RLC-GA endorses Graves

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia has endorsed Tom Graves in GA-9:

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia announced the endorsement of former State Representative Tom Graves of Ranger to become the next congressman of Georgia’s 9th District. “Tom Graves has the best interest of Georgians at heart. He has sponsored legislation that encourages the maximization of liberty rather than government control, has stood on the principles of liberty and conservatism against former House Speaker Glenn Richardson, and was instrumental in the founding of the pro-liberty 216 Policy Group in the State House,” explained RLC Chairman Tyler Burgess.

“Although there are other conservative Republican candidates in the race and would well represent the citizens of the 9th District, Mr. Graves has the legislative experience and the record that we need in Washington,” Chairman Burgess said. “These are tough times in America. The residents of the 9th District have a crucial special election coming up on May 11th, and the Republican Liberty Caucus would like for voters to choose the best man for the job and believe that man is Tom Graves.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia works to advance the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and free markets within the Republican Party and throughout Georgia. Our candidates focus on a broad range of issues, including taxation, property rights, gun rights, free speech, federalism, and the proper role of government.

They will no doubt be labeled as another evil special interest group by the Hawkins campaign.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    Not to throw a monkey wrench into things, but if I am on the ex-com as a member at large, how could this happen without any notification?

    Not that I would not have voted for him, but this is ridiculous.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      Talk to Chairman Burgess. [shaking head and chuckling] I’m sure he thought long and hard on who the group would endorse and knew that you would be in full support.

      • Doug Deal says:

        He does have a certain mind reading ability, I suppose. Forget the fact I have been casually asking when meeting will be held for 4 months.

      • Doug Deal says:

        How was the membership selected? I can’t find the bylaws anywhere.

        I guess I am a stickler for fair play, and even if an outcome is one I support, I have trouble with it if it does not appear legitimate.

  2. Jim Bob says:

    Both Graves and Hawkins are good guys. It’s a shame that both fellas have resorted to negative campaigning.

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      You are right. Both are great guys and either would be a good legilsator. But what gets me worked up is that people think that pointing out the truth is negative. Graves has consistently denied everything he’s been pinned to, even with evidence. Yet Graves attacks Hawkins on not opposing Obamacare… GET REAL! Come on folks, Lee’s main focus is to repeal that thing! He’s got the most knowledge on the subject has been the candidate fighting it and now Graves’ Washington ally who threw in 100k to Tom’s campaign is saying that Lee won’t oppose Obamacare.. Wow. How misleading and disengenuous.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Did Graves say Hawkins wouldn’t oppose Obamacare or just the Club for Growth?

        • GeorgiaConservative says:

          Same group that gave Graves an endorsement and 100k. Hard to believe Tom wasn’t behind it. Isn’t Club for Growth the same group that tried to paint Mike Huckabee as a liberal?

          • Doug Grammer says:

            I think that ad said paid for by Club for Growth and not authorized by any candidate.

          • GOPGrassroots says:

            Mark, that would be illegal. Maybe the schools in Gainesville (where Lee says his 4 year old has faced down violence at that private school) haven’t gotten this far into Federal Election Law.

            Your campaign team has decided that a 100% negative, mudslinging campaign is the only way for your guy to have a chance of winning. It is sad to watch.

            • provisional says:

              GOP Grassroots,
              Great post! Just wanted to correct you that the grandchild Lee said has experienced the violence and lack of resources at the private church mothers morning out program, is only 2, not 4. The negative campaigning the Hawkins campaign has resorted to is disappointing, but not unexpected from a candidate that will knowingly, misleadingly use their grandchild to solicit funds.

              • GeorgiaConservative says:

                Glad to know Tom Graves’ campaign staff support bullying 2/4 year olds… really classy folks…

            • Gary Cooper says:

              Yes, it is sad that the campaign has now gone negative. Though I could care less to receive any of these, I do have to give the Hawkins camp credit for comic relief. I mean, sending a flier to Forsyth County voters touting Hawkins support from some “Former County Commissioners” who were booted out of office by these same voters and some who have current disgraceful legal issues give me and a few of my neighbors a chuckle every time we receive one.

              Keep sending them though – my dog gets good use out of them. 🙂

            • GeorgiaConservative says:

              It’s in the disclosure. I also don’t understand why courts in Gordon County have made judgements against Tom Graves for othousands of dollars and he still hasn’t paid what he was ordered to.

              Hey, I guess this is Tom Graves brand new campaign strategy: “TOM GRAVES: SO FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE HE REFUSES TO PAY HIS OWN BILLS.”

              By the way, isn’t he being sued for over $250,000?

              Funny how Lee has been in the most liable business for lawsuits for over 30 years and he’s not once been sued…. Who can we trust? Not Tom Graves.

