With a 60% chance of kinky.

Houston County public defender Nick White has been banned from the Houston County jail after a “questionable relationship” and “excessive visits” with a female inmate, said the head of the jail.

But White said he has done nothing inappropriate and the ban is politically motivated. Houston County Sheriff Cullen Talton said that’s not so.


  1. jenny says:

    Nick White claims he’s done nothing provably wrong and his attacks are politically motivated.

    Suing everyone for libel could be a good option for ya’ Nick. Wait. Did you give the female inmate a cell phone in case she needs some extra “counseling?”

  2. hannah says:

    “political” means different things to different people. When a politician accuses someone else of having political motivations, s/he’s assuming that another person’s actions are designed to get elected to a position of power. In this instance, it seems to mean that the sheriff is engaging in a power-play by trying to assert his superiority over a member of the judicial system he’s actually supposed to serve. Sheriff Talton does not know his place.
    That said, the Constitution does not address the behavior of the ordinary person. The Constitution aims to set limits on the behavior of the agents of government and, in the mis-named Bill of Rights, spells out some prohibitions by targeting the most likely mis-behaviors –i.e. efforts to silence speech, censor beliefs and restrain people from going where they want. The guarantee of liberty means that any person may only be restrained (deprived of liberty) as punishment for an offense that has been proven, or to protect the person or another.

    Sheriff Talton apparently does not appreciate that his job is to serve, not rule. He’s not alone. Moreover, it’s not unusual for jailers to attempt, under the guise of keeping order, to extend their authority over the larger community by interrupting regular contact from outside.

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