Gwinnett GOP Straw Poll Results

Here’s a straw poll to start out your short “work” week. Sock puppets, rejoice.


Eric Johnson 105
Karen Handel 104
John Oxendine 45
Nathan Deal 37
Jeff Chapman 8
Otis Putnam 1
Ray McBerry 0

Attorney General

Sam Olens 111
Max Wood 84
Preston Smith 67

State School Superintendent:

John Barge 96
Richard Woods 87

Labor Commissioner

Melvin Everson 242
Mark Butler 27

Insurance Commissioner:

Gerry Purcell 116
Seth Harp 47
Maria Sheffield 40
Ralph Hudgens 37
Tom Knox 12
Dennis Cain 8
Stephen Northington 6
John Mamalakis 4
Rick Collum 1

Agriculture Commissioner:

Gary Black 223
Darwin Carter 47

Secretary of State:

Doug MacGinnitie 145
Brian Kemp 84

Public Service Commissioner:

Jeff May 94
Tim Echols 56
John Douglas 55
Joseph Brush 2

Seventh Congressional District:

Clay Cox 91
Chuck Efstration 78
Rob Woodall 31
Jody Hice 16
Jef Fincher 13
Tom Kirby 10
Ronnie Grist 3
Tom Parrott 0


  1. Lady Thinker says:

    Nathan Deal and John Oxendine have dropped significantly thankfully, and the zero that McBerry pervert received is great!

  2. I’m not sure why a conservative county like Gwinnett would go so heavily for Karen Handel. They do realize she’s never been endorsed by Georgia Right to Life, right?

    (Btw, since this post is about Gwinnett, here’s some random Lilburn news)

    • ByteMe says:

      They do realize she’s never been endorsed by Georgia Right to Life, right?

      That’s probably why they went so heavily for her. The voters there are able to weigh the importance of more than one issue when compared than the relatively stupid single-issue voters.

        • ByteMe says:

          You want to play single issue sock puppet, Mayo? Be my guest with the “stupid” label. Otherwise…. smarter people can weigh multiple issues in their minds.

          And I expect more from an EJ sock puppet, but maybe I’m wrong about that.

    • justpeachy says:

      American Delight, not being endorsed probably just means she hasn’t paid them. Look at her voting record and her official stand on abortion she is pro-life and ALWAYS has been. I would question the integrity of Georgia right to life who endorsed both Deal & Oxendine who were both previously pro-choice and also have pretty deep pockets. Just some food for thought.

      Mayonaise if you think Handel or any of her supporters are liberal I encourage you to look at her record or redefine the word liberal for me. Karen is the only lifelong conservative among any of the top runners. And of the top four officially the only one with out any sort of ethical investigation being brought up. Oxendine, Deal, & Johnson are all being hammered with questionable ethics while in public office. Karen is the only one that can will cut our states spending, not raise taxes, and keep the promises she makes. She did it as the Chairman of Fulton County Commissioners, once again as Secretary of State and she’ll do it again as our next Governor!

      • Mayonnaise says:

        You can not be pro-life if you can look at two ultrasounds of perfectly healthy babies and ask the question, “How was this life conceived?” Then base your support of protecting that life on the answer to that question. She is not Pro-Life and will never be Pro-Life based on her current beliefs. End of story.

        “Lifelong Conservative?” … Does that include when she was running that liquor store in MD?

        • Lady Thinker says:

          Conservatives don’t drink? Does your candidate Eric drink when he is on the Reynolds plantation? Mimosas? Mint Juleps?

          • politics101 says:

            I have been around a few events where Eric has had a drink. He prefers a cold beer just like me.

            • Lady Thinker says:

              I like the Long Island Iced Teas and Beringer’s While Zinfadel but Mayo is making a huge deal about Karen and some liquor store that I was asking if Johnson did or didn’t drink. Thanks for answering that question.

          • Henry Waxman says:

            For what it’s worth, I know that Nathan Deal does not drink…I think that is the main reason that Icarus doesn’t like him.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          Would you like Karen if she weren’t running against your candidate? Is the fact that you call her names an indication of the threat she has become against your candidate?

  3. debbie0040 says:

    If I am not mistaken, Georgia Right To Life does not endorse if you oppose abortion but believe in the 3 exceptions-rape, incest, life of the mother..I remember some controversy regarding that when Chambliss ran.

