Johnson: “To heck with the federal government”

While reading through my RSS reader last night, I caught a write up about the story Pete touched on yesterday, but this one has a quote from Eric Johnson that I thought was worth passing along:

Eric Johnson, a former state senator now running for governor, visited the center Monday and said a blessing outside just before lunch to roughly 50 elderly citizens.

“I told them they’re not fighting this alone,” Johnson, a Republican, told “To heck with the federal government — we can’t stop people from free practice of their faith.”


  1. Tireless says:

    Good for Johnson. Johnson and his family “walk the talk” regarding practicing their faith …. EJ’s wife works for a church, his son is a minister, EJ and his wife have been directly involved in providing missionary work around the globe.

    As a side note, the company in question reversed itself and told the seniors they are allowed to pray before eating a federally subsidized meal. I would like to know the name of the tool that initially told them otherwise.

  2. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    I still haven’t decided who is my choice for governor, though I’ve ruled a few nuts and berries out. I have heard Johnson speak and find his witty and colorful language to to refreshing. I guess that means I haven’t ruled him out yet:) It’s hard to choose when there isn’t one who stands out in a good way.

    • Mozart says:

      As I recall from watching the Drama Queen at the Sixth District event last week, the job of governor is a “serious job with serious consequences and it needs serious leaders willing to step up for serious leadership.”

      In short, “colorful language” in the Goober’s Mansion is not what the Drama Queen will be bringing to the position. The Queen will more likely resemble your way-too serious great aunt who is always correcting you every moment of your visit.

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        Oh no, not one of those…correcting your grammar and pinching your cheeks every time you see her.

        Of course, I will consider more than colorful and witty language before I vote, but I have not been completely impressed by any of the candidates I have heard speak, and I think I’ve heard them all, except for Jeff Chapman and Otis the Greeter.

        Unfortunately, the one that looks best on paper is probably just pandering about every issue, so I don’t believe a word of it…

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        Of course. I ruled him out 4 years ago. All that has come out in recent weeks just proves I was right:)

    • benevolus says:

      For what? Inventing a “crisis” that he could jump on without actually having to do anything?

        • drjay says:

          i would guess mayor jones may have asked for his help, part of PW is in his old senate district, this town is only a couple of exits up the interstate from his home, which probably does more to explain his involvement than anyhting else…

          • benevolus says:

            His help to do what!? The whole thing is a fraud. No one was unable to pray! If there was a Christian prayer said out loud then maybe EJ should have said “in respect to any Jews or Buddhists present, perhaps they should refrain from an organized prayer like that” or something. But no. He brought a can of gasoline and a match and a microphone (and probably a camera) and inflamed the myth of this alleged Christian persecution.

            • drjay says:

              they were told by rutherford not to pray, the mayor even considered canceling the contract w/ them to provide meals at the senior center, this was already local news down here before fox and drudge sniffed it out, and had even been on fox before EJ ever got involved

              • ByteMe says:

                So if I understand it right, an administrator misinterprets the rules and EJ jumps in front of the parade and gets all populist about it and rails about the “Guvmint” and the administrator backs down. That about sum it up?

              • benevolus says:

                You left something out drjay: He told them not to do “the usual open prayer before meals”, which sounds like out loud for everybody. That is not the same as “praying”. Anybody can pray anytime they want and no one would even know. The government just wants the Episcopalians and the Lutherans as well as the Jews and Buddhists to feel just as welcome to their subsidized cheese as the Baptists. It’s a big cheese tent.

      • Tireless says:

        In case you missed the facts. Port Wentworth is right next to where EJ lives. This problem popped up all by itself. EJ heard the news, got in his car and went over to the senior center to let them know he would fight on their behalf. What’s frosted your shorts, sugar britches? The yucky Christianity stuff or you hate old people.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    Look for other candidates to soon close the “Prayer Gap” between themselves and Johnson.

    I’ll be praying at the polls …

  4. jppaa says:

    Nice Job for Johnson. We all know why Ox hasn’t been doing much: he thinks he has it made, and it doesn’t want people to call him out for what he has done as insurance commissioner: lie, cheat, and steal. There are certain candidates I’m not fond of or question their decision making, but people like Oxendine and McBerry are terrible human beings that I could never flat out trust. Johnson is a good man we can trust that stands for principles and doing the right thing. I can’t say that for those other two, and I don’t trust Karen Handel to even finish out her term as Governor before she decides to run for the next bigger and better thing like she’s done with her previous two positions she promised to be “committed to”.

  5. clifton says:

    Pandering? It’s called being pro-active. If y’all know Eric at all, he doesn’t sit idly by like the other do-nothing politicians (Deal), stands out in front of issues because its the popular thing to say (Ox), or take credit for what HER predecessors did (Handel).

    Although unfavorable at times, Eric sticks to his guns. I may not agree with him 100% of the time, but I at least respect him over the rest of the field.

  6. jm says:

    Well, this agnostic/deist wonders why someone at the company was stupid enough to think that the federal gov’t has a say here. The federal government cannot force you to pray, nor can it force you not to pray. Doing so violates the first amendment.

    As an educator, I’ve dealt with this exact issue in school. Kids can pray, teachers can’t. Teachers can’t lead a prayer, but students can; as long as no one is forced to pray it doesn’t violate the Constitution.

    If these senior citizens, who have served us well by running this country before us – building roads, bridges, teaching our generation, fighting in Korea and WWII – if they want to pray, they deserve it. Now, whoever was in charge may have misinterpreted the law – he, as an agent of the government, bringing in the food, cannot lead a prayer. Maybe he got instructed, and was just confused.

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