Kathy with a “K” dropping out?

We’re being told via the tipline that Kathy Cox will not seek re-election, and will be holding a press conference in the next hour to announce this decision. The reason for her withdrawal is that she will be beginning a new job at the Education Delivery Institute.

The GOP primary for State School Superintendent is now between John Barge and Richard Woods.


  1. benevolus says:

    Jeez, she could have saved herself $4000 by deciding this a couple of weeks ago. No wonder she’s broke.

    • The General says:

      There’s gotta be some Ga legislator out there that called Kathy up this morning and chewed her out for waiting this long.

  2. Three Jack says:

    8 years and $100 billion too late.

    and wtf is the ‘education delivery institute’? do they generally hire failed school superintendents to help deliver education?

  3. sndeak says:

    Found this with the google….

    Employer: US Education Delivery Institute

    Date: Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Job Type: Gov’t Affairs/Exec. Mgmt


    Location Washington, DC

    Description The US Education Delivery Institute
    (USEDI) is seeking their first Chief Executive Officer (CEO). USEDI is a
    new, fully independent nonprofit venture being launched by The
    Education Trust in partnership with Achieve and McKinsey & Company.
    The CEO will guide the USEDI from its launch phase through its growth.

    Briefly, USEDI will partner with P-12 and higher
    education system leaders to help them define and deliver on key
    educational priorities and goals linked to the important work of
    increasing the number of students, particularly low income and students
    of color, that graduate from high school, and enter and succeed in
    college. The organization’s aim is to help public sector leaders
    translate education reform ideas and policies into replicable and
    sustainable best practices that will bring about transformative change
    in the nation’s educational landscape. USEDI will not be another
    organization offering policy advice. It will be the only education
    nonprofit focused firmly on implementation and the delivery of results.

    Reporting to a board of directors, the Chief Executive
    Officer will be a strategic, innovative leader with experience in
    state-related P-12 and/or higher education. This is a rare, ground-floor
    opportunity for an entrepreneurial individual with a demonstrated
    commitment to systemic change, to build and lead the first organization
    of its kind dedicated to helping education leaders not so much with new
    policy ideas but with the implementation of deep reforms in P-16
    education practice.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      If she continues her “business as usual” attitude, increased office staff, and work ethic like she did in Georgia, she won’t have that job long.

  4. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    This is really good news for Georgia. I suppose she will be working on implementing the causes she believes in, national standards and a massive database tracking every student and teacher nationwide. Somehow she got Georgia in to be one of the pilot states for this massive database, funded by the Gates Foundation.

    I am sure either Barge or Woods will be an improvement over Kathy “Check the Box” Cox.

  5. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Given the way Dr. Barge has been highlighting statistics criticizing “K”athy, I doubt she will be giving him and endorsement or financial contribution…

  6. newby says:

    She must have made quite an impression on the folks in Washington when she was up there working on behalf Georgia.
    I just hope she doesn’t have to make any more decisions that affect Georgia. Too much to hope for I guess.

  7. Doug Grammer says:

    I just got the e-mail: “Superintendent Kathy Cox Leaving Georgia to Lead New National Education Organization

    Kathy Cox, State Superintendent of Schools
    Superintendent Kathy Cox Leaving Georgia to Lead New National Education Organization

    U.S. Education Delivery Institute to help states reach their Race to the Top goals

    May 17, 2010 — State School Superintendent Kathy Cox today announced she will leave her post effective June 30 to become the founding CEO of the U.S. Education Delivery Institute (EDI). She will take the helm of EDI on July 1.”

    There’s a lot more, but the rumor is true.

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