Grass Roots Groups Mobilizing To Ask Governor To Sign SB1 & SB148

The tipline brings us word that there will be a press conference at the Capitol today with the sponsors of Zero Based Budgeting and The Sunset Bill, along with members of The Conservative Leadership Coalition-912, Americans For Prosperity, and the Georgia Tea Party.

In addition, there are quite a few political activists and conservative political groups using facebook to encourage folks to call the Governor’s office to encourage him to sign the bills.


  1. B Balz says:

    If the Governor does not sign these Bills and doesn’t specifically veto them, they become law without his authorization.

  2. Jimbo says:

    I think that it’s very frustrating that social conservatives continue to love Sonny Perdue, completely ignoring his abhorrent tax and spend policies. I can’t speak for all social conservatives, but the ones I’ve met like him because he is pro-life, opposed to gay marriage, and his only strategy for dealing with the drought was to pray on the capitol steps. What a hero. His hesitance to sign these bills goes to show Perdue’s true colors.

  3. ZazaPachulia says:

    somebody get Jimmy Carter on the phone! How may 9-12ers would pass out from disbelief if they realized they were advocating a controversial Carter pet-project from the days of yore?

    We’ve got Sonny traveling to Cuba (something Americans could not do until Carter made it ok in ’77) back-door lobbying to end the embargo (something Carter has advocated for years) and now the Tea Partiers want zero-based budgeting (the old Carter scheme).

    It’s ‘Gimmie Jimmy’ day on Peach Pundit! It’s about time we gave our favorite Naval Academy grad / nuke submariner / peanut farmer / gov’nuh / president / great humanitarian some credit! See, Jimmy ain’t all that bad!

    • B Balz says:

      Does anyone remember dancing to Skynrd at Lenox when Jimmy won? One of the best times in Atlanta, eveh!

  4. Painterman says:

    This is simple conservative policy and it’s damn time a supposed conservative Governor act like one and either sign it or let it go without his signature and become law. I’ve worked my tail off for these jerks who promised they would pass common sense legislation to shrink government only to have nearly 8 years pass and yet to see much of it come to pass. Barns’ sure as hell isn’t going to if he gets back in! The time is now! Surprise us Sonny and show us you really do have a conservative bone in your body and ears that can hear the will of the people. Your legacy is on the line. What are you going to be remembered for? Fish or actually helping make government better in GA?

  5. benevolus says:

    I think I don’t get this legislation.
    It sounds like the legislature feels like it’s not getting the proper information from the governor or from the agencies. Can they not request detailed budgets from whomever they feel necessary? Are those budgets not available? I can get a 128 page document through Google called The Governor’s Budget Report, Fiscal Year 2011″ that appears to show “FY 2009 actual” and :FY 2010 estimated” and “FY 2011 Estimated”. Is there something else they need?

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