Oh, Those Records You Requested? They’re Scheduled To Be Destroyed In A Flood Tomorrow

The tipline alerted us to this story in the Marietta Daily Journal. Apparently Judson Hill is the subject of an ethics complaint for not fully disclosing campaign expenditures. Hill paid some expenditures himself, then reimbursed himself as the disclosed item, without breaking out the actual expenditures. Sounds dull, right? Until he explains what happened to the back up documentation:

The document also notes that the loans, one of which was reportedly made in 2008 but not reported on Hill’s finance documents until 2009, were for specific amounts, such as $3,767.23, “obviously revealing that they were payments for specific goods or services rather than true loans to the campaign.”

Knighton accuses Hill of covering up the nature of his expenses and concludes: “If this practice is allowed, candidates could simply loan themselves the money needed to finance their campaigns and report all expenditures as ‘loan reimbursements.’” He wants the ethics commission to order Hill to produce receipts for the expenses and amend his reports to detail the expenses.

WSB-TV reported this week that Hill told them his basement, where his receipts and files are kept, flooded the day after Channel 2 asked for them.

Senator Hill, failing to be original, blames the ethics charge on a political witch hunt and lib’ral media:

Hill responded to our call for comment with this e-mail: “This is nothing more than a typical political smear tactic: file an unfounded complaint at the beginning of election season and then race to the media with it in the hopes that they’ll report it.”

“It is, of course, quite common and perfectly legitimate for a part-time legislator to use his personal car to drive to campaign events and to pay for campaign expenses such as meals, parking, taxis, etc.,” Hill wrote. “Over the many years that I have been serving the people of my district, I have driven many thousands of miles and paid out-of-pocket many small expenses related to my campaign. Like many people, I keep records of my car mileage and expenses then periodically get reimbursed, or list them as a campaign loan.”

Continue reading the MJD story for his primary opponant Linda Coker’s side of the story. In the mean time, I can happily report that only Senator Hill’s records were damaged in the flood. His awesome and unique hair was apparently unharmed in the incident.


  1. BuckheadConservative says:

    Let me go ahead and post Judson’s wife Shelly’s response so she doesn’t have to:

    YOU LIE!!

    • sandysprings says:

      I was at that meeting when she yelled at Linda. I think every person in the room turned and shot dagers out of their eyes at her. Haven’t seen Judson or Shelly at Fulton GOP HQ since then.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    and then his dog ate the records while he was trying to dry them for defense of the ethics violations accusations

    • In The Arena says:

      “file an unfounded complaint at the beginning of election season and then race to the media with it in the hopes that they’ll report it” -Karen Handel’s one and only campaign strategy

  3. John Konop says:

    I know nothing about the situation but I will tell you Judson Hill has always been a gentleman in my limited dealings with him. And his wife Shelly is a very nice engaging person who has always treated my family well. I still remember an event well I attended with my wife and kids years ago when I ran for office, and Shelly was extremely nice to my daughter and my wife.

    I do hope that this is just a misunderstanding. And I do think Judson is a very bright guy and it is extremely knowledgeable about the issues.

  4. iamnotasocialist says:

    I just want to make sure that everyone saw that Hill’s hair is okay. Obviously, that was the takeaway here. At least, that’s what I think…

    • polisavvy says:

      After you guys talking about his hair so much, I actually had to find a photo of him. Kind of reminds me of Eddie Munster.

          • polisavvy says:

            Loyalty, I didn’t think you were referencing yourself. I fell out laughing when I saw this guy’s photo. Pretty funny stuff. Actually, since I have never met you, you could look like Eddie Munster. LOL!! 😉

  5. Provocateur says:

    Recommended instructions to Judson Hill:

    1) Hire a lawyer
    2) Direct all media requests to said lawyer
    3) Bring your evidence to an ethics commission hearing…after it dries out.

  6. sandysprings says:

    “His awesome and unique hair was apparently unharmed in the incident.”


  7. AlanR says:

    Open records isn’t liberal or conservative. It always amazes me that when someone like Hill is asked to follow the law it becomes a political conspiracy.

    Every member should expect this treatment. Its an important part of the process. Don’t want to learn to keep your records someplace safe, don’t run for office.

  8. Glen Ross says:

    Judson’s had a bad week. First he get’s a Golden Sleaze away for being for healthcare mandates before he was against, and now his basement floods and washes away all his records. He seems like the type to always want the spotlight, but this may be a little too bright for even him.

  9. Mozart says:

    From reading the two MDJ articles, it seems that neither “complainant” (both unknown lawyers) appeared to file the complaint originally with the ethics commission. Instead they both “filed” them with the media first. Seems like a demonstration of either a) pure politics on the part of the Coker side, or b) that the two filers know absolutely nothing about the concept of “jurisdiction,” or c) they are trying to generate free media for themselves.

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