1. EthicsEther says:

    Speaking of Births, Did Ox’s Dad, the ousted Judge, ever face charges for the money [nearly $500 K] he allegedly handled over to insurance co. lobbyist, Wayne Reece, from the Roosevelt Foundation?

  2. We Progressives like the idea you conservatives have come up with: Rather than elect someone to the governor’s office and have their malfeasance investigated, elected someone who’s already PRE-INDICTED! What a great way to save time. You Republicans are sooooo efficient.

    • EthicsEther says:

      The public loves Ox, most Republicans do not. Put out the word on him, maybe the primary will result in a better candidate that will give you progressives a real race!

      • ByteMe says:

        According to most of the polls up to now, Republicans do indeed love Ox enough to have made him the front-runner. Maybe those in the punditerati or the party leadership don’t like him, but that’s not Republicans in general.

  3. Mozart says:

    So, according to Jason, if someone cracks a joke about any subject, that paints them as a supporter of the subject matter.

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