Graves Earns Endorsement On Election Eve From Representative Paul Ryan

Following on the earlier endorsements of Convervative Republican Congressmen Lynn Westmoreland, Eric Cantor, and Mike Pence, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has joined those who want Tom Graves to work with them in Washington. Graves’ press release is as follows:

(RANGER GA) – The top Republican on the House Budget Committee today endorsed conservative Republican Tom Graves (R-Ranger) for Congress in Georgia’s 9th District.

“As a free market, fiscal conservative I know Tom will be a great asset in getting our country back to a reasonable budget and getting America back on track,” said Ryan, who also sits on the Committee on Ways and Means and hails from Wisconsin.

“At this time we need leaders who are dedicated to lifting the taxpayer’s burden and getting America back to work—not by handouts but by sound, pro-market, pro-growth policies,” continued Ryan. “Tom has demonstrated this kind of leadership in Georgia and I am confident he will continue his record of tested conservatism here in Washington.”

Graves authored the JOBS (Jobs Business Success Act) which provides tax credits, cuts and eliminations to spur job creation in Georgia. The JOBS Act specifically provides tax credit to employers who hire out of work Georgians, cuts Georgia’s capital gains tax in half and eliminates the net worth tax. Graves wrote the JOBS Act when he was a member of the Georgia House of Representatives.

“I admire Paul’s leadership on straightening out the federal budget and eliminating burdensome taxes,” said Graves. “I am honored to receive his endorsement and hope to be working with him in Washington soon.”

Ryan last week unveiled the latest version of A Roadmap for America’s Future, first introduced in 2008, “a bold alternative to Washington’s reckless expansion and growing culture of dependency. Roadmap 2.0 fulfills the mission of health and retirement security, lifts the crushing burden of debt, and boosts jobs and competitiveness in the 21st century global economy.”

Graves finished first in the May 11th Special General Election, receiving 35.4 percent of the vote and out polled his runoff opponent by 12 points.

Graves has been endorsed by FreedomWorks, RedState’s Erick Erickson, the Club for Growth PAC, Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project, Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, Republican Whip Eric Cantor, House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence, Congressman Patrick McHenry and the House Conservative Fund and former 9th District candidates Bert Loftman and Eugene Moon. Graves was the first candidate to be certified 100 percent pro-life by the Georgia Right to Life PAC.

Graves represented the 12th House District from 2003 until March 23, 2010. Graves announced over a year ago that he would seek the 9th District Congressional seat that was vacated by Congressman Nathan Deal, who is running for Governor.


  1. RuralDem says:

    “Graves announced over a year ago that he would seek the 9th District Congressional seat ”

    That’s more telling than anything. Most of these guys waited until the last minute.

    Did it take them that long to believe in Graves, or are they just hoping to jump on the bandwagon?

  2. GOPGrassroots says:

    Imagine the egg on Team Hawkins, who predicted Hawkins winning without a runoff in March, now still throwing mud as fast as they can.

    It has been fun though, despite the personal attacks on Tom, which have been unnecessary and distasteful.

    I look forward to seeing Congressman Graves working hard to see conservatives elected across the state and beyond. He will be a strong asset to the cause, and I believe, a strong force to bring the GOP back to its core, back to its principles, and back where it belongs.

    Despite the current situation, the future is bright and I pray that our country can (and will) get back on track.

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      Distasteful and unnecessary would be how the Graves team all but called Lee’s wife a sk*nk at the Murray County GOP.

      • macho says:

        The only thing distasteful is you repeating an unconfirmed comment like that. What’s the next thing you’re going to say, “Team Graves said Hawkins was involved in a homosexual relationship at the Hall County GOP?”

      • Doug Grammer says:

        “all but called” What does that really mean? How about an actual quote? Let’s see if you will repeat what you think you heard. Do you have video of it? If so, why don’t you post it?

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    I don’t live in the district, I have nothing against Graves or even Handel….but it’s nice to see realize this website is nothing more than a mouth-piece for Graves/Handel.

    I guess what I’d really love to see is a policy oriented site.

  4. Joshua Morris says:

    Ol’ Tom’s a slick fella, isn’t he? We’ll see where these guys’ support is when Tom is standing before the judge.

      • ByteMe says:

        It’ll be with the bank that’s calling Graves a fraud. And winning today is not winning in November. This is a short-term election, not the big win. Unfortunately for our eyeballs, this contest isn’t over today.

  5. GOPGrassroots says:

    Tom and Lee are standing before the judge today – the Voters.

    They will decide.

    • ACConservative says:

      Um, an ACTUAL judge will also decide if Tom Graves is guilty of defrauding a bank.

      From the looks of it, “Congressman” Graves won’t find that judge as easy to shmooze.

      Somewhere Paul Broun is rejoicing the fact he’ll no longer be the Georgia delegation’s biggest embarrassment.

  6. BuckheadConservative says:

    I’m actually impressed with this endorsement. Lot of respect for Paul Ryan.

  7. Joshua Morris says:

    “Graves authored the JOBS (Jobs Business Success Act) which provides tax credits, cuts and eliminations to spur job creation in Georgia. [false] The JOBS Act specifically provides tax credit to employers who hire out of work Georgians [if the United States secretary of labor approves it], cuts Georgia’s capital gains tax in half [once the state has a $1 billion revenue shortfall reserve] and eliminates the net worth tax [in 2012].”

    Perpetual dishonesty.

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