Governor Perdue’s long road home

A three-month FOX 5 I-Team investigation, which we teased yesterday, learned that Georgia taxpayers will spend $100,000,000.00 to widen a state highway through Governor Sonny Perdue’s hometown of Bonaire. The new highway will also run right along property owned by the Governor. Project records show that Governor Perdue was actively involved in deciding where the road would go.


  1. ByteMe says:

    bartsimpsonisdaman coined the right phrase earlier:

    Republicans love pork ‘n’ teens.

  2. ready2rumble says:

    Can’t wait for the Deal and Johnson sock puppets to jump in and say Handel was actively involved, because she was a Sr. staffer for Sonny,

  3. dj says:

    GA GOP at it’s finest…doesn’t this make you respect Ray Boyd even more??? He knows his real estate, and he has integrity, and the others are going to fall out right behind good ole boy Sonny…just watch them…

    • Ambernappe says:

      Don’t get your knickers in a knot just yet – the first segment leaves a lot to be desired – wait until the last segment has been reviewed and re-considered by current and former residents !!!!!
      I firn it hard to believe that Roy Barnes would argue over this one !!!

  4. mitchmartin says:

    That was like my prom date, all the anticipation and then no payoff. What exactly am I supposed to be outraged about?

  5. bruhsam says:

    My tweet from earlier: “I watched the Big Fox Iteam special investigative report on Gov. Purdue supposedly influencing road design in his favor. One word: weak.”

    As an engineer who works in this field I can say there was no smoking gun. There wasn’t even a whiff of gunpowder. If Fox really spend 3 months on this, they need to find something else to do.

  6. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Oh, who cares about Sonny…Round 1 of the Graves vs. Hawkins battle royale is tomorrow…I’m excited.

  7. Pine Knot says:

    Graves will come out on top.

    And you ppl want Handel. This type of story just helps Johnson, Deal, and Oxendine..

    • Deal’s been accused of doing something very similar.
      Oxendine has enough problems with Crown Vics and Red Lights.
      EJ worked just as much as Handel did with Governor Perdue, and is just as connected to Perdue – especially if you look at the money.

      Thanks for playing, but please try again.

      • Pine Knot says:

        Vote Barnes!! Is that what you are saying?
        I know a lot that are not very happy with the lineup.
        I won’t vote for Ox or Handel, and I’m more conservative than the average Georgian. Never voted for a Dem.

        • Just saying this type of story doesn’t really help or hurt any of the current slate. Handel included.

          Except for maybe Chapman. It hurts Chapman because it doesn’t mention him, and he needs all the earned media he can get right now.

      • Ambernappe says:

        Whatever happened to the plan which indicated Warner-Robins will be a “bedroom” community to the Atlanta area by something like 2020 ? Hate to be unspecific, but just do not remember the detail. Sonny Perdue has every right to review the plans , as he is a lifelong, second or third resident of Houston County.

  8. SouthGAConservative says:

    I really expected this to be more exciting.

    And as for dj, Boyd’s puppet, really? The guy that wants to take on debt to solve the budget problems? Yeah, leverage it out, he’s definitely a developer!
    No thanks.

  9. Seems like a whole lot of buildup, for not much substance. A lot of hemming and hawwing with no real evidence the Governor has done anything wrong, or even substantive information on precisely how he benefits.

    I do know this, the intersection they did not want widened to a four lane would be a trainwreck. Go ride 96 at 3-4 PM and find out for yourself exactly why.

    • Ambernappe says:

      You are so right. We lived near that intersection for several years. The first installment omits important details, including that Frito-Lay enters onto 96. Several businesses at the intersection, including a great bar-b-que establishment , a ge4rden center, and an important gasoline station share a dangerous area.

      I will withhold further comments until the series is complete.

      Except that, is this part of the configuration in the plan of the OX to steer Hartsfield cargo to the Macon area. (rhetorical)

    • dj says:

      Ronald Daniels,
      Sonny appointed Tommy Irvin as Agricultural Committee Chair/Head, who in turn appointed Fayette County Animal Control Director Miguel Abi-hassan as the advocate/spokesperson for prevention of animal cruelty for the State of GA…. I am witness to, at the time , “Director Abi-hassan’s” mismanagement of an horrific animal neglect/abuse case in Fayette County that resulted in a tethered dog’s death…go Sonny!!!

  10. Romegaguy says:

    Im just shocked Peter is writing about things that dont involve black politicians. Must be a slow blog day

  11. fishtail says:

    Look for one of the Gov candidates to run a TV ad promising to scuttle this boondoggle if elected. Deal or Ox would be most likely for this sort of manuver.

  12. Jawgadude says:

    Handel has her own road problems – This was from Chuck Shiflett’s blog: Karen Handel May Have Just Overplayed Her Hand – First let’s jump in the Wayback Machine and head to 2002 when then gubernatorial candidate Sonny Perdue teamed up with folks in the Gwinnett and Forsyth County areas who were opposed to the then proposed Northern Arc roadway that would link I-75 and I-85. Despite substantial evidence that Georgia travelers would benefit from a northern link between these two Interstate Highways, the NIMBY’s (not in my backyard) were opposed and took a gamble on Perdue being elected, falling in behind him. Sitting Governor Roy Barnes felt the pressure and pulled the project in July 2002. Perdue won and the Northern Arc as proposed died a permanent death.

