Cory Ruth on the NewsMakers Live Candidate Forum

For Immediate Release Cory Ruth – 404-228-7395

Statement re: NewsMakers Live Event

ATLANTA, GA—Republican Cory Ruth issued the following statement related to the NewsMakers Live candidate forum.

I was asked to participate in this important forum months ago, and said at the time I would be honored to do so. I am still looking forward to sharing my message of independence and fiscal conservatism to all voters of every race in Georgia’s 4th District.”

One of my fellow Republicans has accused the event coordinator of excluding her because of her race. That ugly charge has been vehemently and adamantly denied by the producer and moderator for tonight’s event.”

While I do not know the source of this misunderstanding, I would never attend an event that excluded candidates based on race. This is 21st century America, and we’re better than that.”

I respect all my fellow Republicans in this race,” Ruth said, “and I regret that they will not all be there tonight. That includes Liz Carter, Victor Armendariz and Larry Gause. We are not opponents, we are competitors on the same team. I am privileged to take our conservative message to a large segment of the black community this evening.”

Ruth added: “I regret that old-fashioned racial division threatens the civil tone of this campaign. The 4th District is made up of people of all ethnic backgrounds who celebrate their diversity. I am who I am, and I’m running for office as a conservative Republican.”

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    • Bugs Dooley says:

      It’s tough to make the news when 90% of your campaign for US Congress seems to take place on Facebook. That being said, I watched him on the debate last night and thought he did well

  1. Tucker Gal says:

    The only thing Ugly about this is Newsmakers behavior and Mr Ruths behavior.
    I live in District 4, am a black woman and am sick of what is taking place in our community. Liz Carter was discriminated against because she is white… it’s that simple. You don’t have a debate with democrats and republicans and exclude the leading republican. The only thing in common at this debate (clear as a picture if you look at the ad) was the invited guests were ALL black.
    It is very interesting that the democrats are who put pressure on the event sponsors for Liz to participate. Vernon Jones and Connie Stokes called Liz’s campaign and told the producers they would not participate if Liz did not. The only one who didn’t – Cory Ruth. What does that tell you about his character and lack of leadership? A LOT. Cory is running around talking about his unique qualification to win and I quote “As an African American I understand”. REALLY? Let me help you understand Mr Ruth – You are part of the black community that doesn’t get it and that has hurt the rest of us. Diversity is a good thing and you showed poor leadership with this release and your behavior at the event.

    Your stunt of inviting Victor Armendrz and recognizing him was a stunt and seen as one. It was because of Ms Carter, not you, that Newsmakers is now holding a republican forum. I hope they decide to exclude you.
    You want to see Ugly Mr Ruth – look in the mirror and you’ll see someone who is ugly inside and who hasn’t come to the realization that you are a racist for defending discrimination against a white person and propagating it with your “only black people can represent black people” messaging.

    You’ve made a mistake Mr Ruth and pissed off an angry black woman one too many times.

    • unalienable says:

      Seems to me that we’ve witnessed a Jackson Jackson style shakedown. Only difference is that it was a white conservative doing it to a black organization. Truth is, race doesn’t matter. Playing the race card is playing the race card. That is what was done here.

      To use the event flyer as evidence that Ms. Carter was discriminated against is a weak argument. Has anyone ever asked “has Ms. Carter ever attended a Newsmakers Live event” or “has Mr. Ruth ever attended a Newsmakers Live event?” It is very possible that the organizers were familiar with Mr. Ruth because he’s participated in their events and unfamiliar with Ms. Carter because she has not? Was Ms. Carter simply trying to piggyback on Mr. Ruth’s prior involvement with Newsmakers Live in order to get some press? That’s the way it looks to me. Mr. Ruth said during the event that he’s attended their functions several times over the past couple of years. The moderator also mentioned that he had seem him at prior events. So, he has an established relationship with Newsmakers Live that get’s him on the panel and somehow that’s discrimination! No.

      Is it possible that Mr. Jones and Ms. Stokes simply caved in to unfounded allegations made towards Newsmakers Live? Where’s the character in that? I’m sure they knew long before the event date that Mr. Ruth was the only Republican on the panel. Why didn’t they refuse to participate earlier? Did they make a political move in order to appear to be above all this. How much backbone does it take to back down and allow your behavior to be dictated by someone making, so far, unfounded allegations of racism. In our country we give people a trail and present evidence before passing a verdict.

      Mr. Ruth is the only one who exhibited any real character. He refused to give in to the shakedown. He didn’t do the politically correct thing. I commend him for that. Far to often politicians have given in to untrue allegations of racism and allowed themselves to be controlled by people of weaker character. Mr. Ruth stood on the American principle respecting the individual’s the right to be proven guilty rather than reacting to rumors and innuendo. Thousands of black Americans were murdered on such basis. If he makes it to the US Congress, I hope he continues to act with such backbone and conviction to principle. God knows we need it!

