Towns County GOP Straw Poll

Passed along from the Towns County GOP BBQ. Votes are in percentages with approximately 200 total votes, so I’m told:


Deal 37.2
Johnson 28,4
Handel 21.4
McBerry 10.1
Oxendine 1.9
Chapman 1.3

McGinnitie 67.4
Kemp 32.7

Attorney General

Olens 51.2
Wood 28.7
Smith 19.4

School Superintendent

Barge 51.2
Woods 25.4

Insurance Commissioner

Purcell 51.4
Hudgens 25.8
Harp 8.3
Knox 7.6
Northington .8
Dales .8
Sheffield .7

State Senate District 50

Butterworth 74.3
Rogers 25.7

Enotah District Attorney

Langley 68.6
George 31.4

Court of Appeals

Gunter 70.6
McFadden 19.6
Moore 9.8

Agriculture Commissioner

Black 74.1
Carter 25.9

Labor Commissioner

Everson 77.4
Butler 22.6

We’re expecting at least one more straw poll from the State YR convention at some point. We’ll have those up later this evening or tomorrow, assuming someone is kind enough to forward them along.


  1. Pine Knot says:

    I went up to the Towns BBQ and they seemed like they had a great turnout. A lot of people I talked to after the event said they had not voted in the straw poll. Rain shortened the event quite a bit. A few notes that I took notice of. Johnson had quite a few volunteers, driven in, as did Handel. I think Karen would have done better in the poll if she got there earlier. Deal would have have done better too if Sandra would have spoken earlier as well(Sandra spoke on Deal’s behalf). Nathan was on his way, but he turned around about twenty minutes out because of the strong storms. Johnson got there first, followed by Mcberry and Handel. You can make as much as you want of this and any straw poll as it really depends on many factors. Nathan will win Towns County, the 9th and 10th district, but that won’t win him the race. He has to do decent in middle and south Georgia to be in contention.

    • James Fannin says:

      I agree with Pine Knot’s analysis. There were probably about 25 Johnson volunteers there, Karen Handel had about 5 or 6 from outside Towns County. Karen spoke just before everyone ran from the rain and probably would have done better had she been there earlier. The surreal moment was McBerry’s speech. The man is a sociopath. He and his supporters really think there is nothing wrong with a school teacher having a relationship with a young 16 year old. You really do feel like you are in the presence of a David Koresh type and his followers. The surreal moment was when he was going strong and there was a huge thunderbolt and you had the feeling that God was not happy with this guy either. Can we please just all agree that this man should just go slink away and while I’m thinking about it, why is no one except Karen Handel talking about why this guy is a creep? All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        I’m in total agreement with your comments about McBerry. He has also said he plans to sue everyone after the November elections for saying anything about him and the student. Peach Pundit posted every day after he made that announcement daring him to carry through with his threat. McBerry is dangerous.

  2. Howard Roark says:

    Terry Rogers has shown an increase over his vote count in 2008 when he ran for SD 50 where he polled 21.7%. He has increased his take in this poll by 4% over his results in 2008.

    Reports are that in a recent internal poll, which had a huge sample size, was that Rogers is polling in single digits in 80% of the district.

    In January of 2009, Butterworth was listed as a “Next Generation Leader” by the Norton Native Intelligence Report. Looks like the people of the district agree with the Norton Report.

    • mountainvoter says:

      Remember. It was a three way race in 2008 with Rogers and Buterworth challenging the incumbent. Rogers came in third in that race then and only slightly increased his numbers yesterday in a two way race against Butterworth over what he did in the three way race in 2008. That speaks volumes about how much the voters like their Sen. Butterworth .

  3. Kate Myers says:

    I know straw polls don’t mean anything, but GO Max Wood. Best candidate for the AG job.

  4. JDW says:

    As Georgia voters, we must make sure we are electing the right people for the job, those that will serve us and not themselves. Politics has gone from public service to puffing egos. I, for one, am tired of “politics as usual.” For instance, who should be elected the Republican candidate for Attorney General? The candidate that practices medical malpractice, entertainment law, and personal injury and was Chairman of a County Commission? Or the candidate that is a former United States Attorney responsible for 70 counties supervising both criminal and civil matters, former JAG Officer in the United States Air Force, former Chief Assistant District Attorney, only military veteran in the Attorney General’s race and the only candidate with criminal prosecution experience?

    As voters we are employers and it makes no sense to hire someone with less relevant experience over one who has more relevant experience. Olens has made it clear that he has aspirations to be Governor. He is running for Attorney General because the field of Governor candidates became too crowded for him. Olens hopes to pad his resume with the Office of Attorney General so when he runs for Governor in 2014 or 2018, he will run on his statewide experience. Max Wood has repeatedly said that he wants to finish his legal career as Georgia’s Attorney General. Max Wood is in it for the long hall which is another trait employers look for when hiring potential employees.

    Those in public office are public servants and somewhere along the way that notion was lost, but this election we can remind those running that we want people who listen to us and not look out for themselves.

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