Freedomworks To Host Governor; CD-7 Debates

Clearing out my press releases for the day:

Please join FreedomWorks for the YOU DECIDE 2010 DEBATES this Saturday, May 22nd at Gwinnett Civic Center (Tommy Hughes Ballroom) on Sugarloaf Parkway in Duluth, Georgia.



Be there to support your favorite candidate for Governor and United States Congress 7th District (to replace retiring Congressman John Linder).

Doors open at 4:30 PM

Congressional Debate begins at 5:30 PM moderated by Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Confirmed candidates are: Jef Fincher, Clay Cox, Tom Kirby, Chuck Efstration, Rob Woodall, Jody Hice, and Tom Parrott.

***If you would like to submit a question for the moderator to ask a Congressional candidate, please see Judi Quigley at the registration table.

Congressional and Attorney General Straw Polls will be at 7 PM.

Gubenatorial Debate begins at 7:15 PM moderated by WGST’s John Clark.

Confirmed candidates are: Eric Johnson, Karen Handel, John Oxendine, and Nathan Deal.

Gubenatorial and Secretary of State Straw Polls will take place at 8:45 PM.

Contact debate organizer Julianne Thompson for more information at [email protected] or 404-798-4663.


  1. Icarus says:

    I just received some follow up info detailing that the top 4 candidates according to recent polls were invited.

    Thus, Karen Handel is debating, Ray McBerry is not.

    • ByteMe says:

      Was “No Opinion” invited? That’s the candidate I think we all really want to hear from.

    • Harry says:

      I hope the CD7 candidates will address national issues such as the matter of Obama’s politics killing the market – ie, using US taxpayer dollars to bail out the Euro, and calling up and badgering Merkel to do so as well.

      • macho says:

        “I hope the CD7 candidates will address national issues” If they don’t you can count on Ox to focus on the national issues.

    • macho says:

      If you look at the polling, it’s a real fine line that includes Johnson, but denies Chapman.

  2. StephenLocustGrove says:

    Sounds like Freedom Works does not want to hear from all Governor candidates. They left off the Dem’s, 2 GOPers, and John Monds. They should call it the Establishment GOP Debate. Icarus, just wanted to remind you that Karen Handel is married.

      • macho says:

        I’d rather see her prepared and well spoken, than make a dumbass comment like “ghetto grandmas.”

        • Jim Bob says:

          Funny that you use the word “dumb***” to defend someone that couldn’t even finish High School nor College….

          • Carpet Capital says:

            It’s a shame that McBerry won’t be there so she can duck out on another debate. I guess she’ll actually have to explain those real conservative values all the guys on PP seem to love.

          • Funny how some people are stuck on the idea that a college education is necessary these days. I actively chose to drop out of Georgia Tech during the dot com days. It’s not that I couldn’t finish. It’s that I didn’t see the value in the English, Chemistry and other classes necessary to pursue a Computer Science degree. I own a couple of businesses and have no regrets about not finishing college. So you might just want to take your argument elsewhere.

            P.S. – the words “high school” and “college” shouldn’t be capitalized in the context you used them. 🙂

            • Jim Bob says:


              I capitalized them for emphasis. But since you didn’t finish college and your english classes I wouldn’t expect you to understand the concept.

              As for your other comment, well, you proved my point…

            • (…and yes, I realize that technically unless “Chemistry” was the actual course title, it shouldn’t be capitalized either. However, that was a few years ago and I guess I just got carried away in my response.)

            • Lady Thinker says:


              I have told Jim Bob and the Deal camp repeatedly that Karen graduated high school and referred them to Karen’s site several times but they prefer to pass the rumor on rather than accept the truth of the matter and stop the rumor. Since they choose to attack her based on emotion and not facts, I have now decided that none of them are worth responding to.

              Don’t worry that you chose not to finish college. I find many of your posts highly intelligent, informative, grammatically correct, and you are successful. I have learned much from you on several fronts, the most recent example being your knowledge and views on alternative energy sources.

              The Deal camp think people without college degrees are not worth talking to. As I have said on here several times, I have four college degrees and it hasn’t helped me land a full-time job, so I teach part-time at a local college. As you pointed out, sometimes education isn’t everything.

              I am also educated and intellectual enough, as are many of our posters, to know that I don’t know all the answers and I allow myself to learn from people who know more about a subject, formally educated or not, than I do. The Deal camp hasn’t learned that yet.

