Sonny Perdue: My kind of friends are the ones who torture and repress their populations. Now, how about some boiled peanuts and peach cobbler?

(Pictured: Cuban dictator Fidel Castro after being asked to wink if he thinks Georgia’s Governor, Sonny Perdue, is a doofus.)

Looking for the final piece of the puzzle to cement his legacy as a staunch opponent of liberty and freedom, Georgia’s Guv’na Sonny Perdue has decided in his final months he needs to make some new friends of real quality. The kind of friends who will have his back if he ever gets in real trouble for his myriad “shady” land deals and GDOT shenanigans.

He’s decided to become a BFF of Fidel and Raul Castro!

Governor Sonny Perdue will lead a 43-person delegation in a business mission to explore trade and tourism opportunities with Cuba, the Governor’s office announced today. The group will leave for Havana Sunday, June 6 and return to Georgia Tuesday, June 8.

“Our intent with this mission is to develop relationships that can bring more business for our companies and for the state,” said Governor Perdue. “The global accessibility we can provide through the Georgia Ports and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport already position Georgia as a prime trade partner for Cuba, and open other economic development opportunities for us as well.”

Swell. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-il e-mails in to note, “I torture and starve my population, too! And I’m free all month for a trade delegation visit, Sonny! Just be sure to bring some blueberries from state Rep. Tommy Smith’s farm! Yum!”

The place that the U.S. State Department says “is a totalitarian police state which relies on repressive methods to maintain control” seems to be ‘jus peachy for the Guv’na to set up shop and start doin’ some bidness! Further, Perdue can take a few pointers from the Castro brothers on how to encourage the majority caucus to continue to pass legislation in the General Assembly which makes sure to tell Georgians how they can behave in their own car and, perhaps, when they can blow their nose.

No word yet if the Ladies In White will be allowed to greet Georgia’s supreme leader on the tarmac in Havana. Their jailed, tortured dissident husbands sure won’t.

And I don’t give a rats patootie that this isn’t the first trade mission. The most recent one should have been the last until the despot in charge of that “people’s paradise” becomes fossilized and the populace can overthrow the oppressive yoke placed upon them which, unfortunately, is supported now by the State of Georgia.


  1. ReaganRepublican says:

    Disgusting, appalling, CASTRO’s regime has murdered over 1 million. Impeach PERDUE…… Is there no honor left…

    • kim000 says:

      There is nothing disgusting or appalling about Governor Perdue seeking to increase Georgia trade with Cuba. This is such a silly blog posting. So I’m guessing Pete Randall’s next suggestion is that we should stop trading with China?

      Come on people. Why are we still stuck in Cold War politics when it comes to Cuba and not with anybody else?

      • ReaganRepublican says:

        “How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”
        Ronald Reagan

        A commie will always be a commie. We need to stick to a long held GOP platform to never trade with communist Cuba. Sonny needs to stop talking to Jimmy Carter..

      • ByteMe says:

        Regular Guy needs to read more.

        His actions are an attempt to create agricultural markets for Georgia products. And we meet with “enemy nations” all the time — China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran — if they want to buy our products.

        • ZazaPachulia says:

          yeah, Otis, you got it wrong on this one. That’s two in a row (Cuba and Israel). I hate to tell you, but I might be shifting my support to Jeff Chapman. There’s only room for one Brunswick longshot on the “Former Scott Supporters” bandwagon…

      • bowersville says:

        C’mon Otis look at the big picture here. Think about the opportunity of the imports from Cuba.

        The only nation in such close proximity that’s still operating on 1950’s technology. Hand rolled Cuban cigars and think about the available market for all those mint condition ’57 Chevys and ’56 Desotos.

        It seems to me Georgia would have a golden opportunity for it’s net worth of exports to far exceed the net worth of imports from Cuba. Continuing to boost the use of our ports is also a bonus.

        It’s not like Georgia can’t use all the available economic development available to lower the 10% unemployment rate.

  2. B Balz says:

    Cheap shot on Rep. Tommy Smith, Mr. Randall. The Blueberry Commission may benefit him as a blueberry farmer and I would argue as a blueberry farmer he would know best how to promote his industry. Here is a clip on his Bill, not egregious at all.

    “House Bill 649, adopted by the House today, amends the Georgia Agricultural Commodities Promotion Act to create the Georgia Blueberry Commission. The commission will be fully funded by blueberry growers, and is charged with promoting the growth and sale of Georgia grown blueberries. Other commissions promoting Georgia produced commodities include those for peanuts, milk, soybeans, sweet potatoes, cotton, peaches, apples, eggs, pecans, canola, vegetables and corn.

