Special election today

There is a special election today for three seats in the legislature and in the Ninth Congressional District (GA-9) to fill the seat left vacant by Nathan Deal, which has gotten very heated in the last few days between Lee Hawkins and Tom Graves and will likely stay that way because a runoff is expected unless someone can pull out a miracle.

It does seem somewhat pointless to have a special election for the state legislature, even though there are better than normal chances (it’s still unlikely) of having a special session deal with the budget. Those districts made it without representation in the final weeks of the session, I think they’ll be fine if Gov. Sonny Perdue decides to call everyone back.

(Added by Chris: Not only will there be a run-off in June, but then the GOP Primary in July, another run-off in August, and then the General in November)

Here is a look at the candidates on the ballot today.

Ninth Congressional District
(to fill the seat left vacant by Nathan Deal)

Candidate   Party  
Chris Cates   Republican  
Mike Freeman  Democratic
Tom Graves Republican
Lee Hawkins Republican
Bert Loftman Republican
Eugene Moon Independent
Bill Stephens Republican
Steve Tarvin Republican

House District 12
(to fill the seat left vacant by Tom Graves)

Candidate   Party  
Rick Jasperse   Republican  
Truett Moss, II   Republican
Jerry Nally Democratic

Senate District 42
(to fill the seat left vacant by David Adelman)

Candidate   Party  
Jason Carter   Democratic  
David Montane   Libertarian
Steve Patrick Independent  
Tom Stubbs   Democratic  

Senate District 49
(to fill the seat left vacant by Lee Hawkins)

Candidate   Party  
Brandon Givens   Libertarian  
Butch Miller   Republican
Jimmy Norman Republican


  1. Chris says:

    I think the whole thing was pointless, but when you have an unethical slimeball like Deal, thats what you get.

    • Henry Waxman says:


      I’m assuming you must know something about Deal that no one else knows in order to call him an ” unethical slimeball.”

      After 30 years of public service, the only knock that I can find on Deal is a staff report by a powerless Congressional support agency that is managed by Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer’s former Chief of Staff, Bill Cable (a man who Hoyer thanked for his 40 years of service and dedication to the Democratic Party).

      The OCE staff report was obviously devoid of merit since the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (the real arbiter of ethics in Congress) decided NOT to take up the case after reviewing the report.

      With that said, I am looking forward to reasoning behind your accusation that Deal is an “unethical slimeball.”

      • ByteMe says:

        Yawn. Dude, we hashed that out a while ago. Do you really want to threadjack to try to rehash it? Won’t look good for your team if you want to go there.

        • Henry Waxman says:

          Chris starts the comments about the special election by calling Congressman Deal an “unethical slimeball,” and I’m threadjacking by defending the man…Yeah, that makes sense.

          By the way, could you please show me the thread where we discussed where Democratic Leader Hoyer installed his Chief of Staff in charge of the OCE because I certainly do not remember that one.

          • ByteMe says:

            Perhaps we could show you the thread discussing the ethics report — discussing how Deal used his office to maintain a no-bid contract with the state — and how the report was unanimously voted by a bipartisan ethics committee to be released even after Deal left office?

            Deal. Dead. Buried.

            • Henry Waxman says:

              It was a staff report overseen by the Democratic Leader’s long-time chief of staff, and the report was clearly without much merit since it was ignored by the real organization that handles these issues, the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. The OCE is a support organization that simply advises the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. There reports are equivalent to those by the Congressional Research Service; they are meaningless unless acted upon by a real standing Committee.

  2. GOPGrassroots says:


    Graves out in front, solidly

    Hawkins lagging behind (slinging all that mud slows ya down)


    Cates – we’ll see how well a 65K website works


    • McDawg81 says:

      I like your thinking!! I wouldn’t be surprised though to see one of your 3-5 place finishers actually move past Hawkins, probably Tarvin.

      • Joshua Morris says:

        I’m looking for a very strong showing from the most qualified honest supply-side conservative in this race, Lee Hawkins.