              David, I’d rather read what you have to say than the Deal camp or Jim Bob, so keep doing what you do best, posting comments of substance.

                • Lady Thinker says:

                  And that is what makes you so readable David. I know you don’t support Karen but you don’t trash her and I don’t support your candidate but I don’t trash him.

                  You are like many others on here, you just want to intelligently present your issues for a refined debate. Too bad the ones who prefer emotionally based attacks don’t just go away.

                  • Jim Bob says:


                    There is nothing emotional to my posts. In fact, most everything I have posted can be backed with facts and examples.

                    As for you referring me to Handel’s website, well, we’ve already gone over this one. She never specifically clarifies any of it.

                    And one more thing, I never said who I am supporting for Gov. I am still weighing the pros & cons. And given that most polls show the “undecided” polling around 40%, I’m not the only one. The one thing I do know is that I can’t support McBerry nor Handel. Nothing against you, just your candidate. And I’m still holding out hope for you. 🙂

                  • Janet Reno says:

                    I think you’re both very readable and thoughtful. I too enjoy a good rational discussion about the issues. I am given to sarcastic humor though and when I find myself out numbered by irrational people trying to defend a ridiculous position, I can’t help but get caught up in the comedy of it. At some point you must realize that you can’t reason with an un-reasonable person.

                    The way these people are attacking Mrs. Dooley is unacceptable. She should be receiving encouragement from the 92% of us who support their decision.

            • Mozart says:

              Owning a couple of businesses is awesome, David.

              However, since you do not have a college degree, I doubt very seriously I would vote for you for a high-level political position such as Gooberner of georgia (sic). Why? Because ANYONE is allowed to operate a business.

              But, ANYONE is not necessarily qualified to be in a position to understand proposed laws and their effects on people if they themselves have failed to demonstrate any kind of rigorous mental training such as one goes through when one goes through and completes enough courses to graduate with a college degree.

              • Ambernappe says:

                When statutes and guidelines are not understandable by the average voter (or congressman), i.e, health care, financial regulation, et cetera, they are not intended to be so. They are intended as bureaucratic obfuscation. The best examples are proposed legislation which must be “deemed passed” before anyone knows the content. And then “educated” consultants can be paid $$$$ to confirm our worst fears as to the content.

  3. Janet Reno says:

    The real entertainment will be the Jerry Springer show taking place out in the parking lot. I hear the Branch McBerrians are planning a Civil War Reenactment starring the girls of the Disney Channel.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Julianne Thompson invited the Democratic candidates but they declined to participate.

    Janet, love Branch McBerrians as a name for his supporters… You made me laugh this morning. You should post more often!!!

  5. Freedomworks, huh? But no Libertarians invited…. Speaks volumes!

    The DNC uses our message on civil liberty… The GOP uses our stand on economic liberty… to get elected.

    We’ve all witnesed their lack of follow through.

    Libertarians believe in FREEDOM for ALL… or in other words, All of our Rights, All of the Time, FOR EVERYONE!

    • ByteMe says:

      FreedomWorks is one of those deceptively named lobbyist firms that try to invent “grassroots” support for their clients’ positions. Sort-of like what Ralph Reed tried to do for his Indian buddies (who now want his scalp, but that’s another story). Started by a Republican, funded by Republican interests. It’s not about freedom anymore than the lobbying group named “Conservatives for Patient Rights” was about “patient rights” (it was about maintaining the status quo where health insurance companies dictate the rules).

      • Yea, you see that for “K Street” companies too. I always have a little laugh when I see someone on the side of the street waiving a sign in their outfit, usually in late March and early April, for <a href=""Liberty Tax Service.

        … However, I tell folks, we become accomplices if we continue allow these entities to get away with co-opting our messages and symbolisms… so speak up and if invited, show up…. and sometimes, show up even if not invited… but be respectful, due to it being a “private” event and all.

    • Lady Thinker says:


      Have you called the Freedomworks sponsors and asked for your candidate to be invited? Taking action is better than complaining and you may find out if your people possibly refused an invitation.

      • Lady,

        Scroll down a little further…

        I have no problem with the primary candidates of other parties having primary oriented debates. But when Freedomworks and Tea Party Patriots put out press releases and/or e-mails that insinuate that we were invited and claim that we didn’t accept… my voicemail and e-mail inbox fills up pretty quick with complaints like “why did John Monds turn down such a great opportunity to get our message out to fellow patriots?” I’m merely defending us, our supporters, our candidates and the general voters.

