AP Hits Eric Johnson On Failure To Disclose Receipt Of Taxpayer Funds

Shannon McCaffery has some breaking news:

ATLANTA — Republican gubernatorial hopeful Eric Johnson did not disclose more than $280,000 in taxpayer money paid to his Savannah architecture firm at a time when he was required to do so, according to an Associated Press review of financial reports and state records.
Under state ethics law, Johnson was obligated to disclose any business with the state worth more than $20,000 since he held more than a 10 percent ownership as a managing partner of Hussey, Gay, Bell and DeYoung – one of the largest architecture and engineering firms in the Southeast. Johnson no longer has an ownership interest in the firm.

Between 1999 and 2004, Johnson’s financial disclosure reports show the firm took in $578,953 for design work on eight state contracts, most for the state university system. At the time, Johnson was the top Republican in the state Senate.

Missing from Johnson’s reports, however, was an additional $289,375 the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission paid to the Savannah firm for plans to renovate a library on the campus of Dalton State College.

I didn’t see this one coming. Still reading and processing.


    • GOPwits says:

      I guess the secret to becoming weathy is to run for public office and sneak business to your company?

      Haven’t we had enough of public servants using their time in office and their so called public service to become wealthy?

      It’s time for Georgia to turn the page and get out of the self-dealing elected officials and adopt some serious ethical guidelines for public service that doesn’t allow self enrichment from public service.

        • AlanR says:

          I think what’s needed is more disclosure, and stern sanctions for omissions, mistakes or not. Everyone needs to make a living and I don’t begrudge Johnson or his firm all the work they can get — but it has to be disclosed so it can be discussed during campaigns. Voters can figure it out and judge the issue — but only if they know about it.

      • TBarilla says:

        GOPwits, you make great comments and I agree totally.

        Why is this site so against Lee Hawkins and pushing for a candidate that has obviously sold himself to a PAC? People can claim that Hawkins is supported by special interests and it looks pretty silly…he is supported by a bunch of dentists for crying out loud. Not a registered PAC that aims to destroy people they cannot buy.

        I wish that people could see the simple truth that a PAC has supported one candidate with hundreds of thousands and that there is obligation due. Those that disagree don’t know as much about politics as they like to claim. It is real and it is fact.

        Graves is bought and paid for by Club for Growth and that is a problem we need to fix, no matter what party, no matter what PAC. No candidate should be elected if they can’t get support from home and have to accept so much from one group.

        No owned candidates need apply, thank you.

  1. macho says:

    Had he disclosed the contracts maybe it would have been an issue, maybe it wouldn’t have, but certainly not a major issue. Now a small issue becomes a big issue, because it looks like a cover-up.

    • macho says:

      The more reading I’ve done on this, it seems like a non-issue. He disclosed a bunch of other work, so I think it can be explained as a mistake.

      • Ambernappe says:

        Please !

        Is thi s the new ethic, as in:
        I forgot;
        Just a mistake;
        My dog ate my homework;
        I mispoke regarding my military service;
        But he is my friend;
        A subordinate was not familiar with the law.

        The officeholder SIGNS these forms, and, oh, I forgot, it acceptable to submit official forms without reading them, and begin litigation against a duly passed law without reading it.

        NEWSPEAK is becoming the SOP (standing operating procedure of the land. Heaven (only can) help us !

          • Ambernappe says:


            My husband insists that were my thought processes less ethical, and more criminal, I, too, could have been employed for $300,000. a year to ship uninsured patients to more needy hospitals in Chicago.

            And received whatever ‘tax credit check’ that people who pay NO taxes receive from the IRS.

    • Mozart says:

      So, just how “powerful” was Eric Johnson on April 16, 2002 (the date of the memo obtained by the AP that suggests terminating a contract with HGBD)?

      In 2002, Johnson was not a “powerful legislator” of any substance. Roy Barnes was governor still. The state senate was still controlled by Democrats, as was the House.

      How, exactly, does a minority whip gain the status of being super-dooper “powerful” by the idiots at the Ledger-Enquirer?

      • dj says:

        Mozart, you are missing the point…it was a failure to disclose…it’s just that simple…unless you want to put a “spin” on it!!!

        • Mozart says:

          According to that article, it states the following: “Under state ethics law, Johnson was obligated to disclose any business with the state worth more than $20,000 since he held more than a 10 percent ownership as a managing partner of Hussey, Gay, Bell and DeYoung ”

          WAS the state ethics law written this way in 2002? Because the law was changed since 2002, and several times, actually. Simple question to ask. Does anyone have a copy of the code section from 2002? Because I don’t trust any reporter who writes such a half-rear-end story to necessarily know what the law was at the time of his alleged infractions.

