Coverdell endorses Douglas

Nancy Coverdell has endorsed John Douglas:

Just days after Senator Douglas ( R-Social Circle ) picked up the endorsement of Congressman Mac Collins, he announced today that Nancy Coverdell, the wife of former U.S. Senator Paul Coverdell, has also endorsed his candidacy for the Public Service Commission.

“It is an honor to have the support of Nancy Coverdell in this race,” said Senator Douglas. “I greatly appreciate her support as well as the support of the other conservative leaders of our state that have signed onto my campaign. I will do my best to honor Nancy ‘s support and the support of others by staying true to my conservative principles as a representative of Georgia ‘s consumers on the Public Service Commission.”

Nancy Coverdell joins a strong list of supporters for Douglas’s bid for Public Service Commission including dozens of members of the General Assembly, and several elected officials throughout Georgia . Senate Republican Majority Leader Chip Rogers is serving as the campaign’s Honorary Chairman.


  1. Tiberius says:

    Douglas had the reputation of being the most conservative GOPer in the Senate, especially after Sen. Schaefer left. How that translates to a seat on the PSC when issues don’t so neatly fall into conservative vs. liberal, I dont know.

    Has Mrs. Coverdell usually endorsed the more/most conservative in the race or is this the exception?

  2. Lady Thinker says:

    I have heard several people in the Douglas district say negative things about him. Can anyone living in CD-8 (I think that is his) say why Doulgas isn’t liked?

  3. hannah says:

    OK, so Republicans are into selecting leaders who, presumably, go forwards. How does that mesh with conservatives who want to go back or, at least, resist progress and stand still? Or is “leader” really a euphemism for “scapegoat” and “sacrificial lamb” — people who are ready, willing and able to shoulder responsibility for everything they didn’t and don’t do?
    Funny that a tool-using creature has evolved to consider doing nothing a virtue. Sloth, not so long ago, was considered a sin — one of the seven “deadlies,” along with wrath, envy, pride, greed, gluttony and lust.
    Funny that, perhaps with the exception of lust, conservatives are into transforming all sin into virtue. Failure by design.

  4. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Sometimes an endorsement can be the kiss of death.

    Sometimes the act of fishing for endorsements is just as bad.

    We have a local attorney running the Handel campaign in Coastal Georgia. Word has it he is acting like a siding salesman and bugging people and groups for that and money. I know for a fact he is right up there with people that would sell body parts and family members on Ebay.

    He’s more annoying than a Saturday morning doorbell ring from the Jehovah Witness and the narrow minded editors and writers at The Brunswick News for some reason love his bias political opinions that are tied to his wallet .

    Politics aside, I like Karen and I mean that. What tha hell was she thinking about?

  5. freetothink says:

    Douglas seems nice enough, but has no background to do the job. What makes him qualified?

    • freetothink says:

      Rep. May is Chairman of the Energy subcommittee. I don’t see that the others have any experience at all.

      • AnyoneElse2010 says:

        Ding, Ding, Ding. You are correct! I feel that Douglas is doing this just to have a steady stream of income coming in until he decides to retire. He has no experience in this area, and he has done nothing during his political career that would make him well suit for this position.

        Jeff May, on the other hand, is Chairman of the Energy subcommittee and has actual hands on experience to become the next PSC chair. Jeff May has my vote based purely on the fact that he is the ONLY one in this race with any experience whatsoever.

  6. CHelf says:

    Playing devil’s advocate – being chairman of a subcommittee does what for May? There are chairmen of full committees that aren’t exactly well versed in their area. If we’re tossing titles around, Obama is President of the United States of America. He is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the US. How many conservatives will apply the same logic to him? Not discounting May as a candidate but seeing subcommittee chairs and even full chairs and the quality and knowledge that comes out of many of them? I’m not willing to grant this as an automatic qualification.

    Let them debate and see who has the ideas that actually relate to the job at hand. And please, let them run on actual state issues and not issues well beyond their domain. This means don’t run on ANWR, etc.

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