Graves comes out swinging against Hawkins; shows Hawkins altered court documents as part of campaign attack

Just received into the Peach Pundit Operations Center:

Hawkins’ Email Proves He Altered a Document and Failed to Disclose Frivolous Suits Against Graves Were Canceled or Dismissed

“This is just another attack in Lee Hawkins’ political career that proves he will say and do anything to get elected.”

(RANGER, GA) – Unable to stop his campaign from crumbling Lee Hawkins today continued his false, negative personal attacks against conservative Republican Tom Graves.

On Thursday, Hawkins sent a false mailer to voters saying Graves had a “JUDGEMENT” to pay his bills and that he was “currently being sued.”

However, in the email released today by Hawkins it proves he altered court documents in attempt to cause harm to Graves’ campaign for Congress.

Jump after the fold to learn more and download the documents at issue.

Hawkins selected partial copies of the papers to include on the mailers and in one instance he added a “JUDGEMENT” stamp on the court records. But in the documents released by Hawkins today nowhere does it show the “JUDGEMENT” stamp, proving it was added by Hawkins.

Hawkins also removed half of the document in the mailer, thus eliminating the official stamp from Gordon County Magistrate Court stating that the action had been cancelled.

In addition, Hawkins continues his false attack that Graves is currently being sued, but fails to provide the documentation showing the lawsuit had been dismissed nearly two years ago by the plaintiffs.

“In his own email, Lee Hawkins proves his negative mail piece is bogus,” said Tim Baker Graves Campaign Manger. “He added a “JUDGEMENT” stamp that was never on the official document and fails to show that both lawsuits had been cancelled or dismissed. Unable to advance his campaign on the issues, Lee Hawkins continues playing gutter politics by personally attacking Tom. I don’t see how any of these attacks demonstrate to the voters why they should elect Lee Hawkins.”

“This is just another attack in Lee Hawkins’ political career that proves he will say and do anything to get elected,” added Baker. “Desperate candidates do desperate things and Lee Hawkins is a desperate candidate trying to save his political career.”

Baker says North Georgia can take comfort in the fact they should only have another couple days to put up with Hawkins’ deceptions. “With Tom Graves, you get a genuine proven leader who has never met a tax cut he didn’t like, is as solid as a rock on the 2nd Amendment and will fight with ever fiber in his body to limit the role of government in our lives.”

Judge for yourself by reviewing the attachments:

· The Truth Still Matters: Side by side comparison of Hawkins’ altered documents and official document from the Gordon County Magistrate Court

· Hawkins’ attack mail piece with “JUDGEMENT” stamp on an altered court document

· Hawkins’ document revealing no “JUDGEMENT” stamp or “CANCELLATION FILED & RECORDED” stamp from the Gordon County Magistrate Court

· Official Gordon County Magistrate Court document showing the action was nullified with a “CANCELLATION FILED & RECORDED” stamp

· Hawkins attack mail piece saying “Graves’ business is currently being sued.”

· Letters dated July 14, 2008 from plaintiff’s attorney dismissing lawsuit


  1. GVilleMan says:

    Lee Hawkins is getting desperate, Even if the Hall voters turn out in big numbers… Stephens and Graves will have more total votes and will be in a run-off

    • seekingtounderstand says:

      Hall County will not support Hawkins…. we don’t like him either.
      Hall County is corrupt and he does nothing to stop it.

  2. Tiberius says:

    Ooooh, this is getting good. I so hope these 2 end up in the runoff. I need some drama!!

  3. Justin Tomczak says:

    Mud-slinging and personal attacks based on half-truths, photo-shopped documents, and fabricated “dirt” have nothing to do with the issues facing this nation. Campaigns such as the Hawkins-Mud-Machine turn citizens off to the political process and enable the other side to advance their agenda.

    For all the high minded posts on here from Team Hawkins about sticking to the issues, their campaign has completely lost sight of what we are trying to do here – elect the right person to represent us in Congress. It is disappointing to watch, hurtful to the political process, and undermines the advancement of our conservative values.

    In the past few weeks the Hawkins campaign has engaged in a race to the bottom:

    – Joshua Morris and Mark Pettitt downloaded my personal Facebook photos to their personal computers and uploaded them to their own walls – calling me a lobbyist and friend of liberals (for appearing with my coworkers and the former Mayor of Atlanta at a YMCA event). As of yesterday, Joshua Morris still has this picture of me up, despite my requests to remove it so as not to offend my coworkers whose political affiliation I do not know.

