Freedomworks Straw Poll.

Here are some results from the Freedomworks Straw Poll. The Straw Poll for governor will come up later after their debate is complete.

7th Congressional District

Clay Cox: 68
Jody Hice: 43
Chuck Efstration: 34
Rob Woodall: 29
Tom Kirby: 20
Jef Fincher: 11

Attorney General

Max Wood: 62
Sam Olens: 46
Preston Smith: 33
Ken Hodges: 2

UPDATE 11:15 PM: I haven’t received the results for the Gov. race yet. I’m tired so I’m going to bed. I’ll post the results tomorrow.


  1. GabrielSterling says:

    Did Melvin win the Labor Commissioner straw poll? Did they even have a straw poll for that?

    • Tiberius says:

      He who lives by the straw poll will die by the straw poll. 200 voters out of 320,000 (the 2006 Labor vote count) who will vote in July?

      • GabrielSterling says:

        Not suggesting it will reflect the final real result. And I’m betting there will be higher GOP turnout this time.

        • Tiberius says:

          Its value is what then? 395k voted for Labor in ’02 when there was an open Gov primary.

          • GabrielSterling says:

            What other things can political junkies talk about without polls and straw polls. ‘Tis the season and all. Its also a measure of where the activist/chattering class are. But you are right that campaigns are won, or lost, on the backs of straw polls.

              • DoubleDawg3 says:

                Big screening in the theatre in downtown Marietta tomorrow evening – I’m not a LOST fan, but that sounded pretty cool (the bar is open during the show!)

  2. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Any update on the GOV Straw Poll results? Wondering if they’re not available, or if Handel just did poorly so they’re not posted?

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Channel 2 news just announced that Karen won the Gwinnett straw poll. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In The Arena says:

      Congrats to Karen and Nathan on their victories.

      Karen Handel – 82
      Nathan Deal – 77
      Eric Johnson – 67
      John Oxendine – who cares?

      • ready2rumble says:

        Nathan on his victory? What college did you go to that second place is a victory?

        • GALisa says:

          Probably a college that teaches statistics. With the numbers that close, it could be within the margin of error; so it’s a statistical tie.

          • ByteMe says:

            Unfortunately for you, this isn’t a statistics issue, since the results do not try to represent a larger population by sampling a smaller one. It is a specific number of selections from a defined set and has nothing to do with statistics unless people try to derive a larger meaning from it… which only the sock puppets in the room try to do.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      There were no questions about ethics, probably because Deal and Oxendine wouldn’t have been able to respond without the audience breaking out in hysterics.

        • ConcernedGeorgian says:

          A question about the candidate’s high school and post secondary education would have been funny too. I would love to see Karen answer that one without pulling the sympathy card. Then again, she did use a new word tonight: Vitality. It must have been the Sesame Street word of the day this morning.

            • Jim Bob says:

              LT, why make that kind of statement towards ConcernedGeorgian? You really are becoming more and more negative towards people who don’t share your view. I’m not sure who ConcernedGeorgian is supporting, but going after their candidate would be more acceptable probably.

              Besides, it doesn’t matter. He/she isn’t running to be the executive of the state.

              • Mozart says:

                Red herrings, Jim, red herrings. The Handel campaign and their supporters only know how to toss-out red herrings in their debates.

                I expect another red herring post from John Konop ANY moment now.

            • ConcernedGeorgian says:

              As a matter of fact, I do have a high school diploma and a college degree. I would be happy to show mine to Karen if she would show hers to me. Why don’t you look at her schedule and let me know when would be a good time to meet?

                • ConcernedGeorgian says:

                  It sure has Jim Bob!!! But all jokes aside, if you don’t have one, you can’t show it. Let’s see if Karen shows it.

              • Lady Thinker says:


                Karen said in an interview on TV that she has a high school diploma but I doubt you will watch it and if you do watch it, you will find a reason not to believe Karen.

                I am not one of Karen’s paid staffers but judging from the emails I get from her campaign staff about the different events where she is appearing, she is very busy, too busy to take time to deal with people refusing to see her accomplishments.

  3. Jane says:

    Clay is a class act, but Chuck on the other hand is a different animal. When someone run away from leadership they are not prepared to advance to the next level. In effect, Chuck betrayed his supporters by not fulfilling his promises as county chairman. That is not the kind of leader we need as a Congressman or as a party leader.

    • Visini says:

      I’m not sure how running for Congress can be equated to running away from leadership. Under your theory, Clay is also “betraying” his current constituents. Further, as one who regularly attends the meetings of the Gwinnett GOP, it was clear that it was Chuck’s supporters who urged him to run for Congress. As Gwinnett GOP Chairman, Chuck did an excellent job of bringing new members to the Party as well as bringing back old members who only returned after Chuck took the reigns and fulfilled his campaign promises. Seems to me, that is exactly the kind of leader we need as a Congressman.

    • Bugs Dooley says:

      Oh? Exactly how much of his term did he have left to serve?