    Not sure why you guys keep referring to Handel as a liberal. All of the candidates running for Governor on the GOP side are conservative..

    Obviously the crowd did not like child molestors….

      • ByteMe says:

        Never underestimate the stupidity of the uninformed voter. No matter how flawed all of these candidates look to us, there are a lot more people out there in the wild who have absolutely no idea about anything other than “I saw his sign on the way here, so I’ll vote for him”.

        • justpeachy says:

          You’re not kidding… and it’s sad! And Oxendine camp is full of desperate folks counting on that. Just Friday night there were three large signs displayed at the Texaco at 316. Monday morning in time for the Dacula Parade the signs were gone and replaced with Oxendine. I questioned the owner only to be informed it happened during the middle of the night and he tossed the Oxendine signs. But sad they feel that’s how they’ve got to do it. They can’t rely on Oxendine’s record to win the votes so they’re counting on stealing other candidates and posting his in it’s place.

  4. GAPoliticsisfun says:

    Yesterday at the event Johnson said, you need to elect someone you can trust, and that he is that person.

    How can we trust a career politician that “forgets” to disclose over 30% of what his company raked in from state contracts.

    • politics101 says:

      “Trust” can also be determined by how someone acts after they make a mistake. That reporting mistake happen about 10 years ago. The next year HE corrected it on his disclosures. I bet the money his firm “raked in” is about 1/10th of 1% of his firms revenues while he has served. Eric has not gotten rich at the State coffers by any stretch.

      • ready2rumble says:

        Your right “trust” can be defined by how someone acts after getting caught. What did Eric the MILLION DOLLAR MAN Johnson do after he was caught taking $1,000,000 in tax payors money and forgetting to report 30% of it?

        Eric the MILLION DOLLAR MAN Johnson blamed his mistakes on the competition. That builds a lot of trust.

        • Jim Bob says:

          Speaking of “trust”…..How are we supposed to “trust” someone who keeps changing their stance on particular subjects????

          And, yes, I am referring to your candidate/boss…..

      • TheEiger says:

        politics101 – Please post a link to the amended disclosure. I would like to see it. I know you won’t post anything in response to this because you are lying. This would not have been a story if he amended his disclosure. The truth is, this went unnoticed for years until an AP reporter exposed Johnson.

  5. Tireless says:

    I can only imagine the string of obscenities Handel spewed when she found out she lost by a vote.

    • Mayonnaise says:

      If only she could have shipped in two more gay activists from Fulton County to carry her to victory again. 🙂

      • Tireless says:

        Gosh, with all of her “executive” experience and noteworthy academic credentials one would assume she considered that back-door strategy to pack the crowd with more supporters. It appears EJ’s Chatham County residency didn’t hurt him in OX/Handel country. lol

    • justpeachy says:

      You wish! Yesterday was a victory… as a reminder we were in Oxendine County and the city his very well known mother in law resides in. Handel was a clear winner to have so many votes in Dacula!

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Welcome justpeachy. Just a note. The good ole boys are afraid of Karen so they bring out irrevalent things like:

        she cusses – I have never heard her do so and neither have they, also they are claiming a double standard, men can cuss, women can’t,

        she has a GED when she has said repeatedly she has a high school diploma – they prefer to spread the GED rumor,

        that she owns a liquor store in Maryland from 20 years ago – they have not provided a site for us to see for ourselves or an address, and besides, if she does or did, so what, they drink too,

        that she is not pro-life because she believes in a rape/incest victim’s choice for an abortion, as do many men in this race,

        that she is pro-gay, even though gays pay taxes and have a right to representation, and I can’t remember all the other reasons.

        Bottom line, Karen has a chance of being governor and they can’t stand it so they attack non issues. They have not attacked her plan for Georgia on so many fronts, which is the real issue in this election and she has the best plan.

        Grow up Johnson, Deal, and Oxendine supporters, women are out of the caves and we aren’t going back in unless it is on our terms.

        • Mayonnaise says:

          Oh yes, the “good ole boys” strategy is revived. Vote for me because I’m a women. Great plan!

          • Lady Thinker says:

            Don’t vote for her because she is a “women”, vote for her because she has the best plan for Georgia, which by the way, she does have the best plan.