      • Ambernappe says:

        Might I suggest, he was building his base for who knew what it would accomplish in the future. That is when he should have building his reputation on very careful procedures in his personal and business ventures.

  2. ByteMe says:

    As much as I think he’s ethically challenged, screwing up the disclosure form isn’t one of the reasons. This looks like a flub, not an intentional action.

  3. Mayonnaise says:

    Reporting issue. If you can show he influenced any of the bids then you’ll have a NATHAN DEAL case. If not, then move along.

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      Yeah, that’s rich. It’s only an ethical transgression when it involves someone else’s candidate.

      280k, dude. Not $30. And he was managing partner.

    • GOPwits says:

      We aren’t talking about a few dollars – we’re talking about almost half a million dollars. That’s not a simple accounting error – that’s outright fraud.

  4. BigEL2010 says:

    I didn’t see Senator Johnson trying to influence the state in any fashion. This IS A COMPLETE NON ISSUE. Nathan Deal and John Oxendine have far more ethical problems than this.

    • I’m fine with this being a non-issue. But why are we grading candidates by the ethical problems of others? I don’t want someone with better ethics than Oxendine, I want someone with a spotless record on ethics – not saying any candidate fits into either of those labels. I’m more or less lamenting on your complacency to settle for less.

      • BigEL2010 says:

        I am not complacent in settling on ethics. When you look at an alleged ethical violation you must look at intent. Oxendine clearly has intent when he gets campaign contributions funneled to him from an insurance company. Deal clearly had intent when had his staff intervene with the state to keep a monopoly he personally benefited from. Senator Johnson did not have any intent to violate state ethics laws. This was clearly a clerical oversight and not a substantive violation of state ethics laws.

        • I Am Jacks Post says:

          Most would consider 280k a bit more than a “clerical oversight.”

          If Johnson doesn’t push back on this effectively, he could see his numbers drop from 5% all the way to 4%.

            • I Am Jacks Post says:

              They put you in the conversation. 5% adds this line to your bio:

              “In 2010, former State Senator Eric Johnson ran unsuccessfully for Georgia’s Republican gubernatorial nomination.”

              • GOPwits says:

                Ha! Hilarious. At this rate, this guy won’t be able to run for anything in the future either. I think he’s done.

                In this Tea Party environment, this crap shouldn’t fly, but then again, Ox is still in the lead and Deal ain’t that far behind.

                Either the voters of GA don’t give a flip about ethics or they have become so jaded by corruption that they don’t think it matters.

                Foolish either way.

        • You missed my point, as I suspected you would. I’m not questioning whether this is an ethical problem or not – but you seem to feel a need to defend this situation.

          Remove the present situation. Is Deal and Oxendine’s ethical misconduct a reason to accept a candidate who is better, but not perfect?

          • Mad Dog says:


            You’re making sense. No one will listen to that during an election cycle.

            Keep it up. One reasonable voice is better than none.


        • Ambernappe says:


          Exactly what forms, of any kind, have you EVER read or completed that asked the intent of your reply. Not to mentione the disclaimer on many of them, personal (especially for such mundane purposes as homeowner or automobile insurance) or professional, that mention “fraudulent or incorrect answers may subject you to criminal prosecution”?

          And, although implied, we have not even specified personal ACCOUNTABILITY !

      • Ambernappe says:

        I agree with you.

        I forgot one premier example in earlier post:

        You can allow someone to nominate you for a Nobel Prize based on your ?INTENTIONS?

      • benevolus says:

        “why are we grading candidates by the ethical problems of others?”

        Because we don’t get to vote for Jesus?

          • Ambernappe says:

            I would not support a candidate who claims, or demonstrates, an ability to walk on water. God sent only one with that capability.

        • Sorry. I refuse to have dead grass and call it a nice lawn simply because all my neighbors have dirt yards. Doesn’t work that way. Someone doesn’t get a pass on ethics simply because Deal and Oxendine make everyone else look better.

      • HowardRoark says:

        Bingo! We have an open seat, and how many people running? and we still are forced to choose between the lesser of 4 (5? 6? 7?) evils. This is disheartening.

  5. ready2rumble says:

    Erick The MILLION DOLLAR man Johnson.

    I’m sure that taxpayers of Georgia are happy to know that a sitting state senator made $1,000,000 in state contracts.

