Levitas will not run for re-election

[UPDATE] The Secretary of State’s office has confirmed to the AJC that the next representative from HD-82 will be an independent or from a third party.

That’s the word from multiple tipsters and the AJC:

Two-term state House member Rep. Kevin Levitas (D-Atlanta) announced Friday he will not seek re-election, leaving exactly zero candidates running for House District 82.

Levitas qualified to run again last week, but in a statement Friday said he has changed his mind.

“Given the immense talent and dedication of those in our community, I know that our area and our state will be well-served by my successor,” Levitas said in a statement.

But, no other candidate has qualified to run. So who will represent the DeKalb County district?

That, apparently, is a good question. Nobody seems to know for sure just yet, although several possibilities exist. Primary among them is that someone can petition to run as an independent, which would require collecting signatures from 5 percent of eligible registered voters in the district. With just more than 25,000 registered voters in District 82, it would only require about 1,250 signatures.

You can read the full statement from Levitas after the fold.

After a great deal of deliberation, I have decided not to seek re-election to the Georgia House of Representatives for a third term and will withdraw my name from consideration for the General Primary Election.

It has been a privilege to represent the 82nd District for the last four years, during which time much has been accomplished for the betterment of our community and for the State of Georgia. It is now time for me to focus more fully on my family and on my business.

I remain deeply grateful to my neighbors for allowing me the opportunity to serve them and especially appreciate the great sacrifices that my family has made during this time.

Given the immense talent and dedication of those in our community, I know that our area and our state will be well-served by my successor.


Rep. Kevin Levitas
Georgia House District 82


  1. Tiberius says:

    I suppose this is an advertisement for both parties to run someone in EVERY district. Not a policy I agree with, but in a situation like this, it would be an instant win. Gotta love qualifying rules.

    • Rick Day says:

      Oh I dunno. He seemed like a straight up guy when he was first running. So I guess I’d have to get a residence in that district to run?

      That would be fun…

      • iamnotasocialist says:

        Yeah, well it’s always nice when people, ya know, leave a seat vacant without warning one’s own party, finding a successor, doing it in any timely fashion, etc.

  2. Gregg Jocoy says:

    Kudos Peach Pundit for this fine catch of a story. I did a brief write up at Green Party Watch, and noted that Levitas has written several pieces of legislation to change partisan races into non-partisan races, even including County Councils, and wrote two pieces of legislation intended to support Georgia’s status as an anti-labor “right to work” state in the guise of support for the secret ballot. I also pointed out that this is a golden opportunity for the Georgia Green Party. The Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, and any number of other parties could run candidates under their own party label, without having to compete with anyone with a Democratic or Republican label next to their name. If it’s allowed, here’s the link to the article at Green Party Watch: http://www.greenpartywatch.org/2010/05/07/georgia-greens-have-opportunity-in-state-house-race/

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