A Straw Poll For Your Afternoon Reading

The Berrien County (Nashville GA) Republican Party sends along these results from an event held there last evening:

1.) Karen Handel (35.91%) (19 votes)
2.) John Oxendine (22.64%) (12 votes)
3.) Nathan Deal (13.21%) (7 votes)
4.) Eric Johnson (11.34%) (6 votes)
5.) Jeff Chapman (9.45%) (5 votes)
6.) Ray McBerry (5.67%) (3 votes)
7.) Otis Putnam (1.89%) (1 vote)

Lt. Governor:
1.) Casey Cagle (98.11%) (52 votes)
2.) Jeff Chapman (1.89%) ) (1 vote)

Secretary of State:
1.) Doug McGinnitie (56.84%) (29 votes)
2.) Brian Kemp (43.16%) (22 votes)

Attorney General:
1.) Sam Olens (92.22%) (58 votes)
2.) Max Wood (6.36%) (4 votes)
3.) Preston Smith (1.59%) (1 vote)

State School Superintendent:
1.) Richard Woods (73.80%) (45 votes)
2.) Kathy Cox (16.40%) (10 votes)
3.) John Barge (9.84%) (6 votes)

State Agriculture Commissioner:
1.) Garry Black (86.00%) (43 votes)
2.) Darwin Carter (14.00%) (7 votes)

State Insurance Commissioner:
1.) Gerry Purcell (77.48%) (52 votes)
2.) Dennis Cain (7.45%) (5 votes)
3.) Seth Harp (7.45%) (5 votes)
4.) Maria Sheffield (5.96%) (4 votes)
5.) Stephen Northington (1.49%) (1 vote)

State Labor Commissioner:
1.) Melvin Everson (95.76%) (63 votes)
2.) Mark Butler (4.24%) (3 votes)

U.S. Senator:
1.) Johnny Isakson (98.28%) (52 votes)
2.) David Hill (1.72%) (1 vote)

U.S. Congress District 1:
1.) Jack Kingston (100.00%) (52 votes)

U.S. Congress District 2:
1.) Mike Keown (89.32%) (58 votes)
2.) Rick Allen (6.16%) (4 votes)
3.) Lee Ferrell (4.62%) (3 votes)

Public Service Commission Eastern District 2:
1.) Tim Echols (40.86%) (18 votes)
2.) Jeff May (34.05%) (15 votes)
3.) John Douglas (18.16%) (8 votes)
4.) Joey Brush (9.08%) (3 votes)

State Representative District 176:
1.) Jason Shaw (68.80%) (40 votes)
2.) Aleta Larger (31.20%) (18 votes)

Lowndes County Commission District 2:
1.) Richard Raines (74.00%) (37 votes)
2.) Jody Hall (10.00%) (10 votes)
3.) John Huff (6.00%) (3 votes)
4.) Bill Grow (6.00%) (3 votes)
5.) John Page (4.00%) (2 votes)

Should the Georgia Constitution state that human life begins at conception and ends at natural death?
1.) Yes (91.00%) (55 votes)
2.) No (9.00%) (5 votes)


    • Hill Rat says:

      She “won” by a margin of seven people (i.e., the number of folks that could have driven down from Atlanta in a Ford Explorer).

  1. Mayonnaise says:

    Well, we know that Karen had at least 5 staffers there.

    Should the Georgia Constitution state that human life begins at conception and ends at natural death?
    1.) Yes (91.00%) (55 votes)
    2.) No (9.00%) (5 votes)

    • Jimbo says:

      Interesting bio. Looks like the back of a baseball card, but instead of having his batting average, he has his religion and employment.

  2. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Jeff Chapman is so well-liked that he even received a vote for Lt. Gov. He’s a God among boys.

  3. In The Arena says:

    I am puzzled by the AG results. Where was Max Wood and how did Sam Olens sneak down there and dominate?

  4. ECSnob says:

    I still don’t understand how the vote totals of most straw polls vary so much in each race, Is there an ‘undecided’ tab missing on here?

    Oh thats right this is all staffers and straw polls mean nothing

    On a related note, were this to be true Berrien County voters, this would represent over 10%of them. Kudos, Berrien has about 500 GOP Primary voters.

  5. RynSea says:

    Tom Dooley, Steve Tarvin, Tom Graves
    no brain no Chance no scruples

    Casey Cagle problematic big government republican-

    Newt ways in on Governors race pics another big government GOP guy, if that happens I will vote for the Democrat. Karen and Eric please in the run off, then let the lady lead.

    Further, I predict Mr. L E E H A W K I N S wins in the 9th.

