Allan Williamson To Challenge In HD-82 As An Independent

A Dekalb GOP insider has directed me to the website of Allan Williamson, Finance Director of the Georgia Young Republicans. Allan will be collecting signatures to run for the seat being vacated by Kevin Levitas.

A wonderful opportunity has presented itself to me in the form of my local state Representative announcing his retirement on Friday, May 7.

I have made the decision to run for this vacant seat.

I am confident that I am the most qualified candidate to represent my community. However, due to the unusual circumstances of his announcement taking place after qualifying week concluded, I must file as an independent.

Do you live in Georgia House District 82?

We need your help most of all! Under Georgia Elections law we need to get signatures from 5% of the registered voters in this area to even be listed on the ballot in November. We are confident that Allan is the best candidate, now we just need to give HD 82 the opportunity to vote for him!

I’m told the district was competively challenged a few cycles ago. We’ll see in November, assuming Williamson collects the required number of signatures.


  1. iamnotasocialist says:

    If Allan thought he was “the most qualified candidate,” and he is quite obviously a Republican, why did he not choose to qualify instead?

    I wouldn’t hold your breath, Allan.

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      Easy answer. There was an entrenched incumbent running for that seat. Sometimes people gauge the right time and the right situation, and it clearly was neither before.

      • Mike Hauncho says:

        Allan will make a fine candidate and State Representative. Levitas was a conservative Democrat and voted with Republicans more times than not. While the timing may not be perfect it is what it is. I’m just glad that Allan is in a position to run for this open seat and willing to take on the Democrats.

        • Will Harrison says:

          I have to admit that it is hard to have a serious conversation with someone named “Mike Hauncho.” As a fan of Talladega Nights, I laugh every time I see your name on a post.

      • Publius says:

        “due to the unusual circumstances of [Levitas’] announcement taking place after qualifying week concluded, I must file as an independent.”

        I understand his situation, but I also find it a little disingenuous for a partisan bulwark to run as an independent. I view Williamson’s announcement not as goading as Arlen Specters’, but is in the same revolting ballpark.

        • Mike Hauncho says:

          If a Republican or Democrat fails to qualify before the end of the qualifying period they cannot adda candidate to the ballot. That is why Allan, a Republican, is having to run as an Independent. That is not “disingenuous,” thats the law.

          • Agreed – he’s not hiding the fact that he’s a Republican at all. He’s just having to play by the same rules Libertarians have had to play by for some time now.

            • iamnotasocialist says:

              Sure, but then why would he not run as a Republican. It seems awfully opportunistic of him, rather than actually thinking that he could be the best man for the job. If he really thought that he was the best person to represent the district, he would have ran as a Republican against Levitas, plain and simple. And I would hardly call a few-term person “entrenched.”

              • Because it’s easier to beat “nobody” (assuming nobody else files) than the incumbent. Incumbents are just hard to beat because you have people voting that know nothing about the candidates other than the letter of the party beside the name and whether they currently hold that position.

                Though so far I’ve never run for office (and probably never will as I don’t want to subject myself and my family to that kind of public scrutiny) I’ve see that it takes a massive amount of someone’s time to do so. He probably figured his time was better spent on other things at the time.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        The 82nd is a competitive district by Georgia standards, and Levitas was a two-term minority party Representative. Care to explain how he qualifies as “entrenched”?

        • AnyoneElse2010 says:

          It was not too competitive when Levitas won with 100% of the vote in 2008. It was a little competitive when he won by 6 points in 2006. And in 2004 it was competitve when he lost by a couple of precentage points. So yes in 2004 it was a very competitive race. The only problem is alot of things have changed since 2004. Oh yeah and this year it looks like Levitas would have won with 100% of the vote again since no one qualified. Two straight terms with the possiblity of winning with 100% of the vote. Yeah I would call that entrenched.

          • iamnotasocialist says:

            Are you KIDDING ME? In both 04 and 06 it was competetive, with 06 being the first year he even WON. And on top of that, the only reason he won in 2008 (one election cycle ago) with 100% of the vote is that nobody qualified. Now, from one election cycle to another, he went from almost defeated (in his freshman term) to unopposed. That was not a product of being entrenched. Guys like John Lewis are entrenched, and even he has 2 GOP opponents.

            Again, if Allan thought he were the best candidate, he should have qualified, as a Republican, in time.

            • Doug Grammer says:

              Republicans are traditionally pragmatic and conservative with their money. Success is when preparation meets opportunity. Rep. Levitas deciding not to run is an opportunity. A vacancy is easier to win than running against an incumbent. That is pragmatism. Surely you wouldn’t fault someone for taking an opportunity and trying to turn it into a success?

              • iamnotasocialist says:

                Well than maybe he should not say that he is the best man for the job, unless he would like to come out and say that he always loved Levitas, and thought that he did a great job? I understand why he is running, but I think it to be a bit self-serving.

  2. Mozart says:

    As I recall seeing at some event I went to several months ago, Williamson has a cute wife. In politics, that is a positive.

  3. macho says:

    The seat was competitive when there was an “R” on the ballot. Look at Mike Jacobs’ last race to see what happens when a competitive district has an independent running in place of one of the mainstream political parties.

    • macho says:

      And don’t bother bringing up Rusty Kidd. I’m talking about an urban or suburban Rep. district, where the chances of somebody knowing the name of their State Rep is about 10%. Where the only way you run as an independent, without any name ID, is with an unprecedented amount of money.

      • iamnotasocialist says:

        And that “unprecedented amount of money” just won’t pour into the district.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    Money not pouring in to a competitive district without an incumbent isn’t a certainty though, given the slush funds leadership is allowed to amass and distribute.

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