    • Game Fan says:

      …Because the Cubans are internationally known to have a healthy appetite for blueberries. In fact, the Cubans are scouring the globe as we speak for more blueberries. They can’t get enough blueberries. It’s just that simple.

    • hannah says:

      ‘Tis a puzzlement why the party of free enterprise does not support the separation of commerce and state. Why are public officials engaged in promoting trade? Next thing you know they’ll be promoting establishments of religion.

      • EXCELLENT observation. What we need is free trade and low taxes, not government interference in trade (whether pro or anti). You want to see freedom spread? Engage in free trade and free markets.

  3. mitchmartin says:

    It is so entertaining when you idiots get outraged at stuff like this. You are no different than the lefties who were constantly outraged at the stuff that W did.

    • DMZDave says:

      We are very different than the lefties outraged by the thngs W did in that most of those commenting are those who supported him. Unlike the lefties, the reaction to Sonny is more rooted in policy than in politics.

      I am one of those who have long felt that the trade embargo has been harmful to our ability to influence Cuba, bring about meaningful change and help the people of Cuba. American culture and capitalism can be powerful forces for change. I visited China in 1987 when it was still very much like Cuba is today. Security officers followed me and my group everywhere we went, interviewed anyone we spoke with and generally made themselves a nuisance. That just doesn’t happen anymore and each time I have gone back since, I have been amazed by the positive changes and the degree to which capitalism has taken hold. Had we opened the doors to Cuba in the 80’s as we did to China, I have no doubt that the people of Cuba would have forced Castro to chart a far different course. by now and we would have helped empower a large segment of Cuban society.

      That said, I am very uncomfortable over the notion of Georgia’s governor leading a trade delegation and shaking hands all around with the dreadful Castro brothers. It is simply unseemly. Yes, our agriculture and our port would benefit greatly from increased trade. Lifting sanctions is one thing, high level trade delegations led by our governor is another. Sonny should leave the dictator coddling to the professionals – like Jimmy Carter?

      • mitchmartin says:

        Can you post a link to where it says the Governor is going to be “shaking hands all around with the dreadful Castro brothers” or “coddling” to the Cuban dictator?? Ah, no you cannot, because you just made that up, just like most of the uninformed BS that is posted on this site.
        Our farmers need customers. If a piece of Georgia-raised chicken is being eaten, I dont care whether its in Cuba, China or South Central Bangladesh. The states do not make trade policy, they work within whatever the trade policy is. I want as much of that trade to flow through Georgia as possible.

    • Game Fan says:

      I’ve got some “cred” with the left because frankly I don’t think we’ve had a decent President since Ronald Reagan. 🙂

      • ByteMe says:

        Gotta be before that. Reagan was ok with a permanent $250 billion deficit that just made it easier for his successors to proclaim “deficits don’t matter”. Which they clearly do.

  4. EthicsEther says:

    Check out the Dems on this- Terry Coleman, former speaker,[running for labor], the man virtually has his own circle of corruption, has the Georgia Cuba Trade Association. He should register as a foreign agent, YES REALLY! BTW, is he operating it, to and for, those whom he regulates? [Oops- another faux pas Terry!] He and Wayne Reece, [remember him from the Oxendine -father-ousted judge thing where dad gave insurance lobbyist [that would be Reece] ~ $450K alledgedly under the table from Roosevelt Foundation [for disabled rehab in Warm Springs at Little White House], the same Wayne and Terry show that runs the Tropics Foundation. Tropics Foundation runs ag things in Central America. Their self avowed Costa Rican counterpart is Fundatropicos–[do a google on them], OOPS only thing is they are in Venezuela, NOT COSTA RICA, and accepting donaciones [click aqui] in Banesco Banco Universal —i.e., Hugo [you know] Chavez, as in Venezuela.
    Información bancaria de Fundatrópicos

    Banco: BANESCO Banco Universal

    Cuenta Corriente:0134 0278 7727 8101 8189

    Rif Fundatrópicos: j-00353502-8

    Some of their money funds far left eco groups [you know the boat people].

    When Terry travels to Cuba he finishes up his state business and then he conducts his private Cuba business. Tropics Foundation, Fundatropicos, Caitie, Catie, Katie, [spanish acronyms for their Central American counterpart orgs]. Money, lots of money to Central America. If you read the minutes of the Central American org in Spanish, [going back as far as 1997] you will see upwards of 200 M per year from various sources even back in 1997, for Central American research. Suppose what with inflation and all that, the number has risen since then.

