GriftDrift For House? Updated

I haven’t talked to him, but since we consider tweets the gospel of truth in this medium, our good friend (well, most of ours good friend) James Williams, a/k/a GriftDrift, has indicated a potential House run.

The Tweet:

I’m in the middle of Mississippi but let it be known I’m considering a run for Ga House District 82

I like Grift. I think he would be an awesome addition to the Georgia House. I’m hoping he’s serious. And that he knows he’ll have to run as an independent, so signatures are a must. According to the AJC, there is another option I was not aware of to get on the ballot. The Libertarian Party has held its convention but still has time to submit their slate of canddiates to the state. If they are so inclined and their party rules allow for a method to select a candidate post-convention, then a Libertarian may possibly be put on the ballot.

H/T Thomas Wheatley at CL.


  1. Tyler says:


    I support you 100%. It’d be awesome to see you in the Georgia Legislature. Toss a few back and think about it. I know you’ll make the right decision. Go for it!

  2. Game Fan says:

    What’s your position on involuntary microchip implants? But seriously, I’m sure it’s difficult for the successful politician to have well-defined positions and opinions on literally dozens of issues, so, if you need some coaching… 🙂

  3. bowersville says:


    There’s no time for that, Grift has to prepare himself for the tuff stuff and questions. Pop test.

    Grift, what’s the journalistic standard for bloggers?

    Good luck, go for it.

    • Game Fan says:

      Journalistic standards?

      Here goes:
      (same goes for politicians)

      You cannot and will not say whatever you really think or know, that is, if it goes against your corporate sponsors, that is, if you think or know something outside of what you’re supposed to think or know. In other words, boring is good and obedience is almost a prerequisite.

  4. macho says:

    Looks like there will be a keg of beer next to the Krispy Kremes in the cloak room.

  5. Doug Grammer says:

    I think the ajc is wrong. (That never happens.)

    7. After the Annual Convention, only during reapportionment/general election years, the Executive Committee shall have the power to nominate and select candidates for non-statewide, non-countywide public offices, the constituencies of which were not geographically defined as of the date of the Annual Convention.

    I think the signitures would still be needed even it were OK to have them run as a member of the third biggest party of Georgia, (not counting the independents.)

    • Doug,

      The requirement to collect the signatures is always the case, regardless if we nominate or not… except for the state-wide races. The Libertarian party of Georgia only has ballot access (no signatures requirement) for state wide partisan races(we earned this and have been able to maintain it), any non-partisan and special elections only. All other partisan races, we have to get 5% of the registered voters from the district that the candidate would be representing when elected, regardless if endorsed or nominated by the party.

      btw, this all changes when John Monds gets 20% in November… at which time Libertarians will no longer be second class citizens and will be treated equally to the dems’s and repub’s.

    • Chris says:

      Actually, I think it would be interesting to see Buzz and Grift both serving together in the House.

        • benevolus says:

          You won’t need committee meetings anymore. Just blog it.

          GA HOR Blog

          Tpoic 1: HR213a- To periodically replace the carpeting at all state owned facilities on a regular rotating basis.
          AngryVoter: Outrageous! It’s my money and I’ll say when they need new carpet!
          The Punisher: That carpet is probably made in China. From petroleum byproducts.
          EvilEye: Let me guess, the author of this bill is in the carpet business.
          CheifAssistantToTheAssistantChief: This bill is necessary. There is currently no mechanism to replace that carpet so right now it happens behind closed doors. And the cost is swept under the rug. So to speak.
          SamAdams: We didn’t need no stinkin’ carpet back in my day!
          RebelYell: Throw them all out!
          Host: This bill now moves to the floor for a vote.

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