The Gap in Bibb is Down

The commission is still incompetent.

Bibb County commissioners’ budget shortfall now stands at about $14 million, but one easy decision could bring that figure to the brink of seven figures.

Finding the rest of the money will take hard decisions, said Commissioner Elmo Richardson, chairman of the finance committee.


  1. hannah says:

    There’s no evidence of incompetence in the report on Bib County budget deliberations. All decisions are hard for people with little sense of the future. They make gut choices and the gut is often wrong.
    On the other hand, depriving people of their due makes some people feel important and claiming that the choice to do so is hard is a lie.
    A budget is a plan. People who find it hard to think ahead find making a plan to be hard work. But, it’s usually easier than it seems because hardly anyone bothers to check the results of the spending on the ground. If last year’s money went unspent, that’s either bad planning or bad management. The purpose of money is to be spent.

  2. This Bibb County Commission is probably the most historically CORRUPT commission that has existed in Bibb County. The arrogance and blatant lying to the public is pathetic.

    For some time I’ve compiled documentation of what seems to be petty theft by one commissioner However, what I am seeing with the Chairman and his 501(c)3 venture is really eye opening. At some point we intend on putting up the interesting web of $$$. No wonder so many people I run into from other parts of Georgia call Macon/Bibb County the armpit of Georgia. No rules, just right.

    Heck, it ain’t just the Commission. It’s City Council and the Water Authority… Too bad Chris Krok still isn’t in Macon. He would have a boat load of material to work from.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Have you filed complaints with the GBI or made them aware of your documentation? Just curious?

      • We, myself and a retired captain from the fire department, met with the DA several times and was told to leave it alone (the commissioner’s pension issue). I met with officials from the FD, city and spoke with pension board members. I did not get a whole lot of cooperation from the pension board. It’s not a lot of money, maybe $1,000 or 2,000 a year. From what I’ve seen and believe there might have been a falsification of the payroll record. The numbers don’t add up. Also, when I was pushing the issue, I was alleging that there may have been political shenanigans.

        I’m not terribly interested in pushing the issue, BUT SOMEONE SHOULD. What I am finding is that many elected officials really don’t want to open a can of worms an d God forbid an employee do so. The fallout and risk woud be too great for the employee.

        These elected “leaders” know this, so they have their way. Funny thing, I’ve spoken to many who already know this stuff but do nothing about it. Go figure. So, what’s a decent person supposed to do? My thinking is just make it as public as possible and at some point someone will ask questions.

        Regarding the Chairman. Seems to be all legal, but not tremendously ethical. His non-profit takes in a chunk of federal grant money and from other grant sources. He pays no taxes on his business property, it’s “non-profit”. This same Chairman banned all digital recordings of commission meetings. None of the department clerks are allowed to bring recorders in the committee meetings to record “their” minutes. The previous chairman had a fantastic setup that recorded all the committee meetings. So, the beat goes on.

        Makes me really feel like a kook.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          The way Bill Campbell was taken down was someone reported him to the feds.

          Back in the late 1980’s when Sam Cauldwell headed the Department of Labor, a low-level worker reported him for corruption. It was so widespread that a movie called Justice in a Small Town was made depicting the story, which broke in the Georgia Gazette. At that time, nobody believed Cauldwell could be brought down but he was, and so can the people you are talking about in your post.

          You know the story and I think you should consider contacting the GBI or the FBI if you strongly believe corruption is going on in your town. Sometimes, ya just gotta take a stand or give them permission to continue while turning a blind eye.

          Think about it, then make that call.

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