  6. capnswifty says:

    I passing out stickers in front of the straw poll booth and I saw the same people green shirts voting multiple times. Still didn’t pay off…

  7. Technocrat says:

    “the string of obscenities Handel spewed when she found out she lost by a vote.”…….are you are predicting the future in the Primary runoff?
    MF, CS, FJB are all on flash cards in case her memory fails her.

      • Bridget says:

        I’m undecided, but if “a woman cussing in the South” is now being used to pad why someone shouldn’t vote for Karen…that’s lame.

        My name is Bridget. I was born and raised in Marietta, and I drop the F bomb when I’m mad.

        Is there a support group I should join?

        • Mayonnaise says:

          Did you own a liquor store, support the killing of babies based on circumstances surrounding conception, cuss like a sailor, and seek the approval of radical gay activists? If so, yes, there is a support group for you. It’s called the Democrat Party of Georgia. Take Hillary Handel with you. 🙂

          • Bridget says:

            I enjoy tasty beverages on a regular basis, I think there are circumstances in which abortions are warranted, and I have a gay friends.

            I’m in the Republican party because I care how my money is spent. The men in the race seem loosey-goosey with $280K here, $120k there. Who’s honest enough to watch my money? Who’s making government smaller?

  8. JDW says:

    Maybe Olens should have run for Governor after all. He had 111 supporters at the Gwinnett Straw Poll which would have topped Eric Johnson’s 105.

    Olens would make a good Governor and he’s a fantastic fundraiser, but the Attorney General position is not for him in light of Max Wood’s qualifications and what is required of Georgia’s Attorney General.

    Article 5, Section 3, Paragraph 4 of Georgia’s Constitution enumerates the duties of Georgia’s Attorney General. “The Attorney General shall act as the legal advisor of the executive department, shall represent the state in the Supreme Court in all capital felonies and in all civil and criminal cases in any court when required by the Governor, and shall perform such other duties as shall be required by law.” Also read O.C.G.A. § 45-15-3.

    Moreover, Georgia’s Judiciary Act of 1797 provided for an Attorney General, whose duty was primarily the prosecution of criminals. Max Wood and Ken Hodges are the only candidates in the race with criminal prosecution experience in addition to civil litigation experience.

    It is readily apparent that our next Attorney General must have experience in both criminal prosecutions as well as civil litigation to be qualified to occupy the Office.

    Olens has no experience with criminal prosecution, so how can we trust him to make executive decisions regarding matters in which he has no experience?

    Also, in a youtube video, Olens claims to be the only candidate with executive experience, which is not true at all. The United States Attorney is hand-picked by the President to be the top attorney in the Federal District. As Cobb County Chairman, Olens supervised one county. As United States Attorney, Max Wood supervised criminal prosecutions and civil actions against Federal Agencies in 70 counties for over 7 years.

    • Lawton Sack says:

      You cannot take numbers from one race and translate them to a different race. If you could do that, then Gary Black would beat everybody hands down.

    • Mozart says:

      But in Georgia, the prosecution of criminal cases is handled by District Attorneys, not the AG’s office. The DAs do not get “supervision” from the AG’s office.

      • JDW says:


        You are a big fan of the whole story as demonstrated by your percentage discussion yesterday, so you will appreciate this. The Attorney General does supervise criminal prosecutions.

        The following are some of the responsibilities of our Attorney General from the Georgia Attorney General’s website:,2094,87670814_87670941,00.html

        – Representing the State of Georgia in all capital felony appeals before the Supreme Court of Georgia.

        – Representing the State of Georgia in all cases appearing before the Supreme Court of the United States.

        – Prosecuting public corruption cases where criminal charges are filed against any person or business for illegal activity when dealing with the State of Georgia.

        – Conducting special investigations into questionable activity concerning any state agency or department or a person or business that has done business with the State of Georgia.

        – Initiating criminal actions on behalf of the State of Georgia when requested to do so by the Governor.

        Finally, the Attorney General will also provide opinions to other state officers, such as … district attorneys.

        By the way, Max Wood also has experience as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) and Chief ADA in the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit. Olens has zero experience dealing with criminal prosecutions.

        • Mozart says:

          How many times has my county DA Danny Porter called on the AG for help? Can you find that out? ‘Cause I’m real curious about how much consulting goes on between a DA’s office and the AG’s office.