    Now let’s fast forward to the present. Karen Handel is running to replace Perdue, who is term limited from seeking a third term. Many of Perdue’s supporters and handlers are in the Handel camp, including former Perdue spokesman Dan McLagan, who is filling the same role for Handel. It comes as no surprise that Handel, who trails significantly behind John Oxendine in the polls, is desperate to rally some key constituencies to her cause. Forsyth and Gwinnett Counties are fertile GOP territory and will supply a chunk of votes in the upcoming July GOP Primary… especially with a contested congressional race on the ballot to replace the retiring John Linder. Someone, possibly McLagan, convinced Handel it would be a great strategic move to resurrect a dead dog… the Northern Arc, and then rally that same network of people who backed Perdue to get behind her to stop the road again. Newsflash for Ms. Handel… there are no current DOT plans to resurrect the Northern Arc.

    However, for roughly 30 years there have been plans to build what is known as the 411 Connector in Bartow County. This roadway would provide a limited access route connecting the existing median-divided U.S. 411 running from Rome to Cartersville to a new extension that would tie into I-75… giving northwest Georgians a way to bypass the traffic clogged dogleg where U.S. 41, U.S. 411, and GA 20 all currently intersect. The Chambers of Commerce in both Floyd and Bartow Counties have been on record in support of this roughly 6-mile roadway extension for many years and the road has the backing of the majority of residents in the area.

    On Wednesday, The Northern Arc Task Force took out half-page advertisements in the AJC, and the newspapers in Cartersville and Rome, opposing the currently planned Route D for the 411 Connector, claiming the Georgia Department of Transportation had chosen this route in an attempt to sneak through the Northern Arc in a piecemeal manner. Their belief is that Route D, which would tie into I-75 at the current GA 20 interchange, would be the first leg of the resurrected Northern Arc. Instead they want the DOT to choose proposed Route G, which would tie into I-75 several miles north of the Highway 20 interchange.

    Most of the traffic utilizing the 411 Connector would be headed south to and from Cobb County and Metro Atlanta. Those desiring to head north on I-75 would probably take the much shorter routes of GA 140 through Adairsville or GA 53 though Calhoun. This is important. Though Route G is a couple of miles shorter than D and would be cheaper to construct, by building Route G instead of the DOT favored Route D, several miles would be added to the commute of those driving to and from Cobb and beyond. This translates into a significant amount of extra miles, wear & tear on vehicles, extra fuel, and additional time behind the wheel for the thousands of vehicles that would travel this route every day. The DOT’s own studies show usage of Route G would be much lower than Route D and would do little to alleviate traffic congestion in Cartersville.

    One more thing to ponder… Route D would require the acquisition of some of the land owned by the prominent (and wealthy) Rollins family who has a large farm in the road’s path. The Rollins clan has fought this road tooth and nail from day one and cost taxpayers a fortune in legal fees and additional environmental impact studies. The Rollins were supporters of Perdue. I’d bet a box of doughnuts some of their money has or will find a way into Handel’s campaign coffers as well as that of The Northern Arc Task Force.

    For thirty years we residents of northwest Georgia have frustratingly waited for the traffic relief this road will provide. From the beginning the 411 Connector has been a standalone project, and was and still is desperately needed whether or not any type of Northern Arc is ever constructed. A couple of hours after the Northern Arc Task Force ads hit newsstands, Karen Handel issued a press release backing their opposition to Route D. I’m afraid Dan McLagan has lead Handel into something I bet she now wishes she had avoided. I for one can no longer consider Handel as a viable pick for governor, and I bet there are a lot of other area residents who now feel the same way. 3-3-10

    Handel’s Hand In The Cookie Jar – A review of Karen Handel’s campaign contribution reports reveal that she accepted over $12,000 from members of the Rollins family. Randall Rollins and Gary Rollins contributed $6,100 each to Ms. Handel for her 2010 Primary. The Rome News Tribune is also reporting that Jeff Anderson, head of the Northern Arc Task Force, made an in-kind contribution of $256.44 for refreshments for a Handel event in November 2009. While Handel’s campaign of course denies charges that her decision to oppose the current route selected for the 411 Connector project was based upon contributions received, this ones smells and I’ve heard from a number of NW Georgians who have dropped Handel from consideration. 3-5-10

  13. Gary Cooper says:

    Watched the first segment and so far I cannot find anything that he has done wrong. Normally the I-team does a good job, but every once in a while they go off the deep about a story that just isn’t there. I will watch the rest to see if Sonny is doing anything wrong, but my first judgment is that he hasn’t.

  14. fishtail says:

    Handel should take this opportunity to distance herself from Perdue’s ethical problems by promising to re-evaluate the location of this road to make sure no politics are involved.

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