Bert Loftman Endorses Graves; Drops Out Of July Primary

From Dr. Bert Loftman:

I congratulate Mr. Graves and Dr. Hawkins on entering the Special
Election runoff. They both appear to be good people. However, Tom
Graves has participated in the various forums and debates where he
has won my respect. I believe he is sincere with an honest outlook on
life rooted in Christian values and a solid family life. I support him
as our next Congressman from Georgia. When he goes to Washington, he
will be a leader in advancing Conservative Values.

Unless there is an unexpected event, I am suspending my candidacy for
the Republican Primary on July 20, 2010. Since I am still on the
ballot and if it is appropriate, I will participate in the Lake
Lanier Association forum on May 18 due to my strong interest in
solving Georgia’s water problems.

During my campaign. I have been impressed with the various concerned
citizens and groups such as the Tea Party, 912 Project, Campaign for
Liberty, etc. However, this awareness of some has not yet garnered
support from the “masses” as reflected by the low voter turnout. I am
in hopes that this will change.

My concern is still for our country’s future. We must reverse the
changes of the Progressive Era that occurred during the 1890’s to the
1920’s. During this time we took on the European taxing and banking
system, i.e. the income tax and The Federal Reserve Bank. This age
was also the beginning of the “Living Constitution” doctrine. I will
continue to work on regaining our American Heritage by promoting the
FairTax, stabilizing the dollar, and honoring our Constitution.

Thank you,

Bert Loftman