgeting to say “Hasta la vista baby” to a government agency? Because if there are, I may get real excited like the kid on the Life Cereal commercial.

  2. brettbittner says:


    First, thanks so much for posting the release.

    Second, I just wanted to point out that LP Georgia has supported and advocated for the Zero-Based Budgeting bill for the last 3 years, so we’re not a “Johnny Come Lately” to the “Zero-Based Budgeting” party.

  3. the big guy says:

    The Libertarians have supported zero-base budgeting for a loooong time, but the real support for this bill, introduced every year by Shafer, started about 3 years ago as stated above.

    Yet again another reason why I am a LIBERTARIAN and not a REPUBLICAN, and yet another time that Sonny has made me proud of that decision. He is so full of it.

    And Ron, what do you mean by “these people”? Haha…happy birthday bud. Hope to see you back in Macon reeeeeeeal soon.

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