      Politicians do this all the time, and unless they resign shortly after getting elected I don’t tend to have much of a problem with it.

      • DriveByDawg says:

        Jane -I hope you aren’t supporting Karen for Governor. She’s the queen of leaving and not finishing what she starts.

        No one expected Linder not to run for re-election this year. The only candidate who had announced he was running for that seat before Linder’s announcement was Tom Kirby. So to act as if Chuck making this decision was some sort of betrayal – why isn’t it the same for Clay? He is leaving his long held House seat thus betraying his constituents.

        The people who have been angry that Chuck won the GOP Chairmanship have never gotten over it. They have spent the better part of the last year and a half trying to undercut everything he has accomplished within the party. These same folks are supporting Clay. That is reason enough not to support Clay (although there are many other reasons too).

        • ReaganLover420 says:

          You’re right DriveByDawg. Chuck Efstration is the LeBron James of Dacula politics.

          All hale the King. The newborn King.

    • btpull says:

      I found it to be disingenuous for Rep Cox to take credit for cutting the GA budget when the cuts where forced upon the General Assembly by the economy.

  4. DriveByDawg says:

    Karen had a boat load of bussed in supporters. It was interesting that they were all sitting in the same section as the bussed in Clay supporters (who actually had a class on how to raise their campaign signs in unison before the debate began).

  5. EverythingZenX21 says:

    Where was that class held? To me it, just looked like a bunch of fired up supporters, same for Jody Hice who had a great turnout as well. And who was bussed in? They all seemed like family, friends, and supporters of the men they see as the best candidate in the race. Didn’t see many Efstration signs being held, might be because he can’t afford em.

    Best quote from last night, “Well at least we know who Chuck thinks the front runner is.”

    • DriveByDawg says:

      Said class was held before most people got there. I was standing at the Deal table talking with someone when one of Clay’s staffers (or maybe she’s an unpaid volunteer but is at a lot of events with him) stood at the front of the room and counted to 3 so they could all put their signs up at the same time. I’ve been to lots of debates and forums over the last year and a half and have never seen that.

      Hice did have a lot of his supporters there.

      I disagree about the best quote of the night. I think Tom Parrott got it right in his closing statement “There is only 1 true politician on this stage.”

      • EverythingZenX21 says:

        1… 2… 3…

        Sounds an awful lot like Team Cox was getting ready to take a picture with their signs held high. Sounds dangerous to me.

        “I’ve been to lots of debates and forums over the last year and a half and have never seen that.”

        Never seen a team get together for a group photo and wave their signs in support of their candidate? Maybe it’s because whatever team you’re behind doesn’t have any supporters, volunteers, signs, or… maybe even a camera??

  6. ReaganLover420 says:

    Chuck Efstration represents the best that this country has to offer. The only person I’d vote for above Chuck would be Ronald Reagan who isn’t even running in this race so that’s really a totally moot point.

  7. GeorgeHerbert says:

    You’re right ReaganLover420. We need to select capable men from all the people–men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain–and appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. We need to select Chuck Efstration.

  8. JDW says:

    I find it fitting that the Freedomworks Straw Poll has Max Wood leading the Attorney General’s race.

    Max Wood is the only military veteran running in the Republican race. He is a great guy, for those who have met him know what I’m talking about. Most importantly, Max has the most relevant experience by far to be the Republican nominee for Attorney General. He was hand-picked by President Bush to be the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia (largest district in GA). He served as United States Attorney for over seven (7) years, conducting the responsibilities required of Georgia’s Attorney General, namely supervising criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits against government agencies. Moreover, Max is a former Assistant District Attorney prosecuting criminals and a former JAG Officer in the United States Air Force. His resume is saturated with public service.

    Sam Olens is running for Attorney General as a stepping stone on his way to being Governor. ( Notice the newsworthy topics regarding Sam Olens are campaign fundraising and endorsements. Sam Olens wants Georgia Republican voters to view the Attorney General’s race as a popularity contest because he doesn’t have the experience to compete with Max. For one, he has never been involved with a criminal prosecution. The Attorney General’s Office requires skill that comes with experience that Olens does not have.

      • hugoblacksupreme says:

        If Max was good enough for the job on his own merit you would not have to mention Sam!

        • JDW says:


          I have done my homework on the Republican candidates for Attorney General. Like other offices of our state government, I take the position of Attorney General seriously. Part of the reason I take the office of Attorney General seriously is I am a recent law school graduate.

          I mention Olens because I find comparisons compelling. As with a commercial product, it must be compared to similar products to show consumers that particular product is worth buying over the other products. I compare Wood and Olens to demonstrate how much better of a candidate Wood is than Olens. The race for Attorney General should be won by the candidate with the most relevant experience. As with any employer (voters in this case), the employer seeks to hire the candidate with the most relevant experience to fill the position. In this case, Wood has the most relevant experience to be Attorney General.

          Are you aware Hugo Black was a member of the Ku Klux Klan?