        I don’t think I’m asking too much that they should not be misinforming the voters and be clearer about what this event is. I’d really appreciate the workload reduction.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          Yea, I probably should have read the entire page first, then posted but I didn’t. I saw what you said after I posted. Sorry.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    This debate is for the upcoming July 20 primary. The Libertarian does not have opposition. What you want him to do debate himself?

    • Funny, I don’t recall seeing anything saying “GOP Gubernatorial Debate” in the press release. Perhaps their omission of “GOP” in the document was an error.

    • Sorry Debbie,

      I guess I was just confused by the meaning of “All” and “non-partisan.”

      —–Original Message—–
      From: [email protected]
      To: Daniel N. Adams
      Sent: Fri, May 14, 2010 7:57 pm
      Subject: Re: YOU DECIDE 2010 DEBATES

      All parties were invited, but only Republicans responded. It is non-partisan.

      Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

      From: “Daniel N. Adams”
      Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 19:47:40 -0400
      Subject: YOU DECIDE 2010 DEBATES

      Hi Julianne,

      I was wondering if this is just a GOP primary thing?



      Daniel N. Adams
      Vote Monds for Governor
      [email protected]

      • Janet Reno says:

        You appear to be catching “McBerrian Fever”. Calm down friend. This is a primary debate. You do realize the actual election is in November right? As long as your boy doesn’t attend any pool parties at Ray’s house, he’ll get his chance to debate.

  7. Julianne Thompson says:

    Daniel – Candidates in the Republican and Democratic primaries were invited. No one without a primary opponent was invited, as another debate will take place in the fall featuring the Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian.

    You are certainly welcome to have a table for your campaign at the event.

  8. StephenLocustGrove says:

    Juliann Thompson- You did NOT invite everyone!! Where is Jeff Chapman? How come you decided to UN-INVITE him? Please do not give me the excuse of the top tier candidates. The general population hardly know anything about the candidates and you refuse to include Jeff Chapman…Sounds like FreedomWorks is all about the GOP establishment. Just to let you know I’m not a supporter of Jeff, but I think he should be involved. You and FreedomWorks should be ashamed.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Stephen, if you don’t like the format or agenda of this debate, then YOU raise the thousands of dollars it is taking to put on this debate, and YOU put on your own debate and invite whomever you want. If you don’t want to come because you don’t like who is participating – then don’t. You won’t be missed…

    Also, Stephen while we are at it, please show just one statewide election where someone was polling 2% two months out then came back and made it to the runoff. I am waiting with baited breathe…

  10. StephenLocustGrove says:

    Debbie0040…..I know it takes money to host these events, but all I’m trying to say is to me its wrong that you would EXCLUDE candidates from the debates. Got a ?? for you also. Why is Eric Johnson invited? Please show me one statewide election where someone was polling at 5% two months out then came back and made it to the runoff. NOW I”M WAITING for your hot air response.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    This is our debate and we decided on the top four. If you want to call the shots in a debate, then raise money and organize one . Quit trying to dictate the terms of a debate someone else has organized and raised money for. If you don’t like it, then don’t come, have your own. Eric Johnson is the 2nd highest fund raising candidate in the race and has money to advertise and bring up his poll numbers . We have spoken to Chapman’s campaign and they will be present at the event.

  12. StephenLocustGrove says:

    Wow didn’t mean to get your blood pressure up. Calm down. I didn’t think you could answer my question. So if a candidate is polling at 5% and has money…I guess FreedomWorks thinks you are a viable candidate. Laughable

    “This is OUR debate and WE decided on the top four”
    This should be the people’s debate not YOUR debate. This is what is wrong with SOME of the Tea Party’s.

  13. Julianne Thompson says:

    StephenLocustGrove – This will be my only post in response to someone who can’t debate an issue using his real name, but Jeff Chapman is a wonderful man and is attending the event, but this really isn’t about Chapman is it ? Here are some of your previous posts…

    StephenLocustGrove January 20, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    I was at the debate last night. Karen Handel was very very nervous as was Scott. Jeff Chapman is the worst candidate ever. Seems like a nice guy, but I didn’t learn anything about him. The career politicians never answered the questions especially Handel, Johnson, and Deal. At the GDA forum a couple of weeks ago Johnson said and I quote “He was going to spend 2 Billion dollars on transportation” Where the heck is planning on the getting the money? I will answer for all you establishment GOPer’s. Me and you!!! Ray McBerry was the only candidate that was swarmed by people attending the “debate” afterwards. Karen Handel made a B line towards the door and I’m pretty sure she was the first one that left. All in all there was no real loser in my view except Johnson, Deal, Handel, Scott, and Chapman.

