Straw Poll Du Jour: Republican Jewish Coalition

The Republican Jewish Coalition has released the results of their straw poll via facebook.

A few items that make this one unique: It had participants rank their first and second choices, and only members of the RJC were allowed to vote; no campaign staff. Beyond that, it’s a straw poll. Sock puppets, tell us what this means:

1. Which ONE of the following comes closest to your core beliefs and ideology?
84% – My most important goal is to promote individual freedom by reducing the size and scope of government and its intrusion into the lives of citizens.
4% – My most important goal is to promote traditional values by protecting traditional marriage and protecting the life of the unborn.
9% – My most important goal is to secure and guarantee American safety at home and abroad regardless of the cost or the size of government.

2. Top 4 State Issues:
GA Economy
Illegal Immigration

3a. Who is your FIRST choice for GA Governor?
Karen Handel – 36%
Nathan Deal – 24%
Eric Johnson – 24%
John Oxendine – 16%

3b. Who is your SECOND choice for GA Governor?
Eric Johnson – 31%
Karen Handel – 25%
Nathan Deal – 15%
John Oxendine – 9%

4. Thinking ahead to the 2012 Presidential election, who would you vote for as the next Republican nominee for President?
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich – 22%
Undecided – 20%
Former MA Governor Mitt Romney – 16%
WI Congressman Paul Ryan – 9%
Former AK Governor Sarah Palin – 5%
IN Governor Mitch Daniels – 4%
MN Governor Tim Pawlenty – 2%
Former AR Governor Mike Huckabee – 2%
SC Senator Jim Demint – 2%
Former PA Senator Rick Santorum – 2%
MS Governor Haley Barbour – 2%
SD Senator John Thune – 0
IN Congressman Mike Pence – 0
TX Congressman Ron Paul – 0

5. Age:
18-25 – 4%
26-40 – 5%
41-55 – 31%
56-65 – 35%
Over 65 – 20%

6. Gender:
Male – 49%
Female – 47%


  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    hmmm… How interesting (not really).

    Did Messieurs Chapman, Putnman and McBerry receive no votes? Or were they simply excluded from the straw poll ballot?

    The straw poll I want to see is how Barnes shakes up against individual candidates within Republican organizations. I have to believe that at my own local GOP headquarters, Barnes gets anywhere from 5 to 25 percent among Republicans depending on who he’s up against. King Roy has got to be loving this primary season…

  2. ByteMe says:

    #1 is the most interesting question and answer as it relates to Georgia politics. Says that the normal hot-button social issues doesn’t matter to the members of the RJC.

    Icarus, did they post the breakdown in percentages on #2?

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Interesting that the Gay crap the Deal campaign has been spewing isn’t a factor with the RJC. I wonder how the Deal camp feels about the RJC?

      • Jim Bob says:


        I’m not part of the “Deal Gang”. And once again, you don’t get it or more likely you just don’t care. It’s not about being gay, as much as it is about Handel lying and changing her views all for political gain. She is not to be trusted.

        • Lady Thinker says:


          I don’t think I have ever implied you are part of the Deal gang, however, several of your posts are right after comments they have made, you do post that you agree with their comments, and where your postings fall sometimes makes it appear you are part of the Deal group. It could also be the similarities in the trashing of Karen that you and that group seem to have in common. If you feel I have been unfair to you, I apologize as being unfair to you is not my intent.

          Here is how I see Karen Handel and why I think she is the best candidate. Read at your own risk.

          1) Although I do not approve of the homosexual lifestyle, they do pay taxes and politicians have to represent them and listen to their concerns, which at the moment, is same-sex marriage, partner benefits, adoptions, and medical insurance benefits for their significant others. Regardless of what the Bible says, we are a Democracy, so it is illegal discriminate against them or to string them up by the neck until they are dead. That punishment should be reserved for rapists and pedophiles performed in a legal manner. And statistically speaking, it isn’t the gays molesting children, it is mostly heterosexuals with a propensity for religious vocations.

          2) I have not seen Karen to ask her about the gay issue. Saturday after the debate, I had to get home because I had a killer headache. Maybe she was talking with that group in 2003 to find out what their issues were and whether to garner their support, I don’t know. Maybe she had an opinion at that time that she no longer believes or holds in this election. It does not mean she is flip-flopping or using the issue for political advantage or disadvantage.

          3) I don’t care what her personal views are regarding gays, whether she has a college degree, or if she has ever worked in or owned a liquor store. I do care about her ethics and if she has any violations that will detract from her job, her positions on the economy because I cannot sell my house that has been on the market for three years, jobs because I am losing mine again and all my savings are gone, healthcare because of my past cancer issues in addition to a newly discovered tumor, transportation so that if I can get another job I won’t waste gas or hours trying to get to and from that job, water rights so my two dogs, two cats and I will have enough for daily use, and immigration so my tax dollars are used for Americans services and jobs and not to benefit illegals aliens.

          4) Based on the discussions I have had with her on the relevent issues and the tons of research I did on her on the Internet, talking with other candidates about her, and talking with doctors, lawyers, and the average Joe and Joan in Fulton County, I compared what I found out about her with the information on the other gubernatorial candidates and I chose her. YOU may not trust her but I do.

          5) I am my own person. While I like people and have made several friends on Peach Pundit, I am not swayed by what people think about me because I don’t need, want, crave, or desire the approval of very many people, just those whom I’ve come to respect, look up to, or feel I can learn from, whether they are formally educated or not. The people on here who matter to me know who they are, and some of them have changed my views on things. Some of them do not like Karen but they don’t trash her to me or try to bully me into changing my mind. They don’t bash me and I don’t bash them.

  3. analogkid says:

    Given that Jewish people represent 1.4% of the Georgia population, and 73% of them vote Dem, I don’t think tells us much at all.