      • debbie0040 says:

        What is mis-leading and disengenuous is for Hawkins and his supporters to call him a conservative. Really funny.. Tell me just how many conservative groups have endorsed Hawkins? Hawkins attended a presser with Biden and stated he opposed the stimulus bill but look what good it has done. Give me a break. The tax payers were royally screwed with that bill and Hawkins is pointing at the good he claims it has done. That is like Kerry saying he was for it before he was against it.

        When the pressure is on Hawkins caves..

        • Joshua Morris says:

          I’ll tell you what’s funny, Debbie–the fact that you think being conservative means being endorsed by so-called “conservative groups.” Yours and others have thrown principle right out the door to make an endorsement, and while in one sentence you claim that Hawkins’ supporters are misleading, in the next you misrepresent Hawkins’ attendance and views regarding an event.

          The person in this race who has “cave[d]” is your man, Tom. He gave in to the anti-supply side Governor to get a do-nothing bill passed, so that he could have a campaign line. No one yet has been able to explain to me how a bill that waits for a $1 billion state surplus, an approval from the Obama administration, or the year 2012 to cut taxes on businesses is conservative policy or helps create one job.

          Principles matter. In fact, they matter much more than endorsements.

        • GeorgiaConservative says:

          Debbie, so what matters is endorsements.. Not voting record? Let’s check out Lee Hawkins voting record. Lee has NEVER voted for a tax increase. Lee has voted TWICE in support of the FairTax. Lee is Pro-Life, and plans to repeal Obamacare and yet you call him a liberal? Wow. Sounds like this Tea Party is so marginalized they can’t even see straight.

          • ByteMe says:

            Hmm… given that voting record at the state level, I wouldn’t call him a liberal. I’d call him an moron who has no clue.

            Don’t insult liberals by grouping him with them.

          • debbie0040 says:

            What matters is that no conservative group has endorsed Hawkins. That should tell you something. We can see straight, straight through a RINO that said the stimulus bill did good at an appearance with Joe Biden..

            Please enlighted on me how I misled about the event.

  3. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Good point Mr. Grammer. Both gentlemen are good candidates, but I honestly believe that Lee’s gone far more negative than Tom has (maybe Lee just has more $ to get more negative resources out there). Maybe I’m wrong, just giving a layperson’s perspective from this 9th district resident & voter.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I’m not trying to make a point, I’m asking a question. It may have happened that a candidate said something I haven’t heard. A claim was made. I am asking if there’s truth to it. If silence persists, I will assume there is no truth to it.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      Give us all a break, DD. Negative, false attacks have been coming from the Graves team for months now. Then, when the Hawkins campaign shines a little light on Graves’ business dealings, his folks cry foul. Please spare us.

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      Really? So the Club For Growth ad was dandy and positive? There’s abosolutely no truth to it at all.

  4. seekingtounderstand says:

    Hawkins has sat and watched the corruption in local Hall County and did nothing, nothing to help the people that live here.
    His response to those he represents if you email or call is horrific.
    I don’t care who you vote for, if you love your country you will not vote for Hawkins.

  5. keyser_soze says:

    Is the endorsement of Graves by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia supposed to bolster voter confidence in Graves? Jeez, this group endorsed Paul “the great war of Yankee aggression” Broun in 2008. Thanks, but I’ll pass on this endorsement.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Statement from Graves Campaign Regarding Hawkins’ Newest False, Negative Attack:

    (RANGER, GA) – Scott Rials, General Consultant for Graves for Congress, released the following statement regarding Linda Umberger’s Letter to the Editor that appeared in today’s Dawson News and Adviser:

    “It is unfortunate that Linda decided to resign her position as the campaign’s county coordinator and then switch to the Lee Hawkins team. Tom and members of his team spoke with Linda in hopes of working through her concerns. However, she chose not to reverse course and instead joined Lee Hawkins team and now falsely attacks Tom Graves.”

    “Linda had always had a soft spot in her heart for Lee, several times challenging members of the Graves staff as to why she should support Tom over Lee. The team explained to her Tom’s strong conservative values, his commitment to lower taxes and private sector growth and how he’s always stood on principles, never wavering to the outside pressure to fold to demands. The team felt they had reassured her, but apparently that was not the case.”

    “Linda’s disagreements with the campaign came when a member of the Graves team said Lee was padding his campaign account when it was revealed in one of his recent Federal Election Commission filings that his campaign had received over $30,000 from a single Washington, DC Political Action Committee (five times over the legal contribution limit for the Special General Election) and over $12,600 in one day from his top campaign aide and his wife. Linda then responded that she knew Tom had inflated his fundraising reports as well because the Graves campaign asked her to report her in-kind contributions for items she bought for the campaign’s office open house and for furniture she lent to the campaign to be used in the office. She was also upset with the team because it had been said to her that Lee was self-funding his campaign. Fundraising reports filed by Lee’s campaign with the Federal Election Commission revealed Lee loaned his campaign over $145,000.”