          • JDW says:


            I am not going to banter with you all day on this. I never said the DAs and the AG had a close working relationship. You are confusing what I am saying. I turned your attention to some of the responsibilities of the AG to demonstrate the AG does handle criminal prosecutions, and Olens has no experience in that area.

            Olens does not want the Attorney General race to be one about experience, because if it becomes anything other than a popularity contest, Olens will lose. Now you are correct in saying the DA’s conduct criminal prosecutions, but so does the AG’s Office. Consider the AG’s responsibilities again with the sites I provided and the Organizational Chart. There is a Criminal Justice Division. I have attached a copy for your convenience.

            Now , a good portion of the work in the AG’s Office is civil. Max Wood has plenty of civil litigation experience as well. As United States Attorney, Max supervised cases against Federal Agencies for over 7 years.

            Obviously you are for Olens no matter what, because anyone who wanted the right person for the job would easily see that Max Wood has the experience to be the best candidate for Attorney General. I’m for Max Wood because I have researched the candidates and Olens and Smith fall short in my book. Olens has solid experience for other offices like Governor or Lt. Governor. Remember a year ago, Olens was considering a run for Governor before the field became too crowded for him.

            • Mozart says:


              You said that you have researched the candidates and discovered Max to have “plenty of civil litigation experience as well.”

              Please, point me on the Web or give me some feel for what Max Wood did before being appointed US Attorney? What kind of civil law did he practice, as that can encompass a wide range of cases.

              Thank you,

              • JDW says:


                You misunderstood me again. Read again what I said “Max Wood has plenty of civil litigation experience as well. As United States Attorney, Max supervised cases against Federal Agencies for over 7 years.”

                To answer your question, Federal Agencies are sued on the basis of a variety of civil issues. For instance, SSA is sued because people feel entitled to benefits, another agency is sued because an employee feels he/she was wrongfully terminated, another agency is sued for some tort, and so on and so forth. (I am not at liberty to discuss specifics of any of the cases in this response due to Georgia’s Rules of Professional Conduct) Max Wood, as U.S. Attorney, was responsible for all of those cases. Look up the responsibilties of a U.S. Attorney. You will find them very similar to those of our Attorney General.

                As a JAG Officer, Max Wood dealt with a wide variety of civil litigation matters during the course of his military service, as a JAG Officer usually does. Additionally, Max was involved in civil litigation as a private practice attorney. Here is Max’s experience: You will find it saturated in public service.

                Compare it to “Sam Olens has practiced law in Georgia for more than 25 years, successfully representing clients in both state and federal courts. Olens has been a partner of Olens & Ezor, PC since 1983. He is a registered mediator/arbitrator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.”

                You find Olens’ experience summed up like this: Civil Litigation (100%), but don’t be fooled. He has does not have experience in every field of civil litigation. It’s mainly Entertainment, Medical Malpractice, and Personal Injury.

                • Mozart says:

                  Ohhh…so before he was appointed to a government job, did he work in the private sector at all? And, if so, in what areas of the private sector law did he work?

    • GOPwits says:

      I started out as an Olens supporter but his lack of qualifications, his arrogance, the rudeness of the people he surrounds himself with has driven me away from supporting him and I will likely cast a ballot for Max Wood…

      We can’t have an all METRO ATL Georgia government…

      • Mozart says:

        So, you will be supporting either Chapman, Johnson, Putnam or Deal for Governor, right?

  9. justpeachy says:

    Were any of you actually at the straw poll? Had you been there you’d realize Johnson brought in tons of folks (we all registered our addresses and funny lots of southern Georgia addresses were registered). There were about 300 votes total; Congressional candidates were there with huge crowds that voted as well so clearly they were voting for Handel. The only Ox votes were those in Ox shirts while Handel picked up many others. Yesterday’s straw polls are a clear victory for Handel Your attacks on Handel are only because of the clear threat she is to the other Republican candidates. If only Karen actually had skeletons hiding in the closet like Deal, Ox, and Johnson you might have something real to write until then moving on to more logial debates.

    • Mayonnaise says:

      Do you have the names of who voted for who also? Man, I thought I was the chief sock-puppet on here but you’re putting up a good challenge for the title.

    • politics101 says:

      I was there. And to say Johnson brought in tons of folks is silly. I would guess he had 5-7 staffers or interns there working the parade and his table?? That is no where near 105. I recognized a a few GOP folks with Johnson shirts on. I saw a lot of Karen shirts I did not recognize. The Bottom line is Eric and Karen have momentum up and Ox has been sliding backwards. Now the TV wars begin and Karen will mostly be on the sidelines because of cash.

