No Georgia Gang Live Blog Tomorrow

I’ll be out of town tomorrow so I won’t be live blogging the Georgia Gang. Feel free to sleep in late.


  1. Jackster says:

    Oh man, my sunday ritual is gone! Now if i could only get the baby, wife, dog, and day to take a nap before we start getting ready for church.

  2. Samuel says:

    It’s a shame you didn’t have live blogging this morning because then we all could have seen the bow-tied Dick Williams lying through his teeth. Dick was mocking Roy Barnes proposal that negotiations be mandatory between lenders and those being foreclosed. Dick incorrectly claimed the Republicans beat Barnes to the punch with a law in 2006. I think PP and AJC’s Insider have done a commendable job in pointing out the fallacy of the 2006 law in that the last sentence of that law says something to the effect that nothing in this law shall be construed to require any lender to negotiate and modify their loans. I’m a Republican and I like Dick Williams BUT I don’t like mis-information and false reporting!

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