    StephenLocustGrove December 19, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    Ray sending out emails to his volunteers isn’t a press release. Doug Deal you don’t know what you are talking about. Ray McBerry is very honest, caring, and christian man. He is the ONLY real conservative in this race.

  14. StephenLocustGrove says:

    Im not a supporter of Ray’s anymore. I was tricked and fell into the trap like a lot of his former supporters. I was wrong and I can put my ego to the side to say I made a HUGE mistake. So if you feel like you have a “gotcha” moment I will let you have it. The debate you are talking about is one of Jeff’s first debates. He was awful in that debate. I should have said that Jeff did not do well in the debate, but I did not at the time and I apoligize for that. Jeff and his wife are very nice people. I’m not supporting either of them and I understand why you did not invite Ray. I would not invite Ray either.

    • Janet Reno says:

      Step one. (good job Stephen)

      Hi, I’m __________________(insert name here) and I’m a recovering Branch McBerrian.

      Step Two.
      I will open my eyes and consider the preponderance of evidence anytime I form an opinion.

      Step Three.
      I will make amends to all the people I called a RINO or a Socialist when they stated the facts to me.

      Step Four.
      I will realize that Ray McBerry is not the savior of all mankind and that the world will in fact still exist when he doesn’t get elected.

      Step Five.
      I will admit that teachers don’t normally marry their students.

      Step Six.
      I will confess that even though puppies are very cute, they should never be used by grown men to lure teenage girls out into the woods.

      Keep coming back McBerrians…it works if you work it.

      And remember, those “Georgia First” push cards are just a gateway drug!

  15. ByteMe says:

    Im not a supporter of Ray’s anymore. I was tricked and fell into the trap

    Wow. Just wow.

  16. B Balz says:

    Y’all are still yippity-yapping about the man-without-shame-whose-name-I-shan’t-ever-type-again?

    It’s like a drug or something. “At first I just wrote about HIM on the weekends, then it took over my life, I started talking about HIM all the time.” I lost my family, my job, my self respect. Now I try not to walk around in small circles babbling and drooling. Just say No!!!!

    I surely hope one of our technickly savvy PP’ers capture tonight’s debate on a video. I cannot make it, but look forward to seeing it.

  17. StephenLocustGrove says:

    Janet Reno…
    1. I never thought Ray was the savior of all makind.
    2. I will NOT amends to people that are for Big Government.
    3. The GOP is just as bad as the Dem, if not worse. At least Dem’s tell you exactly what they are going to do when they get in office. GOP always do the opposite of what they are going to do.
    4. For all you Karen Handel lovers out there…for some reason people have brought up whether or not Karen has ever graduated HIgh Shcool and I think this is wrong. I’m not trying to suck up to you guys, but I admire what she has done with her life whether she has a diploma or not.

  18. RealityChic says:

    @Janet Reno-Stephen is no Branch McBerrian, he’s a constitutionalist, and a man of integrity, who recognized the sick predator behind the message and walked away. I hope everyone will see the truth very soon.
    @Stephen-I agree, the diploma issue shouldn’t matter. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and John Glenn were all college dropouts, they’ve managed just fine. Karen Handel has demonstrated her ability to lead and make decisions based on principle, despite harsh criticism.
    @Debbie-I support your decision not to invite Ray McBerry, he should be banned from the race, and put on trial. However, I would like to see all of the other candidates included.

    • Janet Reno says:

      If I insulted Stephen then I hope he will accept my apology. I think I said good job for getting out…
      I also agree that Karen Handel’s education cannot be an issue at this point in her life as she has clearly accomplished some great things. I will tell you that she needs to stop saying “21st Century” every ten words. I understand where she’s coming from, but it smacks of a Progressives mindset.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Were you able to go to the debate? I was impressed with the turnout but I wish some of the other races had been debated.

  19. Janet Reno says:

    It was a decent turnout. I think there were more actual undecided voters at the 7th District part. Seemed like a cheer competition among campaign workers at the Gubernatorial.

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