    • Technocrat says:

      Why do you think Handel was hand picked to avoid Sonny being indicted. Not so much past malfeasence as future promised malfeasence.

      Hopefully someone will make her promise [in writing] to avoid any pardons of political friends.

        • Mozart says:

          Really? “All,” huh? Did Dan McLagan get hired over the weekend by the Johnson campaign?

      • justpeachy says:

        The entourage of vehicles that pulled up after the parade at the school (around 12:30) of Johnson supporters might suggest different (flaunting Johnson bumper stickers and every county but Gwinnett on the tags). Johnson doesn’t have that kind of support in Gwinnett the only way to pull off a victory (very slight victory) are minimal without some sort of pull to get folks out. Regardless though yesterday was a victory for Handel and a true representation of support from the Gwinnett GOP & the momentum gets stronger everyday!

            • Mayonnaise says:

              My standards are no former liquor store operators, no abortion supporters, and no gay activist panderers. I don’t think that’s asking too much for a conservative candidate in Georgia. If I want a Maryland Republican, I’ll move there.

                • Mayonnaise says:

                  Not for that either.

                  You know, it is possible to be both a social and fiscal conservative. But I know that’s hard to understand for those of you who have thrown the unborn under the bus and exposed our public school children to the radical gay agenda. All in the name of “fiscal conservatism”.

                • TheEiger says:

                  No John, Mayo is for a state senator that does $1 million dollars worth of business with the same. And then conveniently forgets to disclose almost $300,000 of it.

                  • Mayonnaise says:

                    Yes! I’m for the person who knows how to run a business. Karen’s only claim to fame is one failed liquor store and exposing all of Georgia’s businesses to identity theft.

              • GOPwits says:

                Mayo Mayo Mayo — Just because you support a State Senator from Louisianna who got rich off of doing business with the state doesn’t mean everyone but your candidat is somehow the wrong candidate…

                What’s funny is how much BS you make up too…

                If I wanted a corrupt politician from Louisianna, I’d move there!

                • Mayonnaise says:

                  Rather have a conservative Christian from Louisianan than a pro-choice, gay activist backed, liquor store owner from Maryland.

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    And I still haven’t seen any proof of the liquor store ownership…not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

                  • Lady Thinker says:

                    Probably the biggest gay supporter was Republican President Ronald Reagan a Hollywood movie legend, who served eight years. He was also very popular, but I digress.

                    Reagan never compared cutting a program or budget “faster than co-ed in a slasher flick” or words to that effect not once, but twice the way Johnson has!I take that to mean he is sexist and believes in stabbing women or making victims of them. Care to elaborate on his comment?

                    If you want to insult everyone who has had an abortion for rape/incest or health of the mother issues, or is gay, has a gay friend, or a gay family member, and any business person owning a liquor store, or bar, or waitress/waiter serving alcohol, drivers transporting alcohol, or restaurant serving alcohol, be my guest. It also includes all the successful business owners who haven’t completed college but have made Georgia a better place to work or live.

                    I am sure Karen will accept votes from those you are insisting on offending, which will drive them away from Johns0n. Prove your comments! Oh wait, you can’t! You are too busy hiding the Reynolds connections and the non-claimed $280,ooo.

                • Lady Thinker says:


                  Is isn’t up to us to research your lying rumors. You said she owned a liquor store but you can’t find a link for the alleged liquor store, not even an address. You back up your rumors with facts.

                  You don’t have the credibility to be believed just because you said so. Put up or shut up. You can always talk about Eric’s alleged fessing up to the $280,000. Oh wait, I guess you can’t. Some other poster has asked you at least three times for a link and you keep ignoring him/her.

    • GOPwits says:

      Heard the same thing @ Johnson there about bussing in people… Either way it was a tie in Ox’s backyard so the real winner is Georgia because it means that hopefully we won’t have to put up with that corrupt John Oxendine anymore…

    • Charlie LaFountaine says:

      Don’t you understand that this is an obvious attempt by the other GOP campaigns and the lib’ral AJC to smack down the campaign of the only states’ rights candidate? The folks in Gwinnett don’t understand that State of Georgia needs to become the Independent Confederate State of the Republic of Georgia in 2011 and that Ray McBerry is gonna be its president!