    – Mark Rountree has compared us to the Mafia on his Facebook page.

    – Hawkins mailers/emails have accused us of breaking federal law and now they have altered court documents in an effort to question Tom’s integrity as a small business man. Yesterday they had a lawyer attacking Tom on a robo-call on this same issue.

    Given this evidence of a complete disregard for the truth and decency, I fully expect Team Hawkins to continue to personally attack Tom and his team of supporters and say/do whatever they think it takes to try and tear down Tom and prevent his victory in this race.

    I call on the Hawkins team to get back to the issues, to tell us why you think you candidate is the right one, and to get back on the high road from which you have completely strayed. Criticize Tom on the JOBs bill if you like, disagree with him on policy positions, and tell the voters why you think your guy would be better in Congress.

    Facebook privacy intrusions/racially insensitive posts, personal attacks, misleading and altered court documents…we’ve had enough and the people deserve better.

    Thank you.

    • McDawg81 says:

      Good job Justin!
      I too have been asking for the facts – and to keep the discussion civil. I have talked with several people here in Hall county who have told me that the negative ads of the Hawkins camp has been the deciding factor in them now supporting Tom. Can you say backfire?

      • McDawg81 says:

        Could be – he gave me the nickname Knucklehead. Probably not as sinister as Kneecaps, but hey, who’s keeping score?

    • reaganrev4 says:

      Quite a self righteous posting for anyone that has been paying attention, Justin. I’m sure you and the rest of the Graves team had no inkling of an idea the FALSE CFG ad was going to air. Give me a break. When has Hawkins ever said “I refuse to sign the Club for Growth Obamacare repeal pledge”? NEVER! Im sure they conveniently didn’t even think to send it to him, and of course he would sign it, I have heard him discuss ad nausea how terrible that bill is so maybe you and the rest of the Graves team needs to stop pointing the finger and start pulling back the thumb. (My high school english teacher deserves credit for the last line. He always used it when people couldn’t accept PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY) Much love MOMS out there

    • Joshua Morris says:

      What’s up, Justin? Someone must have told you what is still on the wall of my FB page, since you blocked me. Grow up, man. I made very clear that the whole picture thing was just for fun, but you blew a gasket over it. We must have hit a nerve, mister “i am not nor do i lobby” public affairs guy. You can sure dish it out, but you can’t take it.

      You and the other Graves minions around here have been lobbing mud for months now full of lies and misrepresentations. Then the Hawkins team shows some of the unsavory details of your guy’s business dealings, and all your heads explode while you split hairs to try to make it seem like documents have been falsified (which I believe Atticus has covered below).

      I’ve said all along that we should all just be honest about this campaign, but you guys have not. Nothing dishonest has come from the Hawkins campaign.

      Stop whining.

      • gagop77 says:

        If you went into my facebook albums and downloaded one of my pics I’d block you too. That’s just weird.

  4. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Ha ha, amateurs. Learn to spell “judgment.”

    Rountree can’t even spell the fake element of a bogus hit job correctly. Go back to Gwinnett, moron.

  5. Jim Bob says:

    Honestly, both candidates are slinging untruths and misleading attacks. Does anyone really believe that any of the candidates, aside from Freeman, wouldn’t repeal ObamaCare if given the chance? The Club for Growth video spot was absolutely outrageous and insulting.

    I have to say, I was disappointed that Graves didn’t take the high road and publicly ask the Club for Growth to pull the spot. THAT would have been the right thing to do amd consistant with what Graves supporters have been saying…..he is a man of prinicple. In my opinion, he would certainly have gained more support that way.

    At this point, it really is getting difficult to know who the players are and that’s with a program guide.

    I just hope all this back and forth doesn’t allow a carpetbagger from Atlanta, who has never voted in the Ninth District, to sneak in and take the prize…….

