Hold on, let me get you a tissue

No matter how you feel about the candidates in Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District, We are all ready for the race to be over. Unfortunately, we have more than 40 days ago, despite the runoff in the special election on Tuesday.

The national media has been watching this race closely since Tom Graves, a tea party endorsed candidate, and Lee Hawkins, who isn’t looking for their votes. The most recent article I’ve seen is from the Associated Press via the Washington Examiner.

The last paragraph of the article caught my eye:

“I don’t have the money to keep up with them,” Hawkins told one woman, referring to Graves and the Club For Growth. “I’ve been raising money in north Georgia, so I don’t have the big Washington bucks.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. Yes, the Club for Growth has endorsed Tom Graves. Yes, they’ve run an ad in the district slamming Lee Hawkins.

While Lee Hawkins tries to play the victim, FEC records show that he has loaned his campaign $146,619.

I am in no way not trying to diminish Hawkins’ success and I have no problem with candidates being able to self-fund, but it’s laughable to claim poverty while he has put a sizable chunk of his own cash into his campaign coffers.

Here is what has really happened and why Lee Hawkins is whining. He expected to coast to a win because he is from Hall County, the largest county in the district. He thought he had the fundraising edge because of HIS special interest money from fellow dentists and personal wealth that he knew his leading opponent didn’t have.

But, he miscalculated that there were other conservative interests that would remember his history of what he did when he had the ability to direct special interest money to D.C. politicians.

Senator Hawkins, you’re answer below shows why you have no room to continue to whine about a group that has helped elect conservatives like Lynn Westmoreland and Paul Broun, while you were sending your money to Max Cleland and Greg Hecht.


  1. Henry Waxman says:

    Why is Club for Growth WASTING hundreds of thousands of dollars in GA-9 (the third most conservative Congressional district in the U.S.) when BOTH candidates in the race are conservative.

    Wouldn’t their limited resources be better used in the dozens of Congressional districts currently held by Democrats that John McCain carried in 2008???

    Maybe it was a typo and they meant to get involved in GA-8 and someone typed “9” instead….

  2. appachtrail70 says:

    If you donated to Democrats, you don’t deserve to represent the 2nd most conservative CD in the country.

  3. “”””””We are all ready for the race to be over.”””” Speak for yourself. This is one great race to watch and learn from.

    Are there any challengers in the primary? Sorry, haven’t followed it that closely, just watched the fireworks with enjoyment.

  4. drdjm says:

    “I’ve never voted for a Democrat President”… Senator, follow-up question; please list the Democrats you have voted for in State or local elections?

  5. ByteMe says:

    What a screwed up CD. How did it come to this where the supposedly “conservative” candidate of choice likely committed civil fraud and personally sought and received federal stimulus money for his own business… and his opponent — the supposedly non-conservative one — can’t seem to hold a political position for long?

    Is there a third option?

  6. AlanR says:

    Do not doubt the power of Club for Growth in a republican primary. In fact that’s about all they’re good for. The endorsement means a lot. Club has a very focused and energetic membership.

    I looked at the FEC numbers for individual contributions to both Graves and Hawkins. Graves has individual contributions of $705785. Take away his Georgia individual contributors and he has $273,716 in individual contributions from outside Georgia. How many of these people are Club donors?
    Hawkins total contributions from individuals is $449,445. His contributions from out of state? $20,600. Give that man a tissue!

    Do not doubt Club for Growth.

    Hey, its late and I’ve been working all day. Please follow up and make sure I got the numbers right.

  7. Joshua Morris says:

    Never the whole story from you clowns.

    Even Club for Growth knows they’ve messed up on this one, but they’re in too deep.

      • AlanR says:

        Thanks for the link, McDawg. I would be happy if it were complete. The opensecrets site for geography is a couple of FEC reports behind its own totals. Open Secrets GA9 main page says Graves has raised of $750 — same as the FEC — and according to the opensecrets geog page at the link his total is just $400.

        Sorry I haven’t had time to do more. I’ll try again tomorrow with the FEC site.

    • steelfist says:

      Then what’s the whole story Josh? The video is him saying it and it is pretty clear.

      • Joshua Morris says:

        Clear, but incomplete.

        Lee went on to say that he was invited to a birthday party for Cleland through associations with the Veterans Board, and he didn’t know he would be expected to pay. He also said that while he respects his service to our country, he does not agree with Cleland’s political views.

        A much larger part of the story is the thousands that Lee has given to conservative Republicans. I’ve yet to find any evidence that Tom Graves has given a dollar to any Republican out of his own pocket.

        No surprise–just more hypocrisy and misrepresentation from the Graves team.

        • steelfist says:

          Oh he was invited to the event, then that makes it ok. I thought he gave because he was the GDA Lobbyist? Or is that his justification as to why he’s given to Roy Barnes for Governor? I bet his justification for attending the Obama Stimulus event with Joe Biden and sending out a press release bragging that he was there is because he was invited.

        • Jason says:

          He also said that while he respects his service to our country, he does not agree with Cleland’s political views.

          He gave him money. End of story.

          • Joshua Morris says:

            A very old story. I bet Tom Graves and Chip Rogers regret buying the ‘Meth 6’ Inn, too.

            Which story would you rather be part of?

              • ByteMe says:

                But you’re ok with your candidate accepting Federal stimulus money for his personal business and then trying to skip out on his loan obligations by hiding his assets from the bank?

                Interesting political philosophy some people have.

    • Soulja Boy says:

      Jason, he doesn’t know. This is Joshua Morris’s M.O. Condescending snipets here and there. Nothing of substance, and you’ll sure as h*ll never get a straight answer to your questions.

      Is it any surprise he’s a Hawkins supporter?

  8. seekingtounderstand says:

    Gee as an independent I’ll ask which one is less evil and less typical politican as I must vote tuesday? And pray someone else wins in November besides these two, Graves and Hawkins.
    Been fun watching the Perdue power team work Graves over with the aid of AJC. Nice knife in the back all you christ centered folks.

  9. HowardRoark says:

    If anything, this demonstrates that Hawkins is comfortable “playing the game” rather that standing on principle. Even if folks are uncomfortable with Tom’s business deal gone bad, I think the Graves team has done a good job of showing Hawkins is not a good alternative.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      They’ve succeeded in painting a very lopsided, dishonest picture of Hawkins. He is the best choice in this race.

      Graves’ slick, empty speech won’t get anything done in Congress. If that’s what this district votes for, we’ll be the laughingstock of the Nation once the Office of Congressional Ethics and the liberal talking heads get ahold of his record. Just imagine what would be said of the ‘Tea Party conservatives’ who elect a defendant who has been accused in court of fraud? Imagine the news stories coming from court proceedings on June 30th.

      We had better elect the guy whose record is clean.

  10. Jason, please proofread your frontpage posts before clicking on Submit. Sentence fragments, misspellings, grammatical errors – yes, I know it’s just a blog, but our standards should be a *little* higher…

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