    “Tom and his campaign manager met with Linda on separate occasions to explain the complicated federal election law and the financial reports candidates seeking federal office are required to file. After meeting with the campaign manager, Linda called and apologized to another member of the team for her comments.”

    “It wasn’t until Monday of this week, two weeks after she resigned her position with the campaign, that Linda went public with her resignation and her baseless charges.

    “In fact, Tom has run his campaign above board. He’s contracted a federal elections compliance officer to make sure contributions to his campaign are legal. He’s filed all his fundraising and financial reports on time, unlike Lee, and has disclosed all contributions, regardless if they are cash or an in-kind. Linda is mistaken. After her ‘extensive research’ she makes false and wild accusations, yet never provides one ounce of evidence that Tom did anything wrong.”

    “Linda went public with her disagreements the same day Lee launched a false, negative television advertisement against Tom. It is evident that Linda was provided a district-wide media list from the Hawkins campaign to spread her lies about Tom. Could there have been more to Linda’s relationship with the Hawkins’ campaign while she was supposedly serving as county chairman. Who knows? The bottom line is Lee is unable to prop up his crumbling campaign so he is resorting to tearing down others and is now using volunteers in coordinated attacks.”

    “I’ve seen some strange things in my 20 years in politics, but this scenario takes the cake.”



    • ByteMe says:

      Launch attack ads, then whine about the counter-volley.

      Yawn. Another day in politi-land.

      • BuckheadConservative says:

        It doesn’t sound so much like whining as it is explaining this is a very strange, very confused woman. Padding fundraising numbers by disclosing in-kind contributions? This woman is obviously clueless.

        It really is true. There is nothing as dangerous as an idiot with a microphone.

        • Joshua Morris says:

          If she is such a “very strange, very confused woman” and an “idiot,” then why was she chosen to be Graves’ Dawson Co chair in the first place? Namecalling doesn’t accomplish anything other than demonstrating desperation.

          • provisional says:

            Most people don’t walk in the door with a sign that says “crazy around their neck. Sometimes it takes awhile for people’s true colors to shine through. I agree that name calling and false accusations do nothing but make people look desperate, so why doesn’t Linda provide any proof instead of empty accusations???

            • GeorgiaConservative says:

              So know Ms. Umberger is crazy? Wait… That’s right ANYONE who doesn’t support Tom Graves is crazy! Sorry I forgot lol. I guess that would make the Speaker, the Lt. Gov, the Gov and over half of the State Senate crazy.

                • reaganrev4 says:


                  involuntarily or administratively dissolved by Karen Handel…is that bad? No, actually I think it means you have a knack for business when 3 businesses get administratively dissolved right? I dunno I’ll have to ask provisional because I’m in high school, right, so I’m not educated to her level

                  • ByteMe says:

                    Well into “stupidest argument yet”.

                    An administrative dissolution — which is actually in the OCGA — happens when you don’t properly file to renew your corporate registration in the state. Can easily happen if you have already shut down the corporation and don’t bother to let the SecState’s office know about it.

                    But you take that bit of information — with defective links — and invent two other bits of information out of thin air: (1) that the corporation that was dissolved was ever actually a running business; (2) that if it was running, that Graves ran it into the ground.

                    If I were him i’d be too embarrassed to try and call myself a businessman

                    Actually, even if you weren’t him….

          • BuckheadConservative says:

            Look man, I’m not desperate for anything. I like Graves, but I’m more worried about other races than who the 9th sends to be one of 435. I just commented that this woman has no idea what she’s talking about. If the Graves camp were parading around a loony ex-Hawkins volunteer to score cheap points, I would be saying the same thing.

          • OleDirtyBarrister says:

            Joshua Morris:

            Crazy Linda had a county post in the campaign for the same reason some of the retards that have been front page posters here got aboard: a mistake. I never thought that she had “it” in the first instance, but I see that in a lot of people who get involved because they are seeking glory for themselves and are in way over their heads.

            You do realize that federal law requires reporting of in-kind contributions, do you not? Graves’ attention to the detail and her complete lack of comprehension of the law tells a great deal about who the dummy is, and it is her.

            Who has ever heard of such silliness as “padding” campaign contributions anyway? How is that going to work out with a reconciliation or audit when the “padding” comes from in-kind contributions.

            Has anyone ever heard of a pol getting in trouble with the FEC for reporting more than was contributed?

