538’s Nate Silver disses Towery

Nate Silver has been called a statistical wizard by some. The New York Times certainly buys his credibility as a stats-man, as they have recently decided to host his website and make Mr. Silver a contributor.

But I’ll wager there are at least two people in Georgia who disagree with that analysis. The Political Insider has the full story.

Strategic Vision was blacklisted “for extreme misconduct; substantial likelihood that polls were fabricated.” See the background here. Dave Johnson, the CEO of Strategic Vision, has denied wrongdoing, but has severely cut back his firm’s polling.

InsiderAdvantage of Atlanta, run by Matt Towery, ranked second-to-last on the Nate Silver ranking.

Towery has partnered with WSB-TV over a series of polls in the race for governor, and most recently declared that former Gov. Roy Barnes had a 64 percent lead in the Democratic race.

Towery declared himself puzzled by Silver’s ranking. “Ask him to show me the races that we’ve missed,” Towery said.

Hopefully this news did not trigger a reoccurence of vertigo in Mr. Towery.


  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    zing on the vertigo comment!

    Since medical conditions are now apparently fair game for ridicule, does Towery have vitiligo? Lupus? He looks rough on t.v. — it looks to me like not a single hair on his head is his.

    And who is this Nate Silver hot shot? We like our overtly partisan polling firms here in Georgia.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    People give Nate Silver way to much credit. He completely trashed the British system for estimating seat turnover in parliament and his predictions were way off.

    He might know about various statistical manipulations of data, as anyone trained in stats should know, but his judgment is severely flawed as he does not know when his assumptions are way off.

    He is probably dead on when it comes to Strategic Vision, as the Johnsons are also involved in fraudulent pyramid schemes, which goes to their lack of character and judgment.

    (Laura Ward is no other than co-owner of Strategic Vision Laura Ward Johnson).

  3. Glen Ross says:

    Kinda disappointed to see a good indepedent blog get sucked up by the NYT. What would happen if PP got pulled into the AJC?

  4. rightofcenter says:

    Towery has never had hair because of a skin condition, disease, genetic disorder or something. Can we move along to something other than tasteless insults?

    • iamnotasocialist says:

      Okay, how about the fact that his methods are incredibly flawed. Did anyone other than me look at the crosstabs from his last Dem poll? Honestly I haven’t seen a stinker like that since last time I had to pick up my dog’s business. IA is a joke.

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