    Johnson was the head of the ethics committee, and claims that this was an “over site”. You would think that somebody who is responsible for ethics in the legislature would ensure that they were squeaky clean. No wonder Johnson always turned a blind eye to ethics issues.

  6. In The Arena says:

    I am surprised the AP even reports on a candidate polling so low. The only fallout from this story is that Jeff Chapman will probably pass Eric Johnson in the polls. I mean Jeff Chapman was only 3 points behind Eric Johnson to begin with. It is a shame they left Jeff Chapman out of the last debate when he is virtually tied with Eric Johnson in the polls.

      • BigEL2010 says:

        Eric Johnson is in a far different tier than Jeff Chapman, sorry guys but someone who has barely managed to raise $100,000 compared to someone who has raised $1.75 million…. No comparison. I like Jeff Chapman a lot but his campaign has never and will never gain any traction.

        • I Am Jacks Post says:

          “I like Jeff Chapman a lot but his campaign has never and will never gain any traction.”

          And seeing the numbers that chased his month-long ad buy, apparently neither will Johnson’s.

        • ready2rumble says:

          If Eric the MILLION DOLLAR MAN Johnson had any traction it will cost him a lot of money to get any. The taxpayers of Georgia do not want a person who makes $1,000,000 off of state contracts while he was a sitting senator.

          • BigEL2010 says:

            I guess they’d prefer a sitting congressman who uses the power of his office to keep a state monopoly, a state insurance commissioner who shakes everyone down in the industry he regulates or a former secretary of state who can’t seem to stay in the same place for more than 2 years…

        • Ambernappe says:


          Here we are again – I refer any improvement in one’s status gained by dishonesty as ill-gotten gains.

  7. In The Arena says:

    Chapman has gained just as much traction Eric Johnson without nearly the level of big money behind him. What does that say about the two candidates?

  8. fishtail says:

    The AP missed other money that Eric Johnson made off his State Senate /Majority Leader connections. The AP story does not include the millions he took in as architect on school buildings all over the State. It was common knowledge that Eric controlled which local school projects were included in the Senate version of the annual State budget. School superintendents from all over the State beat a path to his door to hire him to be their architect, contingent on funding by the State of course. These projects are technically considered “local” projects, and they are funded by the State. Eric is being very disingenous when he talks about the culture of corruption under the Gold Dome. He should know, as he is a master of the game.

    • ByteMe says:

      There’s that “common knowledge” thing again. You’ll need to have more than that to nail the slippery Johnson.

    • fishtail says:

      And I forgot to mention all the State contracts where Eric served as a sub-contractor. Funds received from these contractors do not have to be disclosed. Point is that Eric knew how to use his position to help himself, all legal but ethically questionable conduct for the Chair of the Senate Ethics Committee.

      • dj says:

        Fishtail…it was “legal” to pay Randy Evans 40K out of the “campaign funds” as well…looks like the system works for everyone but us!!!

      • dj says:

        Maybe the GA GOP should incorporate into it’s policy that “legal fees” paid out of “campaign contributions” should be repaid as well in the event of misconduct…but wait a minute…we can’t discern that because Deal resigned…too bad that GA GOP loses out on those funds…

        • Doug Grammer says:


          You have no clue how a campaign is ran, do you? The GA GOP lost nothing. Those funds were given to Congressman Deal to help him get elected. If the campaign decided that the best use of those funds were for legal fees, that’s up to them. I would suggest that voter contact is the best use of funds, but many campaigns have to spend money on lawyers. See President B. H. O..

          • dj says:

            “Left over” funds are incorporated into the GA GOP fund…right? He’s going to lose, but my bet is that he will burn it up first…on attorney’s fees!!!

            • Doug Grammer says:

              No DJ,

              Left over funds are not automatically incorporated into the GAGOP. They can be given to the (state, district, or county) parties, other candidates, philanthropies, form a pac, and a whole host of other things. It’s not a given that the party gets anything other than half of his qualifying fee. BTW, we are discussing 40K out of over a million spent.

            • Doug Grammer says:


              In a hypothetical situation, the verb “were” is appropriate. It may not sound like it is correct, but it is. You don’t know your grammar like I do. It is called the subjunctive mood.

              • dj says:

                No it is not…and you know it…but, once again, you cannot admit when you are wrong…GA GOP, go figure?

                  • dj says:

                    “If the campaign decided that the best use of those funds were for legal fees, that’s up to them.”

