Americans for Prosperity speak out regarding SB 1 and SB 148

Americans for Prosperity have a press release up with regard to their rally earlier today and demands that Governor Perdue sign the fiscally responsible pieces of legislation that are SB 1 and SB 148.

“Both of these bills would shrink the size of state government and put more money back in taxpayers’ wallets,” said Virginia Galloway, Director of Americans for Prosperity, Georgia. “Isn’t that what we should be doing in the midst of a recession?”

If signed into law, SB 1 would restructure the state’s budget process by requiring all agencies and departments to start at zero each time budgets are created instead of an add-on methodology in place now. SB 148 would require that all state agencies and departments come under review to determine whether they should continue to exist or be sunset out of existence.

“Thousands of citizens have supported these bills with their phone calls, emails, and personal meetings with their state legislators,” said Tricia Pridemore, Georgia Director of the 9.12 Project Action Network. “The prognosis for our state is more red ink, and these measures would help bring state spending under control.”

In addition to Americans for Prosperity and the 9.12 Project Action Network of Georgia, the Georgia Tea Party, Madison Forum, and several conservative Republican groups from across Georgia are in the midst of a full court press to get our Governor, who this evening is enjoying one final night in Cuba with his new “Comrades”, to sign these important pieces of legislation upon his return tomorrow.


  1. Game Fan says:

    IMHO they’d get more bang for the buck by arresting and convicting a significant number of crooks and liars in government (and “just outsida government too) You see, the crooks and the liars can exist and operate under a wide variety of conditions, circumstances, agencies, non-agencies, quasi governmental agencies, partnerships, ect… They’re the ones who create and outsource and underfund, “skim off the top”, ect… They create the environment most suitable for THEM. So if nobody’s been arrested, uh, well, then WTF? And when you have this level of “excitement” it’s usually time for the taxpayer to run for the vaseline. Nah, I don’t trust this “full court press” stuff. Heck, I’m even suspicious of some type of “official opinion” from the “Tea Party”. 🙂

  2. analogkid says:

    If we could have just one, maybe two, more SB1 posts today my life would be complete.

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