      I’m sure McBerry is making his enemies list. Nixon would be proud.

        • Charlie LaFountaine says:

          I’m not a McBerry supporter…at all. I’m sure most of McBerry’s support is seriously delusional about his chances of winning anyway.

  10. EverythingZenX21 says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Clay Cox won the 7th congressional straw poll handily over the former Gwinnett GOP Chairman in Efstration’s own home town of Dacula??

      • Populus says:

        Did anyone notice from the straw poll results that the race for District 7 is essentially a two man race. Woodall was a non entity. If I was in the Efstration camp I would be more than pleased by the results. And if I was in the Cox camp I would be more than a little worried. It seems to me that Chuck’s message of cutting spending and new blood conservatism is really resonating with the community. Cox better bring his A game if wants to keep pace (and judging by his commercial he’s not).

        • EverythingZenX21 says:

          The fact that Efstration was any sort of a factor in that poll was BECAUSE he used to be the Chairman of the Association that put together the function and BECAUSE it was in his home town of Dacula. He’s lucky he got as close as he did in my opinion, if you can’t get your own followers to vote for you. If anything, I think Woodall and Efstration are both losing steam, and Team Cox is pulling ahead, and quick.

          “Chuck’s message of cutting spending and new blood conservatism is really resonating with the community.”

          And on another note, it’s hard to hear any sort of message that Chuck’s got put together when he spends his entire time answering a specific question in a debate on something completely off topic concerning Clay. He needs to get his thoughts in order if he wants to have anything resonate with voters besides the idea that he knows he’s losing.

          • justpeachy says:

            I’m not convinced Chuck is running to win. He’s throwing a lot of money out there and he’s got a fan base because he’s local grown but not enough and too late in. I think the straw poll is more based on local support than Gwinnett GOP support. a LOT of GOP folks are very disappointed he didn’t complete his term… I mean come on it’s a two year term and you couldn’t finish what you started? And based on the Freedomworks debate almost seems like he’s only there to knock Clay down rather than actually fight to get to congress… just my oberservations.

            • EverythingZenX21 says:

              Exactly, I’d like to hear him actually address an issue or question asked of him than redirect everything towards Clay. But when you don’t have any substance, I guess that’s all you can do.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    Ray is already preparing to put the blame on everyone else when he gets defeated. It is because all conspired to silence him …

    Jenny Hodges , how did you stand to work for him as long as you did? You are a very astute activist and well thought of…

    Ray’s words:
    “Our Campaign is doing more than just educating people about States’ Rights… we are successfully exposing the neo-cons in both the GOP and tea party movement so that the rest of us can get on with the Cause of liberty without infiltrators in our midst to hinder the work that must be done.

    The reason they do not wish for more people to hear our message is because everytime it happens, we walk away winning… and they are terrified to death. They have never dealt with a candidate and a campaign team like ours before; our message is indisputable, our zeal is genuine, and both the candidate and volunteers are more articulate than any opponent they’ve ever faced.

    They know that we enjoy popular support; and their worst fear is that the masses of voters will find out that there’s someone running who stands for what they believe… which is why we are going to press full steam ahead and win the GOP primary!”

    Can someone tell me how many pedophiles there are in Georgia?

  12. GAPoliticsisfun says:

    I have to give Johnson some credit here. As a career politician he leveraged his relationship with Cox to get the Cox team to vote for him, add that to the folks he bussed in, he managed to squeak out a straw poll victory.

    Don’t forget, it’s about trust. I don’t trust a career politician who leverages his lifelong political connections to funnel $1,000,000 to his company, than forgets to disclose $300,000 of the $1,000,000. How do I trust someone who forgets 30% of the revenue that his company received from the taxpayers of Georgia. How do I trust anyone when I don’t know what 70% he will remember?

    • Mayonnaise says:

      Hahahahaha … there was no bus. That is just pure garbage. Also, if you can prove the “leverages his lifelong political connections” I’d love to see it. Otherwise, you’re attacking a private business that employs private citizens for providing private services. Is Karen against capitalism now? Also, what % of the unborn is Karen willing to remember? Oh that’s right, she needs to see the case history on each baby before she knows whether or not it’s worth protecting its life. I’ll take the guy with the book-keeping error over the gal without a backbone. 🙂

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