                    Correct GRAMMER is “was”…”use” is the noun…

                    Only because your name is “Grammer”…

                    • dj says:

                      You GA GOP Republicans have to rely upon “words” and just refuse to admit when you are wrong…sounds like “I smoked, but didn’t inhale” to me….just saying…

                  • dj says:

                    But my preference would be that you respond to the bigger issue of campaign fund expenditure…

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      I am grammatically correct. We can agree to disagree. Grammar, referring to the English language, is spelled with an “ar” at the end of the word.

                      The subject of the sentence is the word ‘that” the verb of the sentence is the word “is” represented by the contraction “‘s” after the word “that.” “Up” is a funky word with different meanings, but in this use, is it is the direct object.

                      “If the campaign decided that the best use of funds were for legal fees,” is an introductory dependant clause.

                      Is any of this ringing a bell or have you not had that class yet?

                      As far as responding to the use of funds, I did. That’s the sentence you are having trouble comprehending…in more than one way.

                    • dj says:

                      You are wrong! ‘Fess up already!!!! But your time may be better spent advising the GA GOP about policy and campaign expenditures…just saying…only if you are “enlightened” enough to do so….

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      Saying I am wrong doesn’t make me wrong. Cite a grammar link or I’ll treat you like an attention hog and not feed you anymore.

                      You have no idea who I am or what I do. Why do you bother to tell me what I should or should not being doing?

              • Capt. Jack Sparrow says:

                At 7:19 (above) you said:
                “You have no clue how a campaign is ran, do you?”

                You should have used “run”.

                If you are going to live in glass houses…

                • Doug Grammer says:


                  I find it a tad amusing that instead of admitting that DJ doesn’t know a campaign is ran, you question my use of the word “ran.”

                  I’ll admit my writing style is a bit different.

                  DJ is the one trying to correct my grammar, so technically, he is the one in a glass house.

                  Are we going to discuss issues or hold classes on grammar skills? I’d rather deal with issues more than how they are phrased.

          • dj says:

            One more…”to help him get elected”…not to pay Randy Evans…aka Newt Gingrich’s advisor…is anyone else seeing the connection besides me???

              • dj says:

                Republican is not the issue…it is character and integrity…Ray Boyd just happens to be a Republican and have character and integrity…I know…it’s mind blowing!

    • Mozart says:

      On April 16, 2002, Johnson was not “Majority Leader”. Why? Because the State Senate was controlled by the Democrats.

      Fishy, you might consider getting yourself better informed. You are truly “out of water.”

        • Mozart says:

          Yeah…and THAT’s a position that will leave Democrat university officials quivering in their shoes to make unhappy. NOT.

    • GOPwits says:

      If people stalk around Chatham County too much, they are going to find all sorts of corruption between this guy and his compatriot all at the hands of the powers that be in power…

      • Mama Bear says:

        Another baseless accusation. Put up or shut up. If you know something, spill it. Otherwise, you are just jumping on the band wagon with nothing of substance to offer.

  9. drjay says:

    some more context needs to be provided, and while this may be a tad embarasing for EJ, and he needs to offer an explanation, this sounds like an error in reporting as opposed to an attempt to conceal, which is unfortunate, but ultimately unimportant, as EJ has served honorably in both houses of the ledge, is dedicated to making ga a better place, and will be a fine guv!!!

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      That is one of the more confusing posts I’ve read in a great while.

      He screwed up, and he owes an explanation, but not really, because he wasn’t trying to conceal anything–not that it’s important issue or anything–but it’s unfortunate, but we should look the other way because he allegedly served honorably in the Gold Dome or something.

      • Mozart says:

        It’s amazing to me how the AP/Ledger-Enquirer conveniently leaves off the timeframe (i.e., month and year) in which all those contracts were supposedly omitted from reports.

      • Mozart says:


        Perhaps you should wait until a full explanation comes out from the Johnson camp. ‘Cause, you know, newspapers are always 100% accurate on everything they print. NOT.

  10. SouthGAConservative says:

    Well, I feel like this looks worse than it is. The article wasn’t bad. I was expecting something worse after reading the headline. Not impressed.

    Also, HE didn’t make all that money, the firm he worked for did.

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      “Also, HE didn’t make all that money, the firm he worked for did.”

      That is so dumb as to be laughable. Who the &*&$(*# do you think pays his salary?

      • I think he likely made a percentage off the total sum of all those projects. All of that money didn’t go right into his pocket. If it did, that firm obviously operates on some bizzaro principles.

        Granted, he made money.

