Liz Carter gets her chance to speak

Liz Carter is being allowed to participate in tonight’s 4th CD debate. A Newsmakers representative spent a few minutes shortly beforehand again making excuses for the situation which had developed. Whatever.

You can watch the debate live, starting at 7 p.m., here.

Oh, and Hank Johnson didn’t even show up. Maynard Eaton again this evening maintained he’s never heard of Liz Carter…must not be a very good journalist, then.

[UPDATE] It’s 7:22 p.m. and this farce of a “debate” is now over. It’s pretty clear after this display that Maynard Eaton truly isn’t a good journalist. His five questions were different versions of “You really think you can win, you horrible Republican?” followed by calling Carter “combative,” “hard,” and clearly intimating that he didn’t like her. He didn’t even bother to have any notes in front of him.

Publisher Jim Welcome then stood up and made sure to get his final dig in, by describing Liz Carter as “Sarah Palin-ish in her approach to politics.” Whatever that means, your guess is as good as mine.

This must be what passes for fair and balanced journalism, Newsmakers Journal style.


  1. Lady Thinker says:

    Wow, sounds like she wouldn’t have won any of them over no matter what she did or said.

  2. iamnotasocialist says:

    …obviously a well-run debate all around, given that Hank didn’t even show.

    • B Balz says:

      Clearly somebody did not see the debate or their sense of sarcastic humor is lost on me.

      • kyleinatl says:

        There needs to be some kind of moratorium on the amount of posts one candidate gets on Peach Pundit…5 freaking posts yesterday? Are you kidding me?

        • Tyler says:

          That was the news yesterday. Newsmakers actually made the news and we reported it. Can’t help if it was a slow day. Notice there is a Cory Ruth post up as well. All of it centered on this debate.

          As I recall, McBerry has had quite a few posts as well as Nathan Deal, Vernon “Snuggles” Jones, and a plethora of other elected officials and candidates over the years.

            • Tyler says:

              PRs from the accuser and the accused. Up to the audience to decipher the facts from both sides of the story. Pete’s op-ed style post hit on what the root of the issue is/would be.

              Perhaps some on here would’ve taken Pete’s view differently if a different front pager posted? Just a thought.

              • ByteMe says:

                Sometimes the message is lost when the messenger cries “wolf!” one too many times.

                • kyleinatl says:

                  Or when the titles are leading ones like:

                  “Newsmaker’s responds with a lame excuse”
                  “Liz Carter responds to Newsmaker’s overt bigotry”


                • Tyler says:

                  A Congressional candidate complained about being shut out of a candidate forum because of skin color and could possibly have increased her odds in the Republican Primary as a result. How is that not political news?

                • AnyoneElse2010 says:

                  This is a response to everyone not just griftdrift, but why do you people continue to read this blog? Especially those of you who have your own blog. If you want to criticize then go out and get your own news or create your own scoops. Make people want to read your blog instead of coming on here and criticizing the PP crew. Beat them the best way possible by steering traffic your way.

                  The outright anti-peach pundit on this site is getting ridiculous. I think that you can complain about a story all you want to, but these insults go way past the story. I don’t know I guess I just come from the school of thought that if I don’t like something I cease to read it, listen to it, or watch it.

  3. benevolus says:

    So if a womens group wanted to hear from women candidates, would that be OK, or do they have to invite everybody too?

    • kyleinatl says:

      Negative, only those that sign the no tax pledge and then still vote for the hospital bed tax.

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