  6. AnyoneElse2010 says:

    Now I may be completely wrong about this, but isn’t this the Valdosta State Forum Straw Poll? I don’t think Berrien County would be polling about Lowndes Count Commission seats.

    • Icarus says:

      You very well may be right. It was sent to me by the Barrien County Republican Party via Facebook, with the event called the VSU forum. That was as much description as I had. So, we’ll go with that.

  7. Tireless says:

    Clearly, these folks don’t know she is pro-abortion and gay rights. She is to the left of Roy Barnes.

            • Lady Thinker says:

              You still haven’t provided a link, an address, or anything to substantiate your claim so it has to be a rumor. And no, I am not going to call her campaign and ask because I will not do your research for you.

              So according to your unnamed source, did she own or work in a liquor store or did she illegally make booze, which is one of the functions of a bootlegger?

              Prove your rumor or your lie, whichever one it is, or let it go.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      Don’t be so rough on our partial-termed Secretary of State, Jim Bob. She’s only a few years away from completing her second decade in the state she wishes to govern as its chief executive.

      • bowersville says:

        I thought “She” must an illegal immigrant because “She” ain’t from around here. So I’ve been told.

        “She” without even a mention of her name must be causing some trembling knees.

        “She” must be making headway and the rest of you must be some mighty big manly men.

        “She” Now there….pfft.

  8. willfla29 says:

    This Straw Poll was conducted at a joint event between the Lowndes GOP, the VSU College Republicans, and the Berrien County GOP.

  9. JDW says:


    You mentioned last week that straw polls don’t mean much. This straw poll especially doesn’t mean much if anything, because some candidates were excluding from participating in the forum, which is ironic if you think about it.

    Candidates should have equal access to the voters during forums. We saw the reaction in the 4th District when Liz Carter was denied the opportunity to participate in a debate. The same thing happened at the VSU College Republicans forum.

    For instance, Sam Olens received an invitation to attend the VSU College Republican forum. Max Wood wanted to attend but never received an invite. I don’t know what Preston Smith’s schedule was, but I’m sure he would have tried to attend had he been invited.

    You know, Icarus, as well as anyone if Max Wood and Preston Smith had the chance to speak to the VSU College Republicans, Sam Olens would not have received 92% of the votes. I would even go so far as saying Sam Olens wouldn’t have even won the straw poll. If you are going to post straw poll results, make sure all candidates were at least invited and had the opportunity to attend. The results of this straw poll are unreliable and misleading because who knows what the results would have been had the other candidates been invited. To exclude a candidate from speaking at a forum while inviting his/her competitors is an outrage.

    To be fair, candidates should have equal access to the voters, and that would ultimately help lend credibility to straw polling. If I had been Sam Olens, I would have done the honorable thing as Hank Johnson did when Liz Carter was denied the opportunity to debate, and that is to respectfully decline the invitation. It’s not a true forum when one candidate speaks and the other candidates aren’t invited.

    I ask anyone with the VSU College Republicans to provide a reason as to why your group denied Max Wood and Preston Smith the opportunity to speak to you, but invited Sam Olens.

    I apologize ahead of time for the wordiness.

    • Medic8310 says:

      I don’t know the answers to all of the questions you posed previously, but I do know this……Sam Olens has many friends down here in South Georgia who are helping him with his campaign, and Sam Olens has visited many of the towns in South Georgia and spoken with their leaders and civic groups. Smith and Wood obviously haven’t realized that I-75 continues south of Macon, because their presence has been nonexistent. You don’t need an invitation to campaign down here!

      • JDW says:

        I agree with you that one doesn’t need an invitation to campaign but you have to be invited to a forum.

        Max Wood has been campaining in South Georgia, it just hasn’t been sanctioned Republican events. Max Wood does not forget those he served. Remember he served Valdosta for over seven years as United States Attorney. Max has been all over the state to meet voters and some were Republican events and some were just his initiative. Trust me Medic8310, Max Wood has not neglected Valdosta or South Georgia; it is Valdosta who neglected to remember Max, which makes me wonder why Olens was invited and Wood and Smith were not.

          • JDW says:

            I understand that, but the scope of my comment regarded Valdosta State University’s College Republican “forum” where only one AG candidate was invited and then a straw poll was administered and the results were published as if Sam Olens is the favorite. The only scientific poll I have seen on the AG’s race, Max Wood was leading. The only way Sam Olens can look good as an AG candidate is if he’s not compared to anyone.

  10. Medic8310 says:

    Agreed to all but the last sentence. It’s an opinion, so I neither agree nor disagree.

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