  11. dj says:

    This race is getting ridiculous. I wonder if the GA GOP would have any commentary on this latest “development “(no pun intended) with Johnson…I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • GOPwits says:

      I agree – it appears that you must have a little bit of corruption in order to be a top tier candidate… At this point, we’re down to Handel and Chapman left that haven’t been corrupted…

      You only need a couple of million dollars behind the others and they are completely unelectable in a general election…

      I guess we shouldn’t let it slip that oh by the way, thanks to the senate republicans GA POWER also got millions in advanced PROFIT.

      GA Taxpayers are getting done wrong, to put it nicely, and we keep electing these idiots to office and they keep getting rich off their service.


  12. Progressive Dem says:

    Undecided just went up in the polls again. What a crew of candidates. I don’t think the voters are going to be too excited with their choices.

  13. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Chapman Camp> Castle takes Knight. Deal, Handel and Oxy pulls each other down. With a little help from the Attorney General.

    Lots of chatter for a non-issue.

    Eric, you are close to the Lord. Don’t you here him talking yet?

    Thuder and a bush burns…
    Eric my son…. put your tent up in the camp of the righteous. Leave the Handel camp.

  14. Mayonnaise says:

    Here is what we learned today:

    1. Eric Johnson is a successful Architect from Savannah.
    2. Eric was once a partner at a firm that legally bid on and legally paid for $900k of work performed for the state of Georgia (over the course of 6 years).
    3. Eric was not actively involved in the bidding process of any of those projects.

    Thanks for playing!

        • GOPwits says:

          An elected official in Georgia must disclose anything over $20,000 they company they own makes in state contracts…

          Mayo you get your own opinion, but not your own facts…

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      4. Eric Johnson looked the other way when Glenn Richardson was taking it to the streets. Apparently Jerry Keen is quietly paying a price for this and his other sins. Eric gets to run for governor.

  15. Mozart says:


    “Eric was once a partner at a firm that legally bid on and legally paid for $900k of work performed for the state of Georgia (over the course of 6 years).”

    The firm “was” legally paid, or the firm “legally paid”? Your #2 is not written very clearly.

  16. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Mayo’s lost #4 found

    4. Eric Johnson looked the other way when Glenn Richardson was taking it to the streets. Apparently Jerry Keen is quietly paying a price for this and his other sins. Eric gets to run for governor.

  17. ready2rumble says:

    Here’s what we learned today.

    Eric the MILLION DOLLAR MAN Johnson took $1,000,000 of taxpayers funds while he was a sitting senator. While he he was making himself richer, he forgot to disclose 30% of the $1,000,000 that he took.

    Now he’s asking the people of Georgia to elect him when he forgets 30% of what he earned? Is he going to forget 48 counties? Is he going to forget 1,800,000 people. What else is he going to forget?

    Georgia doesn’t need the MILLION DOLLAR MAN who forgets 30%

    • Mayonnaise says:

      Jump any sharks lately? You’re bashing a private business for selling a product. You also need a lesson in rounding because there’s no way $868,328 rounds to a million.

      • GOPwits says:

        This private business, owned by Eric Johnson, did business with the State of Georgia. Eric Johnson was a State Senator. State Senators must disclose any business with the state over $20,000. Eric Johnson failed to disclose close to $500,000 in business.

        I also here there is a totally second shoe to drop to this story…

      • Mozart says:

        R2R has never worked in a real job in his life. He’s one of Handel’s Hacks. Probably still lives in his mommie’s house while he blogs on PeachPundit. So, he wouldn’t know anything about how businesses sell products and services. He just ASSumes how business works.

  18. bluedogdem says:

    WOW!! Johnson was invited to to debate this past weekend at the GOP Tea Party event, but Chapman was not. Interesting…Johnson is polling at 5% and Chapman at 2%. That is a huge lead I guess in GOP establishment terms

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      Well this Debbie Does the Tea Party Chic in the AJC plainly said one of the reasons was that the quitter that left his post to raise money has more money

  19. HowardRoark says:

    Do I think this represents an ethical shortcoming with Sen Johnson? No. Do I think this will still be a campaign issue? Yes. Perception is much more important than reality.

  20. Progressive Dem says:

    This GOP goobernatorial primary is one of the ugliest races I’ve ever seen. Never has a party assembled such a large slate of candidates for the highest position in the state with so much ethical baggage. People say the Democratic bench is weak and the party has no cohesion. Fair enough, but the GOP brand is being severely damaged by this group of candidates. Deal, Johnson, Oxendine and even McBerry – all had their hands in the wrong places. It’s a poor reflection on the party and the impact will really be felt once the mudslinging attack pieces have kicked-into high gear.