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Oh PUL-LEAZE,

        Do you really believe that NEWSMAKERS aren’t smart enough to know who is running for congress, or how to find out who is running for congress? SOS website show all who qualified. FEC website show all who filed to receive funds. GOP and DEM websites also show who is running.

        You can judge Mr. Ruth by his own actions and comments. That’s for the voters of the Fourth Congressional District to decide.

        The truth is that NEWSMAKERS are either stupid, racist, or both.

        • unalienable says:

          You’re working on the premise that they were out to find all the candidates. They weren’t.

          So, Newsmakers Live is stupid, racist, or both — what does that say about Ms. Carter’s passionate desire to participate in their event?

          • Doug Grammer says:

            How do you know that they weren’t? Were they just trying to find all of the candidates of one race?

            I think it says Ms. Carter is trying to make herself available to the public when a group is supposed to be holding a congressional candidate forum, and she doesn’t care what the organizers agenda may be. However, you’d have to ask her to be sure.

            • unalienable says:

              How do you know they were? They may have only been concerned with the candidates in one race and since they had a prior relationship with Mr. Ruth they invited him to participate when they learned, through that relationship, that he is running in the 4th district.

              I agree, you’d have to ask Ms. Carter to be sure. My point was if, Newsmakers Live is “stupid, racist or both,” (I’m not saying they are but many of Ms. Carter’s supporters seem to feel that way) does that mean that someone working so diligently to be a part of there event condones their stupidity and racism? If a neo-nazi group was holding a political forum that excluded Jews, do you really think Jewish candidates would be fighting to be a part of that forum.

              I think Ms. Carter’s actions indicate that she does not feel Newsmakers Live is racist or stupid. After all, she has agreed to appear at a future event they are holding.

              • Doug Grammer says:

                Hey rocket scientist,

                The reason I know that the were not looking for all the candidates is because you stated it: “You’re working on the premise that they were out to find all the candidates. They weren’t.”

                Bringing up Neo-Nazis and Jews is a dodge from the real issue. (To connect the dots for those who may be slow, Neo-Nazi’s happen to agree with Nazis on most issues.) One reason that they are not comparable is that the Nazis hated the Jews so much that they killed over 6,000,000 of them, and they didn’t do it quickly either. Unless you are telling me that NEWSMAKERS hates people of other races so much that they are ready to start killing members of other races and on a massive scale, it’s not comparable.

                The real issue is that they are either stupid, racist, or both. Ms. Carter may feel that they are not, (you’d have to ask her) but I do. Telling me a fact and two posts later asking me how I know it may get you thrown into one of those same categories.

                • unalienable says:

                  Your words “Do you really believe that NEWSMAKERS aren’t smart enough to know who is running for congress, or how to find out who is running for congress? SOS website show all who qualified. FEC website show all who filed to receive funds. GOP and DEM websites also show who is running.”

                  This indicates to me that you thought they were looking for all the candidates. I see now that you know they weren’t. So maybe now you can stop being so upset that they didn’t invite Ms. Carter.

                  Your response to my comment you mentioned above: “How do you know that they weren’t? Were they just trying to find all of the candidates of one race?”

                  This doesn’t indicate that you accepted the “fact” I presented to you. Again, I see now that you did.

                  You completely missed the neo-nazi point.

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    The ONLY reason I accept that NEWSMAKERS was not looking for all the candidates is because you said it.

                    Either you know they weren’t looking or you are lying about knowing they weren’t looking.

                    NEWSMAKERS said in their statement that they invited all the candidates that they were aware of. They were either not looking because the were satisfied with the pigmentation, I mean number, of candidates OR they were too stupid to find the candidates. I pointed out several tools they could have used to become aware of candidates. Either they are too stupid to use them or they are lying about it and racist. I suppose that there is another possibility that they really wanted to find all of the candidates but were just too tired to surf the web.

                    From NEWSMAKERS press statement: “This forum was conceived and set in motion back in April based on Congressman Johnson’s schedule and the candidates we were then aware of in the race.”

                    My issue is not that they didn’t invite Ms Carter but that they didn’t invite anyone from another pigmentation.

            • unalienable says:

              Sorry, I meant to say “They may have only been concerned with the ‘democrat’ candidates in one race…”

              • Doug Grammer says:

                Why would that be the case? Are they professed Democrats? If so, why would they let a Republican attend? Would it be because they know him? Why would professed Democrats have a relationship with a Republican? Or are they more interested in the content of his skin than his character?

