Judge Barbara J. Mobley: tax dollars are for my personal benefit!

As has been detailed here over the last few months, it seems many of Georgia’s jurists think they are invincible…until they are caught in the midst of their impropriety. Today’s example: DeKalb County State Court Judge Barbara J. Mobley.

Behold the findings from the AJC and WSB:

A joint investigation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB-TV found State Court Judge Barbara Mobley spent 84 days in a three-year period — 2007 to 2009 — out of the office at training and conferences. This does not include sick and vacation time.

Records show Mobley spent more than double each of DeKalb’s six other State Court judges on travel expenses. Combined, the seven judges spent about $64,767 on travel from 2007 to 2009.

She also racked up cell phone bills on her government issued cell phone to the tune of more than $4,000.00. All of this, remember, in a time of severe budget constraints. Mobley isn’t around so much that cases in her courtroom are stacking up.

Prosecutors said there already is a backlog and that it sometimes is difficult to get on the calendar in Mobley’s court, one of two family violence courts in DeKalb.

Records from the solicitor general’s office, which prosecutes misdemeanor cases, show Mobley has 212 pending cases from 2010, 200 cases pending from 2009 and another 20-30 that are even older. By comparison, Chief State Court Judge Edward Carriere has 131 pending cases from 2010 and 48 cases pending from 2009. His oldest case is from August 2009, the solicitor general’s office said.

Mobley, who spent 12 unremarkable years in the General Assembly with no legislative achievements before being elected judge, sees nothing wrong at all with her actions. See WSB’s video report for the interview with “Her Honor.”

By comparison, DeKalb County State Court Judge Johnny Panos during the same three year period spent a total of $1,146 on travel. As least some Judges realize that the tax dollar isn’t a tool for their personal fulfillment.


  1. jerbush91 says:

    Wait a minute are you saying that leaders in Georgia are abusing the system? How can that be… I mean they are all up there because they care so much and want what is best for all Georgians.

    Really just more continued abuse of the taxed, working, producing class by those who can’t.

    • B Balz says:

      Whatever one may say about a pattern in Pete’s posts, if there wasn’t a big phat smoky patch, he/she/ or it would not be writing.

      Has anyone ever seen Pete, Dick, or Phil in the same room together? Didn’t think so….

  2. Bucky Plyler says:

    Your posts revealing issues about judges, DA’s, & lawyers have been more than just interesting. I’ve never met Judge Mobley, but I wouldn’t bet on her making it out of the ethics hearing.

    However, I’m beginning to discover too much about some judicial people I’ve met ( & their friends ) Discovery can be depressing!

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