Mike Pence endorses Graves

Tom Graves picked up an endorsement today from Mike Pence (R-IN):

A week out from the 9th Congressional District Special General Election Runoff, conservative Republican Tom Graves picked up an endorsement from another tested, proven conservative U.S. Rep. Mike Pence.

“I look forward to Tom joining us in Washington,” said Pence. “I will be honored to serve with a man of principle and character. Tom has rarely met a tax cut he didn’t like and that’s the kind of attitude we need in Washington.”

Rep. Pence is a Republican from Indiana. As Chairman of the House Republican Conference, he is the third highest ranking Republican in the House.

“Mike is a great conservative who has fought from his first day in office to uphold our Constitution and advance liberty in the face of a progressive, liberal agenda in Washington,” said Graves. “I am honored to receive his endorsement and look forward to working with him in our nation’s capitol.”


      • Jason says:

        Do you believe that prominent Republicans like Pence and Eric Cantor would endorse Graves if they believed the accusations in the lawsuit had merit?

            • AlanR says:

              Byte’s observation is that the next event in the court action will likely be the bank’s response to Graves counterclaim. How the bank responds may reveal more about their position and what they have legally to back it up. And it may not take 30 days. We’ll wait and see if it helps or hinders Graves.

              My speculation: Pence and Cantor want a conservative colleague who will vote with them on the tough issues. They probably have looked at material provided by Club for Growth and the chamber of commerce, and Graves would be a reliable vote for the conservative side. And they’ve been assured Graves will win. If the endorsements had come six weeks ago, it would have been more important.

              • one n done says:

                Jason, do you think cantor and pence have any more info about Graves guilt/innocence than anyone else does? Unless they do, they’re endorsement says nothing about whether they think they have merit, it’s too early to tell…bottom line is Graves was obviously doing something wrong, I’d be very shocked if he came out of this squeaky clean.
                It’s Obama’s fault, all Tom needed was a bailout. Where does Tom fit into this spread the wealth quote: “The tops getting the bailout, the bottoms getting the handout, and who get’s stuck with the bill? You do”

        • Mozart says:

          Jason, what you don’t quite get is that no elected official ever operates on the thought pattern of “Gee, I wonder if he’s guilty?”

          They just back people pretty much regardless of the accusation. Why? Because to do anything else would require them to spend a smidgeon of their valuable time thinking on their own, without the benefit of a staffer or a lobbyist telling them how to think.

          • ACConservative says:

            Jason, Cantor and Pence are the same type of guys that stood by Larry Craig, Mark Foley, and the litany of GOP lawmakers that have done far worse than bank fraud.

            I mean, you can hardly count on those guy to be reliable voices of conscience. Just look how they refuse to hold an intervention to address John Boehner’s addiction to self-tanner.

            • you’re full of hooey….. How can you assert that Mike Pence has alligned himself with those nutbags?

              I’ve known Mike Pence to be an honorable person who has been in the trenches for decades. He was one of the pioneers of local conservative talk radio in Indiana, worked with and represented the Indiana Family Institute and has consistently used his time, talent and his NAME to support conservative candidates and causes.

              Apparently, it is easier to throw baseless allegations about from behind a moniker than to sllign your claims with your NAME…. Me thinks that action is more alligned with a Larry Craig, who hid in the stalls……

        • ByteMe says:

          Jason, Cantor and Pence follow the wind, they don’t lead it.

          They also likely don’t care whether Graves has personal finance issues. Just like Debbie on here, they want to back the candidate who they believe will vote the way they want… even if the candidate has personal legal issues.

          And AlanR is correct: if at least a portion of the loan docs are included in the next filing and show Graves personal assets that include the now-transferred property, it’s a slam-dunk civil fraud case.

          • ByteMe says:

            if at least a portion of the loan docs are included in the next filing and show Graves personal assets that include the now-transferred property

            Forgot to mention that it’s entirely likely that the documents will include those properties, because individuals don’t get to personally guarantee multi-million dollar loans without having the assets to back up the guarantee. The bank would have wanted a list of all assets he controlled and that would include the property in question.

            • B Balz says:

              Another costly victory for conservatives, a reliable vote.

              “We have seen the enemy – and ‘they’ are us.” -Pogo

            • ByteMe says:

              The obvious question is this: if Graves is the only “true conservative” in the race, why did it take Pence and Cantor this long to make their endorsements?

        • hannah says:

          Failure by design works for conservatives all the time. If nothing else, it gives them an excuse to “try and try again,” a proven key to longevity in office.
          Success is a terminal status and usually deflating.

          • Ambernappe says:

            Have you ever felt a psychic connection with the late philosopher, Kierkegaard ? I believe that “melancholy” is a mood often ascribed to him – ‘ depressed to those of you in Rio Linda ‘.

            Your reasoning borders on syllogism.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      Club For Growth has been in a love fest with Pence. I’m sure a little persuasion from them goes a long way with him.

      Connecting the dots on these Graves endorsements isn’t hard:
      Westmoreland – same lobbying firm, Capitol Strategy Group.
      Cantor – chief strategist owns direct mail company Graves employs.

      • So, all of these conservative pro-growth organizations are evil villains? All of these people who are standing with Tom and penning emails and letters of support are just gullible imbeciles?

        From an outsider’s point of view, the Hawkins camp has done a pathetic job of getting their message out. They’ve been trumped at every corner so they smear. It blew up on them in the special election and will again in the runoff….

        Team Hawkins doesn’t get it.

        • Joshua Morris says:

          Actually, to someone who studies and understands conservative fiscal principles, these groups look like ignorant tag-a-longs.

          Further, I don’t care how conservative your group is perceived to be, putting out complete lies on mailers is not a good way to further the conservative cause.

          What Team Hawkins “gets” is that our message is honest. It may be negative sometimes, but it’s true. Sometimes the truth is negative. This ain’t kindergarten.

  1. AlanR says:

    The solution to this dilemma is very simple. Graves should post all the relevant loan documents and contracts concerning the financing of the property and the sale of the property on his web site.

    I wonder if Cantor and Pence had a chance to read Galloway’s post tonight before they announced their endorsement?

      • AlanR says:

        Only if he has not been straight with them. If Graves has been straight up, airing it out will pressure the bank to back down or negotiate a reasonable settlement. I apologize if it sounds like I know what I’m talking about — this is just how it looks to me with the same very limited information you have.

  2. GeorgiaConservative says:
    • Grave Diggers Rule says:

      Georgia Conservative, don’t over think this one to much. Front Page of PP = Grave Digger United Alliance Union.

  3. GOPwits says:

    The GOP is really losing it these days… Shady financing, drug filled hotel, hiding assets… If these are the candidates that the national GOP is picking, then surely the GOP will not win back the Majority.

    You should never trust a man that has that much hair gel in his hair…

    At least an ethics complaint can be filed in the man wins and he’ll then open a legal defense fund and the so called conservatives can continue to chase after and worship the ground these cheats walk on…

    Trust me, regular Georgians could never flip a loan that big at any bank to a no interest loan to a non-qualifying purchaser.

    Something shady this way comes to North Georgia…

  4. hannah says:

    Where do these people learn English? How does one

    advance liberty in the face of a progressive, liberal agenda?

    I suppose “impossible” could be an advanced variant of “failure by design.” Promising to accomplish the impossible could be a fail-safe strategy — sort of like destroying something to keep it from collapsing on its own.

  5. Romegaguy says:

    outside agitators, worse even YANKEE AGITATORS, coming down here to tell us how we should run things

  6. PaulRevere says:

    We’ll see if this stops the bleeding from the business deal gone bad soon enough

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