    • provisional says:

      Like it or not, at least the CFG has facts to back up their Ad (they have a Repeal it pledge that 4 of the 6 republican’s in the race have signed, but Lee refuses too) and it is based on POLICY, not personally attacking a person’s character by knowingly altering court documents. To me there are no comparing the two. And after reading Justin’s post above, this is behavior that has no place in politics. I respect your opinion, but in the last two days, in my eyes the attacks have crossed the line. I can say that I have not recieved ONE piece of mail, robocall, or ad from the Graves campaign, that went anywhere near this type of classless, cheap false attempt at character assaisnation. Everything I have recieved from the Graves campaign has highlighted, WITH FACTS, the policy differences of the two candidates and provided FACTS to fight back against the false claims the Hawkins campaign is slinging against Graves.

      • Jim Bob says:

        Back off, Provisional.

        I didn’t say I was backing either candidate, unlike most everyone else on this and other postings regarding Graves&Hawkins.

        As for signing a pledge, I know there are a good number of politicians at all levels that refuse to sign pledges. This doesn’t mean they don’t support the particular effort. I know that some of the most conservative Members of Congress have refused to sign pledges on not raising taxes, but that doesn’t mean they are going to support tax increases.

        We elect politicians to, hopefully, do what is right and VOTE the will of their consituents. Not sign pledges, but VOTE the way we would like them to VOTE.

        Again, I am not advocating for either one of these candidates over the other. I am not even complaining about the Club for Growth getting involved. But, I am saying their ad was disingenuous and certinaly insulting to an educated voter such as myself.

      • reaganrev4 says:

        Facts, provisional? Hawkins has never refused to sign anything. Since he didn’t call the Club for Growth and say “hey guys, just calling to see if you have any new pledges out there I can sign!” he is refusing? Healthcare has never been brought up without Hawkins explaining how much of a travesty the bill is. Maybe we all could use a little lesson in what the truth really is and quit pointing the finger

        • provisional says:

          He can sign the plegde tonight. Go to and Hawkins can sign it tonight. The website has been available 24/7 to all candidates.
          So that is how CFG has been able to talk about the contrast in policy, Graves has signed the pledge, Hawkins has not.
          NOW about that little issue about altering court documents in press relesases…pretty low, scummy thing to do. Based on your previous post, I don’t expect a factual, rational reply, but would hope you would tell your boss to stick to the issues and not false, doctored, personal, attacks.

          • Carpet Capital says:

            I have to agree with Jim Bob, why does it matter if someone signs a stupid pledge? I am not endorsing either candidate but I have seen many press releases and ads out there from the Hawkins campaign pledging to repeal and replace Obamacare. I don’t need my candidates to sign a pledge put out there by a third-party interest group. You should be smart enough to seek out the facts for yourself.

            • reaganrev4 says:

              you said it better than I could. Barack Obama has “pledged” to do a lot of things. I can support someone because they are a genuine man, I have no employment in politics, Hawkins is a very outspoken opponent of Obamacare, I dont know how you can try and claim the CFG ad genuine

  6. AlanR says:

    Photoshopping is never the right thing to do. Bad stuff.

    The mailer was was a mistake, and the mail guy deserves to be criticized, but it may not be in Graves’s best interest to talk about his business. If talking about his business was good politically, he’d be talking about it by now. And he’s not. Politically, Graves better hammer Hawkins and get all he can out of the photoshop/lying issue before someone focuses on his business.

    Beyond that, does anyone know what business of Graves had the judgment? The only thing I see in any of this material that names names is something called Tich Hospitality in the dismissal letter. Is that the business with the judgment — and does anyone know what it does? And please don’t tell me its a salvage business.

    • provisional says:

      “the mail guy deserves to be criticized”

      So it was the mail guy who was responsible, not Hawkins, the name that the mailer was paid and sent out by???

      • AlanR says:

        Of course, you’re right, Prov. Hawkins is responsible, completely. I was thinking from a political perspective. And the mail guy does deserve it. Hawkins approved it but someone else juggled the images and added stuff. A different mail guy might have avoided the problem and still made the points about Graves and his businesses.

        The final responsibility rests with the candidate. Always.

  7. I Am Jacks Post says:

    How did Rountree get a congressional race anyway? I thought the only races he gets are for something ending in “Council.”

    • Stump Barnes says:

      Does anyone know if Mark Rountree or his firm did the Hawkins mail piece?

      I’m a little surprised that they’d do something that is that easy to disprove.

      • I Am Jacks Post says:

        “I’m a little surprised that they’d do something that is that easy to disprove.”

