Americans For Tax Reform write Perdue regarding a potential veto of SB 1

Grover Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform this afternoon released a letter they have sent to Governor Perdue concerning his potential to veto the Zero Based Budgeting bill, SB 1. Full letter here, but this is the take away:

In asking state agencies to justify their budgets from the first dollar spent, zero-base budgeting injects transparency and accountability into the budgeting process. Rather than simply rolling over spending levels from the previous state budget and asking agencies only to explain increases in their funding level, this mechanism helps ensure that the legislature is not wasting taxpayer dollars on duplicative, inefficient programs.

Much of this year’s budget hole could have been avoided had state agencies been forced to submit a detailed report on every dollar of their budgets. During this economic downturn, taxpayers are rightly asking tough questions about the specifics of how government spends their money. There is little appetite for a business-as-usual approach to budgeting; government should carefully account for its spending priorities just as Georgia families are forced to.


  1. macho says:

    If Perdue signs the legislation, it will be in spite of Grover Norquist’s letter. Sometimes I wonder if these organizations are more interested in passing legislation or generating publicity. Knowing the history that Norquist has with Perdue, he’s about the last guy I would get to lobby a Governor that doesn’t have to worry about reelection.

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