                As far as I know, I have not met Mr. Ruth and am making no comments about him. My issue is with NEWSMAKERS.

                • unalienable says:

                  I really don’t know if they are professed Democrats. I think you can safely say they are a fairly far left leaning outfit. That would likely make them more open to and supportive of Democrats than Republicans.

                  I think you can also safely say that professed Democrats have relationships with professed Republicans on a regular basis. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Ruth had a relationship with them. He’ll have to have relationships with lots of professed Democrats if he makes it to Congress.

                  OK. Your issue is with Newsmakers and not Mr. Ruth. Great!

                  Maybe, if the opportunity arises, you’ll go out and meet Mr. Ruth and form an opinion of him of outside all this hype.

  2. gwilliams1975 says:

    If you read the numerous post-event quotes and comments from members of the Carter Cadre on blogs and Facebook pages such as District 4 Conservative touting how “Liz won over the whole crowd,” and “Liz and Moderator Maynard Eaton are BFF’s”, you would think Hank Johnson himself showed up decked out in Liz Carter regalia and carried Liz on his shoulders on a parade route along Auburn Avenue shouting “Yank Hank, Yank Hank.” Alas, this only happened in Fantasy Land–Cory has run a clean, albeit quiet campaign up until this point. You can expect some big changes. Stay tuned…

  3. Tucker Gal says:

    I would be very careful Mr Williams, very careful. Liz did receive a ton of support and your candidate is walking a fine line of further exposing himself.

    • gwilliams1975 says:

      exposing himself as what, a racist? I guess I must be racist against white people too since I am supporting him.

  4. Tucker Gal says:

    Yes, Mr Williams. When a candidate runs on a “black” only platform touting he is “uniquely qualified” because of the color of his skin – he is perpetuating an ugly message of only blacks can represent blacks.
    This makes Cory Ruth no better than Hank Johnson with his “White Hoods White Uniform” statements he made last year.

    Mr Ruth claims to be a conservative, yet does not stand up for what is right. You and his supporters claim he just isn’t “caving in” and Liz played the race card – you all have serious issues if you believe this.

    Did you listen to Maynard Eaton on the radio with Liz last night? I’m sure you missed it. He admitted that she was invited by an administrator of Newsmakers a few weeks ago and their was a mistake made. Newsmakers could have handled it gracefully, but they decided to act like children. This was a BLACK ONLY event, deal with it. It took Liz exposing the poor judgment of the organization, Vernon Jones and Connie Stokes showing leadership and saying this isn’t right and Liz’s ability to rapidly utilize the media to make this right. If you would have been listening, you would have also heard Maynard is looking forward to working with Liz and has one of her campaign t-shirts.

    Why are you so angry Greg? Are you not happy that Liz guaranteed that Newsmakers is now going to have a full forum for the republicans? Or is this just about Cory?

    Here’s another issue that your campaign still can’t get straight – FEC filings show Mr Ruth using a credit card to finance his campaign, then you claim that the FEC is showing the wrong information? The FEC reports what is reported, so did Cory file wrong or are you trying to correct a report you didn’t know would be public? Cory is not qualified to run for one of the highest offices in our country.

    Would you like more? I have plenty… maybe you should talk to the ex again and make sure you know about all the skeletons. Or look into his financial statements from 2003 and 2004 … might get interesting.

    Like I said, he’s pissed off the wrong black woman. Don’t push it Gwilliams aka Cory’s campaign manager who LOVES BEER. Go have another.

  5. B Balz says:

    Newsmakers clearly showed their preference toward Vernon Jones in their introduction, questions, even choice of venue. In my opinion, that is pathetic.

  6. unalienable says:

    So, has Newsmakers gone on record and said it was a black only event?

    If so, great! It’s about time. That shows it’s a Newsmakers Live issue not a Cory Ruth issue and Ms. Carter did the right thing in calling them out.

    You talk a lot about Mr. Ruth but I haven’t seen you write one thing about his stance on the issues. How does he stand on the economy, healthcare, taxes, immigration, etc. Actually, I haven’t seen you write on where Ms. Carter (or any other candidate) stands on the issues.

    You continue to call Mr. Ruth a racist for allegedly (can you provide direct evidence of this charge) saying that being black makes him more electable than others. Is it possible that his claim to be “uniquely qualified” is a reference to his background as a minister, community volunteer, and work experience in the corporate world?

    Additionally, if Mr. Ruth actually has experience working in the black community, why would that not be an asset? I would see Ms. Carter’s work to promote issues specific to women, for example and if that were the case, as an asset. I would also fully expect her to tout that as a unique qualification in her campaign. I would expect the same from Mr. Armendariz concerning the Latin-American community or Mr. Gause concerning veterans and the military.