            In the final analysis, the only thing that has happened here is that one woman has demonstrated that she is in over her head and is not very smart.

    • reaganrev4 says:

      “Could there have been more to Linda’s relationship with the Hawkins’ campaign while she was supposedly serving as county chairman. Who knows?”
      A mass conspiracy has been afoot since Graves entered the race and chose his County Chairs. And the Hawkins Camp was able to successfully infiltrate and implant a mole!

      ““Linda had always had a soft spot in her heart for Lee, several times challenging members of the Graves staff as to why she should support Tom over Lee.” – Why couldn’t Graves find anyone in Dawson who actually believed in him to be his CHAIRPERSON?
      And anyone who still thinks Graves is ethical is out of their mind no matter how you try and rationalize it. Graves’ consultant offers a press release responding to FEC and Congressional ethics violations complaints (same issues Deal got burned at the stake for on this site) that their Dawson County Chairperson that Graves chose feels so strongly about that she changes support to his opponent and outs herself and opens herself up for scrutiny and you guys feel fine about Graves again? You should all look at yourselves and think if you really believe in ethics.
      I understand that was really wordy and hard to understand but i think it gets my point across

      • provisional says:

        “responding to FEC and Congressional ethics violations complaints”
        Please tell me what her charges and complaints are? All I hear from her are empty accusations. Anybody can make those. The Graves campaign laid out facts about their encounters with her, her charges, and their responses. No where have I yet to see any PROOF or real accusation of anything illegal. Has a complaint been filed?

        • GeorgiaConservative says:

          She posted them on our good friend Justin Tomczak’s facebook page but like everything else, he deleted it. It’s hard to look back at the entire arguement after Justin oh so tactfully deleted it.

          • Gary Cooper says:

            Don’t post them on a Facebook page. If you are going to write a letter to the editor speak out and state the facts. She hasn’t done that.

        • GeorgiaConservative says:

          All we here from you is that she’s crazy and moronic… Kinda rude to call such a longtime servant to the GOP such names… Why does Tom Graves hate Linda Umberger? The answer: Becuase she sees through his crap.

  7. Ambernappe says:

    The Graves response does not address the issue of campaign contributions originating from out-of-state. I agree with citizens who believe that “foreign” contributions should be illegal.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I don’t agree that “foreign” contributions should be illegal. If I have family and friends who live in TN and they want to support me, why shouldn’t I accept their help? Now if they are not U.S. citizens and live in a different country, that is currently not OK.

    • provisional says:

      I got a mailer yesterday supporting Hawkins from the American Dental PAC in Washington, DC…I am sure their money doesn’t strictly come from GA. By Hawkins campaign’s logic, I guess we can expect Lee to be a “Puppet” for this special interest group.

      • McDawg81 says:

        As did I. But I guess we are to believe that since Lee is a Dentist, a Dental PAC does not represent a special interest group, but friends. Lee’s campaign is pouting that he didn’t get the endorsement of the club for growth, ergo they must be evil! BTW, speaking of TRUTH – Lee’s website says he’s the only candidate to VOTE for the Fair Tax. Could I ask WHEN/HOW – since the bill is in Washington, not Georgia??

        • McDawg81 says:

          Voting in favor of an urging resolution is NOT the same as voting for a bill. Why does this doublespeak continue? Is it really difficult to tell the truth? Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!!

          • GeorgiaConservative says:

            ” As a Georgia Senator, Lee voted twice to support the Fair Tax. In fact, Lee Hawkins is the only candidate for Congress who has actually voted to support the Fair Tax.”

            … sounds like you should speak the truth. Website said he voted to support it.

            • debbie0040 says:

              Typical misleading by Hawkins . That was a non binding resolution. Clintonesque…

              Did he vote for the resolution honoring President Obama?

    • OleDirtyBarrister says:

      Graves has no reason to address out of state contributions because they are legal and because virtually everyone gets them. Even if they do not get them before election, you can bet that it will change after election, when donors that voted on the wrong horse rush to make donations to help debts get paid for the purpose of ingratiating themselves with the person that has the power of the vote.

      I like the freedom to contribute to any race in the country to challenge an idiot that is injurious to the country. Even if they do not represent my district, they all have a vote and all can hurt me. Since they get to cast a vote that affects the entire country, not just their district, I want the opportunity to work for them or against them as I see fit even if I do not get a direct vote. That is representative democracy in action.

  8. GVilleMan says:

    The people of the 9th are tired of the public bickering and they are tired of Negative politics. Stephens and Tarvin will have large turnouts

    • Gary Cooper says:

      Stephens has a great following in Forsyth County. I think a lot of people were unaware he was running until recently. I would not be surprised to see him at the top of the returns on Tuesday night.

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