  21. debbie0040 says:

    Bluedog, Ludwig, Scott Rasmussen released a poll regarding the Georgia Gubernatorial race a few days ago and also in March. Guess what? Both times he polled the same four that were in the debate, even Johnson. Start attacking him now as well …

  22. fishtail says:

    Looks like Dan McLagan has succeeded in knee-capping Eric Johnson while he was still in the starting blocks, about to launch himself into the public spotlight with big media buys on TV. Eric is looking very much like a good ol’ boy insider using his political connections to make big money off the taxpayers…not what Georgians are looking for in a future Governor.

    • Mozart says:

      Doubt very seriously this was McLagan’s work. This has all the fingerprint signature of the Dems being responsible, actually.

      • fishtail says:

        Why would the Dems want to nuke Eric when he is polling so low? Seems they would focus on Deal.

        • Mozart says:

          Pretty sure this is Bobby Kahn’s personal adventure to b-slap Eric just for the fun of it.

          • Mozart says:

            Oh…posted it before finishing the thought: Bobby Kahn was the filer of the “everybody knows it” ethics complaint against Glenn, so this is Bobby’s way of smacking Eric who allowed his committee to vote on whether going forward with the investigation or not, and the entire committee voted it down.

            Yeah, too bad the committees didn’t operate like the olden days when the Dems ran things and didn’t allow votes on subjects like an ethics investigation.

            • fishtail says:

              MOZART…you doth protest too much…it was McLagan…you’re like Larry O’Neal and Sonny Perdue and Glenn Richardson…let’s blame Bobby Kahn. Perhaps Kahn should get some kind of civic award if he is indeed responsible for helping expose corrupt GOP politicians.

              • Mozart says:

                Ooohhhhh…sounds like McLagan has a secret admirer on here…Maybe thou worship McLagan a lot, hmm?

                • fishtail says:

                  I respect his viciousness. He would push a crippled child to the ground if it served his purpose.

                  • fishtail says:

                    McLagan also needs to pin his dirty deed on Bobby Kahn so Handel can go to Eric’s supporters and ask for their help after they have successfully killed off Eric Johnson. Such is politics.

    • Mozart says:

      And, there’s nothing there. Idiots like Common Cause who think the lowest bidder should get the work are clueless in how the lowest-bidder usually ends-up “change-ordering” the original bid so as to cost the county/state wayyyy more money than originally budgeted.

      There are companies who charge more than the lowest bidder but have caps built-in to the contracts so the customer (i.e., the taxpayers in public projects) won’t be paying for costly change orders until the project cost somehow balloons up to 2-3 times the original bid amounts.

      Most of you people in politics seriously need to go work for a real living. You have no clue as to how 97% of the world of commerce actually works.

      • justpeachy says:

        Ha, funny! I wish my last change order was 2-3 times the original bid… alas as lowest bidder of several county jobs the board of commissioners would never approve. Had much experience with the other way too… what a joke. First, job cost is always the #1 factor for original qualifying then moves on to interviews, disclosures, and references followed by a contract released typically to drum roll please… a company never even disclosed as a bidder and usually a friend or family member of the someone on the deciding committee (state legislature or county commission) that low # is important because typically there is an agreement to keep it within that originally lowest bid job.

  23. ready2rumble says:

    Just caught this tidbit. Eric the MILLION DOLLAR MAN Johnson went back to the firm in 2009 in a business development role (sales) with no ownership position, which means no disclosures. Based on his vindictive reputation, I wonder how many state agencies he is currently shaking down to get contracts.

  24. dj says:

    I am sure that Eric’s relationship with Jamie Reynolds has nothing to do with the recent “developments” regarding Linger Longer Properties, what a Deal!

  25. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Putting Eric in the governors office means putting the Reynolds boys in there. In the next few weeks and IF most of you realize there is more of Georgia than the part above I-16 stories will break how crooked and shady the deal that Linger Longer had on Jekyll. The stink ran though Eric and right into the governors office. And Jerry Keen was right there ringing the bell on that choo choo.

    One person stood in the way and never back down on that. He has stood for individual property rights also.

    But Deb and the Atlanta Tea Party tossed him under the bus.

  26. dj says:

    LVB…you mean it wasn’t a “straight up” deal? (LOL)! I couldn’t agree with your post more…

  27. jenny says:

    My apologies, Icky. I hadn’t noticed this thorough raking Eric over the coals by you prior to my reading the Michael article. You did good.

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