    Click Aqui. BANESCO Banco Universal and Georgia Cuba Trade Association are interesting.

    • Game Fan says:

      Yeah, we’re talking about the same type of State level neocon/corporatist yahoos who like to defund agencies like the GBI. Gee. I wonder why. And of course GAME FAN is for States’ rights, but not for the same reason as some. Nope. Looks like “the States” are the best bet for national security these days. Because we ain’t gettin’ much in the way of security from DC.

  5. Game Fan says:

    “The global accessibility we can provide through the Georgia Ports and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport already position Georgia as a prime trade partner for Cuba, and open other economic development opportunities for us as well.”

    -Yeah along with the occasional Communist Revolutionary with a dirty bomb stuck in a shipping container. This is yet more evidence that the “business community” has no real moral compass or thoughts about national security interests. Not saying they should be expected to, but “reality” suggests that somebody should. And looks like the “business community” has read the writing on the wall from the Obama administration and is jumping at the chance to get in on the “new paradigm” with Cuba.

    • EthicsEther says:

      It is the Agriculture community that is pro Cuba trade, under the leadership of Terry Coleman, who should register as a foreign agent.

      Cubans who lived under the Castro regime have a different opinion. Those who have had their lives & businesses stolen, do not want trade to be business as normal with Cuba. The Obama admin does want to act like nothing is wrong with trade with Cuba.

  6. ByteMe says:

    The most recent one should have been the last until the despot in charge of that “people’s paradise” becomes fossilized and the populace can overthrow the oppressive yoke placed upon them

    I’d rate this post as one of the stupidest ever, but that implies I’m keeping track of the quality of stupid that sometimes gets posted out here.

    Pete proposes we keep doing what’s not working. The ENTIRE WORLD trades with Cuba except us and it the Castro Bros BBQ is still in business there 50 years after we thought an embargo would bring them to their knees. Just goes to show that a stupid idea can take on a life of its own.

    We trade with China. We trade with Venezuela. We traded nearly $300 million last year with Iran! But trade with Cuba is somehow off limits? Stupid.

  7. Progressive Dem says:

    “My kind of friends are the ones who torture ” ‘m not sure what Pete’s problem is with people who torture, I’m sure he was Ok with Cheney’s views on waterboarding.

  8. ZazaPachulia says:

    Ok, nice outrage session. Is Sonny crooked? Yes. Is ther some other motivation behind this trip for the others involved? yes.

    Is it a bad idea to promote trade with Cuba? no.

    Sonny is going out on a limb here and I appreciate him for it. This trip makes sense. The embargo has clearly not worked. If we want a better life for Cubans and Georgians, the best route is boosting the economy of both states. Anything he does to encourage the feds to end the embargo is a feather in Sonny’s cap.

    • TalmadgeGhost says:

      Oh come on folks – Sonny heard that they were going to construct a floating bridge between Key West and Cuba, he just wanted to get down there in time to make sure some of that new highway was going to go through land he owns.

      And also to add the line I always use when anyone is making a trip to Cuba – look around and see if you can convince a young power hitting corner infielder to defect. Chipper and Glaus are getting up there in years.

  9. travis fain says:

    The state sends a group to Cuba just about every year, though the governor doesn’t usually go. Georgia businesses sell a ton of poultry down there.

  10. Georgia Judge says:

    This trip is a good thing and one that the next Gov needs to make regularly,as the Govs of AL,TX ,MS,MN and the grain producing states do.

    Our policy toward Cuba has been a failure and its time to move on for many reasons not to mention the proximity of our countries.Cuba is a eleven and half million person market that is longing to do business with America,and many of those products and services can be supplied by Georgian interests.

    BTW they are not Communists but rather Nationalist,not that it matters,but may as well be accurate.

  11. The US has many other friends who torture and repress their populations. Dubya even looked into Putin’s eyes and “saw a good man”. What Castro is doing to his people is much less harmful than other dictators we’re supporting (See: Obiang in Equatorial Guinea, for example).

    The Cuban embargo is crazy. Seriously crazy. Is the Castro regime harming its own people? Absolutely. But what sort of example are we setting to them? It’s illegal for an American to vacation in Cuba (though Canadians and Brits can do it). If I were to take a flight from Cancun to Havana and US Immigration were to catch me, I could be heavily punished. What does that say about our freedoms here in the US to the Cuban people?

    If the US government (and the Cuban lobby) want to topple Castro, end the embargo today. Overrun the island with American tourists. That will put an end to the Castros and their ways faster than any stupid and pointless embargo will.

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