Building up the Coast

They’re back.

Construction will resume soon on an upscale 1,014-acre housing development on the Georgia coast that’s been idle for 18 months after its previous owner declared bankruptcy.

The new owners of the Cumberland Harbour development, a gated community in St. Marys, say they plan to get back to work building homes and roads on the property within the next three months.


  1. janna says:

    LOL, maybe the same company can bail out Liberty Harbor in Brunswick. LH was to be an upscale mixed-use development and an economic boon for the city. Now most of the lots have tax liens against them and only lot was sold during the auction the tax commish. held recently.

  2. hannah says:

    Self-segregation is a strange phenomenon. It suggests that the segregationist impulse is auto-generative. Perhaps it springs from a deep sense of insecurity and fear of the unknown.
    On the other hand, people living behind locked doors, whether by choice or involuntarily, may be evidence of a culture whose respect for individual privacy is slim to non-existent. Our troops in Iraq garnered much ire from the local population by breaking down doors that weren’t locked to begin with.
    Closer to home, it seems that the obligation to get a warrant to search a residence generates a sense of resentment and translates the warrant into a permit to vandalize — i.e. destroy under cover of law.
    In a sense, the Authorization to Use Military Force was nothing more than “routine” U.S. law enforcement behavior extended and exacerbated on foreign soil, just as the DoJ white paper on “Law enforcement and the war on terror” suggested.

  3. Game Fan says:

    “Gated communities” have the reputation for being populated by the “corporatist” element of the Republican and Democrat parties. You could probably write a book on how the politicians and the developers and the CEOs get together on the golf course with the cheap foreign labor and the taxpayers footing the bill. The whole scenario is filled with irony. One added element is how many old buildings or historical or architectural landmarks or native American artifacts are destroyed in the process. “Tybee Island? Heck, I like the laid back atmosphere. Let’s level some of the old cottages. I know the Mayor. 😉

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