        I think he’ll do better than expected in Dawson County, having the support of the former county chair from another campaign who was vilifed by the campaign she left:

        • GOPGrassroots says:

          With 7.5 hours to go, Team Hawkins maintains their negative campaign. Most campaigns try at least to end on a positive note. Not this one, but who needs issues when you have mud to throw! lol

          Is “vilifed” something you eat before you cast “judgement”? Just wondering.

          At least if Stephens are Tarvin make the run off with Graves we can have an honest discussion of the issues, graced by a shared sense of personal decorum from the candidates.


          • Joshua Morris says:

            (“slinging all that mud slows ya down”)

            Thanks for being an example of such forthright positivity. Maybe I should take some lessons from you.


    • Gary Cooper says:

      “Cates – we’ll see how well a 65K website works”

      Unless billboards, four-way intersections, and vacant fields have a vote in this election then that will be $65k not well spent.

      But it can’t be too bad for him though, I saw a Hawkins sign next to a sewer entry pipe just a block from my house this morning. Either its a new supporter or a metaphor for his campaign. 🙂

    • GOPGrassroots says:

      Other than overestimating Stephens, looks like I was right on!

      Prepare for the charge that I’m lying from Team Hawkins.


  3. GVilleMan says:

    Im thinking..

    1. Graves

    2. Stephens (Passing Hawkins with strong showing in Forsyth and Northeastern Counties)

    3. Hawkins

    4. Tarvin

    • Gary Cooper says:

      I think Stephens and Tarvin will do better than many think. I also think the mailers that we in Forsyth have received the last week have turned off voters from Lee Hawkins. I know in my neighborhood alone, several people who were mulling between Hawkins, Stephens, and Graves basically dwindled it down to Graves or Stephens in the last two weeks.

  4. bowersville says:

    Not my CD, but has anyone been to the polls yet?

    I know the prediction is for a light turnout but what’s the actual turnout looking like?

    • kcordell says:

      I have. I was number 70 at 9:45. Not too bad for such a small precenct location. Oakwood, Ga. opened up a third location this time so I’m not sure what the final total will be. The talk is around 10%.

      • McDawg81 says:

        I was number 12 @ 7:15 this morning. I think it will be no more than 12%, unfortunately. The district deserves better – these races are important!

    • Nathan says:

      I wen to go vote early a couple of weeks ago. It’s been fairly light. I’ll go visit a precinct or two in my county and see how turnout is. We’re expecting very light turnout in Walker County.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      Voted at 8am this morning. Turnout was light at my precinct in Cumming, but that is because they merged another precinct with it and quite a few voters were still going to the old one (heard this from a couple coming in to vote and the precinct manager). However, I passed several more precincts on my way in and turnout seemed to be a lot better in those areas as they are in more heavily populated areas of Forsyth County. I heard they are thinking our county to be around 10% and in between 10-15% district wide – which I agree is sad.

      • McDawg81 says:

        5,400 have voted in Hall County as of 3:30 – Projection is now at 7-9 % turnout! EXTREMELY low.

  5. NorthGAGOP says:

    With all of the tough budget issues that we are facing, how much did Deal’s decision to duck out cost the tax payers in the 9th?

  6. Cumming says:

    I was #27 at my precinct at 7:50. I’ve gotten about half a dozen mail pieces from Graves and three from Hawkins. Aside from his introductary mailing, Hawkins has had nothing positive to say. He should end his political career in a dignified way, rather than tearing down someone else to try save his own skin. It’s clearly desperation.

  7. drdjm says:

    Stevens is a good guy…I know I’ve already said that in past posts…but, Graves will probably take Forsyth. I was at Forsyth Precinct #1 this morning with moderate-light turnout, but almost everyone giving me the thumbs up for Tom.
    The real question is if there is a run-off; to whom who will Stephens, Tarvin, etc. throw their support.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          I can blame Moon and Freeman. Just kidding. I am glad that we have so many great candidates to pick from. I can’t wait to see the results.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      I don’t know about Tarvin, but Stephens served in the Senate with Hawkins so there might be a connection there, but he hasn’t said one bad thing about any candidate in this election. Give Stephens credit as he stayed on message with the issues and no mudslinging. Tarvin as well as I don’t think I heard one negative thing come out of his mouth this entire election other than not being a politician – which in hindsight really isn’t a negative at all. 🙂

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