Mac Collins endorses John Douglas

Former Congressman Mac Collins has endorsed State Sen. John Douglas in the Republican primary for Public Service Commission:

Today State Senator John Douglas, who recently announced he would run for Public Service Commissioner, proudly announced the endorsement of former U.S. Congressman Mac Collins. Congressman Collins joins a growing list of prominent Republican leaders to endorse Douglas for PSC, including dozens of members of the Georgia General Assembly.

“Senator Douglas has been a champion of conservative principles in the State Senate and has served the 17th District with honor and integrity. I am confident that he will take his experience and conservative ideals to the Public Service Commission and am pleased to endorse him in his candidacy for the PSC,” stated Congressman Collins.

Senator Douglas thanked Congressman Collins for his support and endorsement saying, “It is an honor to have the endorsement of such an honorable, esteemed and well respected Georgia Republican. I am humbled to have the Congressman’s support, along with so many of my colleagues in the Georgia General Assembly and I will honor their confidence in my candidacy with continued hard work on the campaign trail.”

Douglas is one of four Republicans running the July 20th primary.

No word on whether Collins has conceded to Jim Marshall.


  1. Old Vet says:

    Mac “Feather My Nest” Collins and John “Mr. Sunshine” Douglas deserve each other.
    Will we be left with no one on the PSC who gives a darn about we the people? Since Sonny deep sixed the Consumer Utilities Council, which represented the only consumer voice the PSC members heard, rate increase cases have become pretty much closed hearings where the PSC routinely ignores the recommendations of its own staff and gives the utilities whatever they want. Come to think of it, couldn’t we save a lot of money by letting the Southern Company, AGL, etc provide the PSC staff? Or go a step further and have the regulated companies go ahead and pay the salaries of the members directly.

  2. Big Tuna says:

    If a tree falls in the woods and Mac Collins is there to hear it, does it really make a sound?

  3. Junius says:

    “Mr. Sunshine” – I like that. I have previously referred to Douglas as Nixon without the charm and good looks but I think I like your characterization better.

  4. BuckheadConservative says:

    In other news, in Covington today there is a castsing call for Grumpy Old Men III, Grumpiest Old Men.

  5. Georgia Judge says:

    Jeff May is the much better candidate for this seat,and hopefully will be sucessful in his bid to win it.

      • freetothink says:

        Jeff May’s website may not be pretty but he has a background and experience in dealing with energy issues and the PSC. He chairs the Energy Subcommittee and Tax Reform Subcommittee. Plus he’s is a small business owner. Pretty impressive. Look at the qualifications of all the candidates and then tell me what you think. Check his voting record in the house- pretty strong conservatives.

  6. Harry says:

    It made my week when I heard John Douglas was up for PSC. His is an independent voice and he’ll do what’s right.

    • Lady Thinker says:


      What can you tell us about John Douglas? Some of us are researching him and would like to hear what you have to say.

      • Harry says:

        I don’t know his specific positions on PSC business, but have heard him speak a few times, and have paid attention to his senate votes. He is pro-veteran, pro-America, fiscal conservative, not a lap dog of the leadership, with the personality of a southern gentleman. I trust the man.

  7. Straight Talking Jim says:

    I intend to support Tim Echols because he’s the only solid Conservative not bought and sold by the establishment Republicans.

      • Straight Talking Jim says:

        He has stated that if elected, he will continue the high level of customer service for GA consumers who receive poor service from regulated businesses like phone companies and utilities, work with Utilities and Businesses to help Georgia be less dependent on foreign oil and an incubator for our own renewable energy sources like wind, solar and landfill methane, stand strong against Obama’s cap and trade legislation that will cause electric bills across the state to drastically increase, protect the free market environment for household movers, limousine service and charter bus companies who fall under the PSC for regulation while at the same time set price limits to protect GA consumers from gouging, and work with other Conservatives on the Public Service Commission and in other parts of state government to advance conservative ideals of less government, individual liberty, and the protection of human life.

        • ByteMe says:

          advance conservative ideals of less government, individual liberty, and the protection of human life.

          How does that not sound like he’s going to let Georgia Power and Atlanta Gas Light have their way? The point of the PSC is to represent the people of the state in their dealings with some corporate monopolies. We don’t want a hands-off attitude, because that gets us garbage like SB18.

    • Icarus says:

      Tim Echols was bought by Ox and his money from questionable sources.

      Moreover, he “sells” the services of a volunteer “army of homeschoolers”. Tell me about the ethics of that. Selling the free labor of children for personal profit?

      I’ll pass.

  8. Georgia Judge says:

    Free hit on Jeff’s background well,he has the experience and knowledge to step in and be effective quickly.He is a solid conservetive and all around good guy.I would suggest you make a point to look into his qualifications I think you will agree he is the guy in this race .

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