Signs Of Life For A Competitive GA-7 Race?

Last week, I observed that there was very little coming out of the GA-7 Congressional contest to replace John Linder.

Today, we get what I would call a surprise endorsement of Chuck Efstration by powerful and well respected D.A. Danny Porter, along with the current and several past presidents of the Gwinnett Bar Association.

I still have to believe that Clay Cox is the front runner. But I also believe that a safe Republican seat will not be handed over to anyone without a fight. And it looks like Chuck Efstration is preparing to bring his “A” game.

Full press release after the fold.

Gwinnett’s Legal Leadership Endorse Chuck Efstration
Dacula, GA- Chuck Efstration, candidate for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, has received the endorsement of Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter and seven presidents of the Gwinnett Bar Association.
“I am pleased to endorse Chuck Efstration for Congress because he understands the challenges facing law enforcement,” said Danny Porter, Gwinnett’s respected District Attorney since 1992. “We need a Congressman that has the principles and judgment to effectively serve our district and our country in Washington. Chuck is the right man for the job.”
Chuck has also been endorsed by the current president of the Gwinnett Bar Association and six former presidents: Angela Couch Nguyen (current president), Carole Cox, Lyle Porter, Keith Miles, Margaret Washburn, Phyllis Miller, and Michael McGarity.
“It is an honor to have the endorsement of Danny Porter and so many excellent attorneys in Gwinnett County as I seek the Republican nomination for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District,” said Efstration.
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  1. BuckheadConservative says:

    The Gwinnett Bar endorsement would help him with fundraising, I’d think.

  2. Mozart says:

    Hey, no need to point out the former relationship between Porter and Efstration at all. No need at all. Not relevant out here in Gwinnett County. Nope. Who would wonder how Porter came to endorse Chuck, hm? Why would that be relevant or informative? Don’t tell the whole story. Never, never, ever.

  3. pcbobby says:

    This endorsement/release is a lame attempt the impression that Chuck Estration is suddenly this breath of fresh air ready to take the 7th into a new direction. Don’t fall for it. Estration has been with the shady cronies of the Gwinnett County Commission as well as the sheep in Linder’s camp. If you want a new direction, check out Jef Fincher from Duluth.

    • FortesInquitFortunaIuvat says:

      Amateurishly alienating members of your own party calling them “shady cronies, “etc. is a sure way to get people to stop responding: “Jef who?”

      This sort of post underscores the fact that within 2 weeks of his announcement, this is a two-man race between Efstration and Cox.

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