Olens Announces New Endorsements

From a press release:

Sam Olens, Republican candidate for Attorney General, is pleased to announce he has received the endorsement of Jerry Keen, five-term State Representative from St. Simons, Majority Leader and former Chairman of the Christian Coalition of Georgia.

“Sam Olens is a conservative, courageous leader whose experience will serve Georgians well as our next Attorney General,” said Keen.
In May, Sam has also received a flurry of additional endorsements from
elected officials and law enforcement from other parts of Georgia.

These include:

Jack Bernard, Jasper County Commissioner
Earl Ehrhart, longest serving Republican State Representative
Patrick Farrell, Commissioner, Chatham County
Tim Fleming, Commissioner, Newton County
Robert Griner, Commissioner, Berrien County
Travis Harper, Mayor, Nashville
Anthony Heath, Sheriff, Berrien County
Cicely Hill, State Representative, Kingsland
Dane Kirby, Sheriff, Fannin County
Emory Lake. Commissioner, Laurens County
Terry Langley, Sheriff, Carroll County
Jeff Lewis, Former State Representative, Cartersville
Reggie Loper, Commissioner, Effingham County
Gary T. Moss, District Attorney, Blue Ridge Circuit
D.M. Mullis, Commissioner, Laurens County
Stacy Nicholson, Sheriff, Gilmer County
Ashley Paulk, Chairman, Lowndes County
Jimmy Parker, Chairman, Berrien County
Larry Reynolds, Commissioner, Polk County
Bill Simonds, Chairman, Fannin County
Richard Smith, State Representative, Columbus
Steve Wall, Councilman, City of Pooler
Wendell Willard, State Representative, Sandy Springs

“I am grateful to Jerry Keen and the other many respected elected officials and law enforcement from every corner of the state, who have publicly gotten on board with my campaign to win the Republican nomination in July, ” said Olens.


  1. EastCobb says:

    Rep. Keen, exactly what “experience” by Olens will serve Georgia so well? His experience (1) being a plaintiff’s lawyer suing doctors; (2) being a homeowners’ association president trying to regulate how others utilize their own property or (3) having a legal career that has never once included prosecuting any criminal?

    • Doug Deal says:

      You forget about his experience chasing ambulances as a personal injury lawyer.

      Plus, he has taken in more Democratic money than any “Republican” I have ever seen. They definitely see something they like.

  2. EastCobb says:

    Maybe someone should ask what democrat creditials were discovered when vetting Olens for a possible District Court seat under W? Hey, did you know the Board of Elections maintains a record of what primary you vote in, even before it was fashionable to be a Republican?

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    I never seen group more likely to eat their own. The guy was elected Chair of Cobb County twice. Is Cobb County a bastion of liberals? His peers elected him chair of ARC. Instead of considering his record as a regional/county leader/manager, you all want to disqualify him because he represented his neighborhood and served as a plaintiff’s attorney. When was the last time the Georgia AG prosectued a criminal?

    • ByteMe says:

      It’s not his peers who vote for the commission chair; it’s the voters. The rest is spot-on. A bunch of people chewing their left leg off because their right leg looks prettier.

  4. Goldwater Conservative says:

    And now my favorite request of the decade:

    Define conservative?

    What does it mean, really? I ask because we have a few million people all bickering about what it means to be conservative and few of them agree with one another.

  5. EastCobb says:

    Actually, that was tongue in cheek, it is ridiculous the rumors being passed by Olens’ opponents, AG is an office that needs a qualified, fiscally conservative executive and he passes the test.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Beside the fact that his industry, malpractice and person injury are the reason we are saddled with Obamacare rigth now. No wonder the Dems give to him in such large amounts.

      I will pass on having to decide between 2 Dems (Olens and Hodges) in the fall.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Fiscal conservatism has become a meaningless term, and the something it used to mean is irrelevant to the AG office.

      • JDW says:

        I agree Dave. For me, the only relevant topic in a race for Attorney General is experience. Sam Olens boasts of money and endorsements but Max Wood is the most relevant experience.

  6. hugoblacksupreme says:

    Sam will be a great AG.

    At some point in the near future Rep. will have to govern this state and we will need state wide leaders to do it.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Yeah, of course it is not about being AG for Olens, it is about padding the resume for a run at Governor, since he didn’t have enough to do it this year. Or is that Lt. Gov?

      Let’s stop nominating people who have another office in mind and elect someone who wants to actually be AG.

      As bad as Hodges is, he will make mince meat of this guy. No wonder the Dems give him so much money.

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