    “An overwhelming majority of American Jews – 73 percent – describe themselves as moderate or liberal; 23 percent label themselves as conservative. Only 19 percent voted for Bush in the 2000 elections, but there are indications that Jewish support for the Republican Party is on the rise.”

      • Lady Thinker says:

        I read somewhere that in some of the more liberal European countries, a new term, transgender, is gaining approval and may soon be legally recognized as a class along with male and female. Those people will be designated as such on driver’s licenses and other official documents. It will consist of men changing to women and women changing to men. While the concept grosses me out, I guess to each he/she/its own designation.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me the disconnect between results of questions like 1 and 4… thus the cloak of rhetoric over individual due diligent research into sponsored legislation and voting records.

    • Mayonnaise says:

      Ron Paul doesn’t get the Jewish vote?!?!?!? RLC needs to improve its Jewish outreach. πŸ™‚

  5. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Where did they find Jewish Republicans to take a poll?

    Finding a Jewish Republican should be as hard as finding a Jew on a tractor or behind a plow outside of Tifton, Ga. πŸ˜†

    Who’s next? African America Yachting Republicans?

    If they find them and Handel’s in the lead, it will be posted here. That’s fer sure.

    • TheEiger says:

      I do believe Eric Cantor is Jewish. What is he? Second in command of the Republican party in the House? So Republican Jews have no influence. I don’t agree with that.

      • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

        Thank you for digging up the exception, token and oddity..IN THE US CONGRESS. Knock Knock on your skill……Topic > Georgia.

    • ByteMe says:

      Chapman used the wrong phrase. “Sold out” implies that there was ever really a distinction between FreedomWorks and the GOP monied interests. Who do the Tea Party lemmings think funds FreedomWorks?

      • Mozart says:

        Better question should be: How do the lemmings think those “free” events get put on? Someone has to pony-up and pay. Gwinnett Civic Center isn’t a “free” facility to use.

  6. ConcernedGeorgian says:

    Didn’t Karen used to be Jewish…or is her husband Jewish. I seem to remember something about this but can’t recall.

    Anyone have any intel on this?

  7. Janet Reno says:

    This whole story has a bizarre air about it…not sure why. Maybe it’s the rarity of Jewish Republicans. Kind of exotic.

    I do think someone should comment on behalf of the conspicuously absent McBerrians so….

    WHY wasn’t teh onlee Constitutionalist candidate on the ballet??? There were plenty of Jewish Confederates!!! They must all be Soshelists and RINOS!!!

  8. Henry Waxman says:

    Shifting to polls of more substance and less straw, Rasmussen released their latest poll in the Governor’s race at 4:00 pm on Monday.

    Of course, I can see how a poll by a nationally respected polling firm with a MOE of only 4.5% has to take a back seat to the Republican Jewish Coalition straw poll and the Fannin County straw poll because Handel won both of those, but hopefully someone will get around to covering it soon…

    I’ll even save you the Google search:

    • Henry Waxman says:

      By the way, Deal is polling 5 percentage points better than Handel against Barnes. Deal’s “very favorables” are 2 percentage points higher than Handel’s, and Deal’s “very unfavorables” are 1 percentage point lower than Handel’s.

      Deal is polling 4 percentage points better than Oxendine against Barnes. Deal’s “very favorables” are 4 percentage points lower than Oxendine’s, but Deal’s “very unfavorables” are 1 percentage point lower than Oxendine’s.

  9. Mozart says:

    Let me pull stuff over and then analyze it in a follow-up post:

    Barnes, who served as Georgia’s governor from 1999 to 2003, is viewed Very Favorably by 24% and Very Unfavorably by 25%.

    For Baker, Very Favorables are 13% and Very Unfavorables 16%.
    Thirteen percent (13%) have a Very Favorable opinion of Deal, while 11% view him Very Unfavorably.

    Oxendine is seen Very Favorably by 17%, Very Unfavorably by 12%.

    Eleven percent (11%) view Handel Very Unfavorably, 12% Very Unfavorably.

    Johnson has Very Favorables of seven percent (7%) and Very Unfavorables of nine percent (9%).

    • Mozart says:

      Ratios of the above numbers:

      Barnes VF/VU: 96%
      Baker VF/VU: 81%
      Deal VF/VU: 118%
      Oxendine VF/VU: 142%
      Handel VF/VU: 92%
      Johnson VF/VU: 77.8%

      Looks like despite all of the negative comments about Deal and Oxendine on this blog and in the newspapers…those two’s “Very Favorables” are higher than their “Very Unfavorables.”

      One hypothesis: Real voters do not pay attention to the blogs like Peach Pundit, nor the whiny AJC.

      A 2nd hypothesis: All free media is good media, even when some people think its “negative.” The negative stuff slammed on the Ox and Deal over the past several months (years?) appears to have only helped boost their Favorables. Weird, huh?

    • ByteMe says:

      The number that stood out for me was the “Some Other Candidate” choice. Was selected least for a Deal vs. Barnes face-off, consistently higher for the rest.

      I wonder why he’s not polling for the primaries and instead trying to game the general election? Seems odd to do that so close to the election. I’d rather know which candidates have what level of strength against the other candidates who will be on the ballot with them.

  10. Republican Ruth says:

    I attended Sunday’s RJC Governors Candidate Forum and thought it was a great event… except when a John Oxendine campaign staffer tried to kick me out of the Forum during Ox’s speech!

    I wasn’t sure whether to be mildly amused or incredibly mad… the guy was so rude and apparently thought I was either a press person or a political spy… he was like, “You, out, now!” I couldn’t believe it… I made it clear that I was a dues-paying member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and I think that set him straight.

    And yes, I am in the RJC… part of their “Coalition.” πŸ™‚

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