        This is obviously your first brush with Rountree’s work.

  8. Atticus Grinch says:

    “the official stamp from Gordon County Magistrate Court stating that the action had been cancelled.”

    That’s not the entire truth. Here are the facts, based on the documents:

    1) Mr Graves’ company was sued and lost (maybe they filed a response and fought the case and lost, maybe they filed no response and lost by default);

    2) A judgment was in fact entered against Mr Graves’ company;

    3) The document shown in the ad is a “Fifa”, which is recorded in the public records after a judgment is entered;

    4) The Fifa was marked cancelled several months after it was recorded. This Fifa could only have been cancelled at the request of the Plaintiff or the Plaintiff’s lawyer. This indicates to me that the judgment was either paid by Graves’ company or that the parties reached a settlement to satisfy the judgment.

    5) To say the “action was cancelled” is different from saying the Fifa was cancelled. The first implies the case was dismissed. In actuality, Graves’ company had a judgment entered against it, but that judgment was paid or otherwise satisfied.

    6) Big deal. There could have been a legitimate business dispute here. Just because a person is sued — or even loses a lawsuit — does not mean that person did anything wrong or unethical.

    • I’m just going off the documents listed above, and have not read into this issue fully – but the last document posted is a dismissal of the complaint by the Plaintiff. I interpret that to mean that the entire case was dismissed, but it could be in reference to something else – as I said, I haven’t fully looked at this issue or this race.

      I will say this, does it really matter if someone has been sued? Unless it was for some tort like false imprisonment or battery, what relevance does it have? Sure, there are other instances that would raise questions. But as Atticus said, businesses get sued – it happens. Breach of contract is a big issue, does it mean someone has done something unethical – not necessarily so.

  9. BuckheadConservative says:

    Like Mark Twain said, there are lies, damned lies, and photo shopped Gordon County Magistrate judicial documents.

  10. Doug Grammer says:

    Have I mentioned Tuesday can’t get here fast enough? I want to see how others in this race whose names aren’t Hawkins or Graves do. We may be surprised. Turn out has been low.

    • Glen Ross says:

      Low across the entire district? That’s unfortunate. I’m sure this nitpicking isn’t going to inspire more folks to run to the polls tomorrow.

      • McDawg81 says:

        With the low turnout, coupled with the number of candidates and the combined number of mailers – it would not surprise me to see someone other than Hawkins win in Hall County! Tuesday night, Wednesday morning may be interesting….

  11. Technocrat says:

    Does anyone know which candidate has the support of Kipper Tools, the districts Private Secret Military Contractor founded when Deal first became a Congressman with almost half Billion in Sales over past decade to Uncle Sam.

  12. Old Vet says:

    Have any or you lawyers ever seen the word spelled “judgement” on a legal document? A dentist may spell it that way, but a court document would likely ne spelled “judgment”.

  13. Well you turn your eye away from Peach Pundit for a day and look at the weeds that can grow here.

    It appears that a false issue of photoshopping is beings raised in order to avoid talking about Tom Graves’ business problems.

    Fair enough. Now for the rest of the story…

    For the record: I have nothing against Tom personally. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, as is Lee Hawkins.

    But that doesn’t prevent the issue being raised of comparing the business models practiced by both men. There is a world difference.

    First, Justin Tomczak claimed on Graves’ e-letterhead that, “No judgments were found against Tom or his businesses, contrary to what was stated in Hawkins attack piece.”

    If that’s true, what’s this?

    This is a document that is referred to as a “Fi Fa”, which is a lien against defendant’s personal and real property. It is given when judgments are awarded against someone. The Fi Fa was canceled only after the judgment was satisfied. Cancelation of a Fi Fa does not mean the judgment was not awarded. It was. The judgment date is April 20, 2009.

    Just because you paid the judgment doesn’t mean the judgment never existed.

    As for supposedly photoshopping: this is not true and did not happen.

    The word ‘judgment’ … was placed on top of this judgment document … in order to identify it as a judgment. The word “judgment” appears in the document *four* times.

    It did not materially change anything to identify a judgment as a judgment.

    Oh yeah — and judgment and judgment — both can be spelled with or without an e 🙂 try wikipedia…

    • AlanR says:

      Its all in the software. My spellchecker says judgment, but both dictionaries said either judgment of judgement is acceptable.

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