  9. hugoblacksupreme says:

    LOL. Oh my. Sam is bad and I am a member of the Klan!

    You made my night. I hope you are better in court than this.

    You go ahead and trash Sam O, I hope Max wins and offers you a job. Then when you grow up you can tell your kids how you were part of the campaign that ran a good man out of public office.

    My point is simply this, Sam Olens was a great chairman for Cobb. He did not work in theory. He put conservative policies in place that helped the entire county. I think that work relates to being AG. Some may not. However, I can advocate for him with out trashing Max Wood or attempting to draw some silly comparison like I am buying corn flakes!

    • JDW says:


      Please read what I wrote again. I did not say you were a member of the Klan, I said Hugo Black was a member of the KKK. Also, I am not saying Olens is bad, not at all, in fact, he makes a good candidate for Governor, just not Attorney General compared to Wood.

      Now, getting to your point: The attributes you mentioned (“put conservative policies in place”) sound better for one running for Governor, which is really what Olens wants. However, too many Republicans are already running, and according to Olens, no one has gone from county chairman to Governor. He is running for AG because he feels he has a better chance at winning the AG race than Governor.

      “Olens said he found himself restricted by other people’s concept of those who run local governments. No county commission chairman has made the leap to statewide office, a fact most recently underlined by Bill Byrne and Vernon Jones. ‘People don’t really respect local government as much as I think they should,’ he said… Olens implied that AG wouldn’t be a final stop. ‘Life is a marathon, not a sprint,’ he said.
      — Four Republicans are already in the race: Secretary of State Karen Handel, state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, state Rep. Austin Scott of Tifton and states rightist Ray McBerry.” That is an article entitled “Sam Olens and small-minded prejudice” written by Jim Galloway

      I did not see any attorney experience mentioned in your point.
      Putting conservative policies in place is not the task of an attorney; it is the task of a politician. In fact, often times attorneys must put their political views aside in order to properly represent a client.

      I do not expect Max Wood to offer me a position of any sort. Again, my motivation to write my comments comes from my taking the election for Attorney General seriously. I am not out to trash Olens; I am relaying facts as to who is the best candidate for AG.

  10. GOPwits says:

    Deep Thoughts with GOPwits:

    GA 7 Race – I would think that all these Freedom loving Freedomworks people and Tea Party Planners wouldn’t cotton to Clay Cox and his history of writing and passing legislation to directly help his business. That’s kind of shady. But then again, in GA we’re learning that some of tentants of FreedomWorks and Tea Party stuff don’t actually always jive with what it’s organizers strike deals on….

    Chuck Efstration is the logical pick their if ethics and integrity are at the core of the vote push.

    As for the other races: I’m 100% undecided once again on Attorney General. I wrote Max Wood off early because his campaign was listless and going nowhere. Now that honor seems to have fallen to Sam Olens. And it’s just a coincidence that Max fired his ethically challenged consultant (Simons) and Sam hired him. +1 for Wood. Then there is Preston Smith. He works hard at the events, but he doesn’t talk to anyone. Seriously. He talks to his staff. His staff moves around like crazy, but they never really engaged anyone about who he is and why he’s running for Attorney General. The only thing I know about Preston Smith after this weekend is that he apparently took a girlfriend to a UGA game and made it on the Jumbotron. So, I’m torn between Wood and Smith and very much considering skipping this one until the General Election to vote for Rob Telehiet.

    Just being honest…

    • “kinda” shady? Only “kinda”?

      Anyone actually interested in a candidate’s background quickly realizes how sketchy this candidate Cox’s legislative background is. I still don’t have a grasp what the “tea party” phenomenon generally stands for, precisely, but I’m pretty sure a candidate whose legislative pride of 2009-2010 is 1) sponsoring multiple bills that bolster his private business, 2) raising hospital bed taxes more than $200M, and 3) sponsoring a bill to honor Dominique Wilkins falls outside the main agenda of most tea party advocates.

      Woodall showed some effective speaking talent at the debate, which shouldn’t be that surprising given his near 2 decades of inner-beltway grooming. I’d like to say he was more than just a stableboy for Linder, but he’s not. He’s the stableboy of career Washingtonians in general, and as a result he remains a bland, unremarkable candidate. Efstration, even with 2 solid years in the DA’s office, demonstrated more raw talent than finesse Saturday night, which is almost scary considering how effective a speaker he was. This harmonizes with his sincere message about Unapologetic Conservatism. He’ll have plenty of time in the beltway to develop a silver tongue. I’m just glad to be witnessing this kind of energy–its like finally after 22 years we have rock star again in the Republican party.

      As for Cox, I’d say his delivery and lack of effectiveness on Saturday night was as powerful as a bowl of chop suey. That would be surprising since on paper he’s supposedly been on the legislative floor for half a decade now. Then again, you take a look at his accomplishments in that time and its clear he didn’t want to make many speeches in public about them. Better to take care of things behind closed doors.

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