    It’s interesting that you have a real problem with Mr. Ruth saying he is black yet you assert your race in all of your posts.

    Have you contacted Mr. Ruth personally regarding FEC filings to voice your concerns? He may be very open with you.

    The 4th district has four great conservative candidates (I know you don’t see it that way) running for office. They all have they ability to stand on their own and don’t need dirt. The last thing the long-suffering conservative voters in the 4th district need is a divisive mud-slinging primary. It will only hurt the eventual winner and the district overall in the general election.

    • unalienable says:

      I’m not a fan of Newsmakers, but where is the incontrovertible proof that this event was racially exclusive?

      Is it possible that Mr. Ruth is the only person with the courage to not run for the hills at the mere allegation that the event was racially biased?

  7. lizcarter says:

    Unalienable –
    There are several articles and postings on what took place, it was an unfortunate situation and one that could have easily been corrected. I will never sit idle when anyone is being excluded and I will always fight for every individual – this is what I did.

    Now the republicans have a forum being set up with Newsmakers to share a message that is closer to their values than Congressman Johnson would like to admit. This audience also knows that a conservative will fight for the opportunity to share those values and will fight for those values – something that has not taken place in this district for far too long.

    You can believe what you want – I stand by my statements. It was the actions of Vernon Jones, Connie Stokes, Jennifer from CrossRoads News and a powerful social media network that guided Newsmakers to allow me to participate. Maynard Eaton admitted on the radio with me that an administrator had invited me. I understand you work on Mr Ruth’s campaign and you can continue to defend and say that Mr Ruth showed courage and that is your campaigns right.

    You may not think so, but as a fellow conservative, I believe Mr Ruth owes me an apology for his press release and behavior. Your campaign is the ONLY one who did not call to find out the details before making a snap judgment and who condoned Newsmakers behavior. Mr Ruth showed immaturity and complete disrespect, as he has with this campaign process.

    I am sure Mr Ruth and I will have the opportunity to debate this in an open forum.

    • unalienable says:

      Ms. Carter:

      From my point of view, this in not about you, Mr. Ruth or Newsmakers. It’s about principle. I assure you that if the situation were reversed, I would replace the name, Mr. Ruth, in my above question with Ms. Carter. You are missing my point.

      For a moment, let’s remove you, Mr. Ruth, and Newsmakers from the situation and I will try to clarify my position.

      It is my firm belief that a Republic such as ours is based on the immutable principle that the rights of the individual outweigh the emotions of the many. In addition, I believe that the standing for the rights of the individual is the only way to protect our entire society. My favorite historical example of this is John Adams’ serving as the defense attorney for the British soldiers accused in the Boston Massacre.

      Racism is something we must continue to fight and, in our country, we do this by protecting the rights of the individual. However, charges of racism are a completely different animal. Charges of racism have been used to fight objections to the recent healthcare legislation, Georgia’s voter ID legislation, federal income tax reform, entitlement spending and to oppose actions to protect the rights stated in the 2nd Amendment. Attempts to prevent racism are the very reason Georgia’s 4th Congressional District was gerrymandered in such a was as to make it near impossible for a conservative to win a congressional election thereby disenfranchising a large segment of its residents.

      For decades, charges of racism have been used to bend the actions of good people toward the more tainted and malicious agendas of others. They have become tools of division and distraction. They are ruining our Republic. I am more than tired of this and want to see conservatives not only stand up against racism, but also, charges of racism.

      With all that said and in this particular situation, I’ve seen only allegations and no irrefutable proof that this event was racially exclusive. In the absence of that proof, I offer the optional and possible conclusion that Mr. Ruth took the difficult path and stood steady on principle rather than acquiescing to the cry of the mob.

      As a resident of the 4th district, I was extremely excited to see four candidates running as conservatives. I’ve had the opportunity to meet all of you and would feel comfortable voting for any of you in the general election. However, it saddens me deeply to see this primary taking a divisive turn through (what appears to be) the use of the race card. It would also be very distressing to attend an open candidate forum and witness you all discussing this event while our residents are struggling to find work, our schools are in trouble, our small businesses are closing and people are having a difficult time just making it from day to day.

      Politics as usual is destroying our cities, districts, counties and nation. I appeal to you all to stay on the high road during this campaign and speak to us about the issues. To behave differently, would be extremely harmful to the people you all are seeking to represent.

  8. griftdrift says:

    You pulled a political stunt.

    It was enabled by your allies here.

    The press played along.

    And you got four days of good, free press.

    Congratulations. Good politics.

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